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We are down to two weeks!  Two weeks from today will be Super Bowl Sunday; tentatively I’m due to be skiing with Sloane and her Brownie troop.  All plans are subject to change, and I’m still holding out hope that I get the call from Katy Perry to be her date.  Sloane is fully aware of this and would love to spend a weekend in Glendale, AZ just as much as she would like to be skiing with her friends.  If everything comes out roses my home state team could possibly be playing in the Super Bowl so she could have a “local” connection that she and Pepsi could promote the hell out of!  If that angle doesn’t pan out (and starting to look like it isn’t), there is always the middle age single divorced father who has a hopeless crush on a super duper star.  My research has shown me that is a sure-fire winner also.

Haven’t mentioned Hammy much this weekend, but his little Sloane vacation came to an abrupt end today.  Once we got going today she cleaned out his cage and then proceeded to run the little Russian ragged. She put him in his ball and thought it was funny to watch him fall down as she pushed it faster than his little legs could keep up.  Hammy was on his back more than (insert joke here), I finally let Sloane know that maybe she should take it a little easy on him.  In an unrelated note Hammy is currently in hamster traction and on a morphine drip.  Screw you KGB, we are on to your sleeper agent!

In other news with Sloane today, she has become a NERF h-o-r-s-e junkie!  We got the house cleaned up today and made her favorite triple chocolate chip cookies, but any break we had it was “Can we play horse?”  I rediscovered my “shooting” touch on a four foot mini goal and proceeded to mop the floor with her all day.  We had a blast though and she loved losing to me, she actually got pretty damn competitive by the end of the day.  I’m not going to roll over for her though, it’s a competition and I want her to learn that you have to try harder if you want to beat someone (me) that is vastly superior to you.  Call me an asshole if you want, but I want her to have a fighting spirit.  Things don’t come easy in life and if a harmless game of HORSE on an indoor Nerf goal makes her realize that then mission accomplished!  Other life changing moments with Sloane today involved her telling me to get re-married to someone who has a lot of money!  After spitting up my tongue on that comment I informed her that life isn’t about money, it’s about being happy.  Her response was “yeah but if you have more money your life is happier and I want a Great Dane and a horse for pets!”  I pity the boy who wants to ask her out on a date in a few years, he isn’t going to have to worry about me; he will never pass the job interview with Sloane!

Since tomorrow is a holiday and she is off school I let her stay with her mother so she didn’t have to get up a 6:30 a.m. on a non-school day.  Unfortunately I don’t get the holiday off tomorrow, I’m not bitter but it would be nice if federal holidays and my work would sync up!  Actually tomorrow is about the only federal holiday my work doesn’t observe, and I’m not upset about it.  For a vast majority of people tomorrow is a huge day and I don’t want to belittle those that celebrate it, just get my employer to observe it as well!  About it for tonight, I’m going to Google how to stop sleeper KGB hamsters, Katy Perry dating pickup lines, and head to bed!


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  1. I was referring to your Mom! 😉

  2. Yes Katie the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree when it comes to fountain drink addictions. My mother was a chronic Tab then Diet Coke drinker herself. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Love your posts!
    The Hammy stories remind me of Amber and all her “Pet” adventures, and your Diet Dr. Pepper Polar Pop addiction makes me think of Moms frequent trips through the McD’s drive thru for a Large Diet Coke! Too bad they didn’t sell all drinks for $1 back then, Mom could have saved a ton of money!

    P.S. I have my own addiction…..Cherry Coke is my Crack!

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