Who is the idiot?

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I think going forward all alumni reunions, family gatherings, and board meetings should use Trivia Crack as the formal means of communication.  Screw Facebook, Twitter, or any other form of social media.  In one short month of playing Trivia Crack I’ve connected with more people who I haven’t spoken to in 20 plus years.  It’s a myriad of “What the hell, how am I supposed to know who the lead singer of Paramore is!”  (Hayley Williams by the way), Quickly followed up with “How the hell you been, how’s the wife and kids, we need to go to dinner sometime!”  It’s the new social melting pot.  Plus it’s the first social media app that actually EDUCATES you to some degree instead of liking a post on Facebook because your friend has mentioned that they need coffee and got the laundry done.  We are all guilty of it, me included, but it’s the new era of social media.  Catch it and ride the wave, it’s a necessity in today’s world if you are going to run a business, network, or just be in the loop on anything.  In the six months I’ve become heavily involved with social media I’ve made a zillion friends both locally and abroad.  Not people I would just call up and go to dinner with, but need advice on a topic I’ve got online friends I can ask and vice versa.  Just today a reader of this blog and I who are now Facebook friends had a heated discussion via Messenger at lunch today over rodents.  It was quite comical, as I was defending poor Hammy like he was one of my own children and she was declaring death to all rodents.  Plus I beat her at Trivia Crack so everything in life comes full circle.  A year ago I had maybe 70 Facebook friends, rarely posted anything and was one of those that thought Facebook is “stupid”.  It’s still has plenty of moments of being absolutely ridiculous, but I choose to follow these people so who is the idiot?

Speaking of Hammy, Sloane decided to play the waiting game with him tonight.  She had no desire to play or torture him tonight.  She wanted to do nothing but play H-O-R-S-E, except for a brief timeout to eat dinner and take a shower, it was Nerf hoops the whole evening.  She actually matched one of my long distance shots tonight and you would have thought she won an all expense trip to Disney World the way she was running around.  It was pretty awesome to witness, but I still won!  While I was making us dinner she was practicing all she could, including the shot dad made famous, the off the ceiling bank shot.  Our Nerf basketball H-O-R-S-E games are going to be more competitive than the Yankees-Red Sox in a few weeks I have a feeling.  She is uber excited to go skiing next weekend, and I informed her I will be making a desert for the teacher’s luncheon next Thursday.  I asked her what I should make and she said she will get back to me on that.  Since most of the folks at her school know of my dessert making prowess I might just send them an email and see what the survey says.  I’m looking forward to it as well as making a dessert in three weeks for the joint Cub Scout/Brownie’s luncheon.  Just feels good to make a dish for a group of people again.  It’s something I’m good at (and believe me I’m not being cocky), and the fact Sloane can wear a shit eating grin at her school and say “My dad and I made that!” is all the reward I need.

Getting my daughter this evening was about the only good thing in my otherwise melancholy evening.  Long story short my ex-wife is bitter, holds all the cards, and I fell into the “you’re a dumbass” male divorce playbook.  I’m getting dragged back to court in three weeks, I was tardy on some financial obligations (now since rectified), and I didn’t play to the rules of my divorce decree.  After being with someone for 17 years, they still know what buttons they can push to get the response they want.  She has refused to co-parent with me on anything that would put her in a bad light, her stonewalling only serves to piss me off and then I say things that get me in trouble.  So now I’m getting taken back to court, my response is let her!  I’m done spending money on attorneys, more court fees only hampers me as a person and my ability to provide for Sloane.  If that is her goal let her, I’m retreating for now, the first thing I learned in my Transparenting class was you have to take care of yourself first.  Spending more money on lawyer fees only hampers me in the short-term.  I want my daughter to continue to go to her school this year and beyond and I’m on the hook for 75% of the tuition, I want to get my financial misfortunes back to level, so if she wants to drag me into court for calling her a crappy mother one to many times and making fun of her geezer new boyfriend because she chooses him over our daughter, then let her.  So in three weeks when I show up without an attorney and get shredded by her high dollar attorney I hope she feels good about herself.  I’m done spending money on lawyers, all I wanted since we split was my daughter 50/50.  If she wants to take what little time I have with her then she will really prove how selfish she has become.  I’m an awesome father, it took going through a divorce to realize this, but when you are married you fall into a comfort zone.  I’m no more awesome than a boatload of fathers, but we are all fathers and if either married or single our children is what we look out for above anything.  If my ex wants to try to terminate that bond I have with Sloane with someone who is in the process of giving up his parental rights to his child, then I’m at the court’s mercy.  I’ve made mistakes but that blond bomber in the other room has always been the love of my life!




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