A Little Adventure at the Pet Clinic

Welcome to Little Adventures, the brainchild creation of Jenny Harrison and Helen Granata, who back in 2002 decided they were sick and tired of  play dress up clothes for kids that were more poorly constructed than a house of cards.  If you are two mothers with a combined 15 kids, it’s a wonder you aren’t vacationing at the local sanitarium just for the peace of mind.  Some people might question your sanity, these two instead decided to use their degrees from the Betsy Ross school of sewing and start a little company.   

What exactly is Little Adventures you may wonder?  Quality sewn dress up clothes for the special little men and women in your life.  Made from the choicest of threads, crafted with love, and all shipped to you with a 100% quality guarantee that your child’s imagination will run wild.  Whether dressing up as a Polynesian princess or as a prince that just returned from conquering a random kingdom,  Little Adventures can suit all your child’s needs in the make-believe department.

Little Adventures reached out to me recently to inquire if I would like to review one of their dresses.  Once I informed them that I quit wearing dresses when I was in my 20s, they were still adamant and suggested maybe one of the kids try out their clothing instead.  Unbeknownst to them, I’m responsible for three kids these days, and I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers in the household.  Plus the two girls in my life need more princess clothing like I need more debt, and my future stepson definitely is tapped out on superhero gear.  

Since Little Adventures has branched out since their inception way back in 2002, they politely informed me they had just the thing to involve all the kids that would keep the household as harmonious as possible.  Three children that love all things animals, what better to review than a pretend trip to the pet clinic.  The kids had such a great time playing veterinarian I told them that Little Adventures wouldn’t care if they described how a day at the vet went, since my daughter’s pet stuffed bulldog apparently had come down with a very bad ailment and needed to visit Dr. Turtle to get patched up!  

Without further ado, welcome to “A Day at Dr. Turtle’s Pet Clinic:”

That future stepdaughter of mine and her impeccable customer service!

I was on my way to the famous city of Hollywood when my dog started to throw up. I took her to my local vet and she said: “Since you’re going to Hollywood why don’t you stop in Indiana and go to Dr. Turtle’s animal hospital.” I said “What a great idea!”

So off we went. When I got there I learned of some awful news about my dog, oh excuse me, I forgot to tell you my dog’s name. Her name is Bullydoggy. Anyway, I found out she had done contracted a bad doggy infection! Oh no! So amazingly Dr. Turtle was able to cure Bullydoggy, but it did require stitches. Yay!! So after that on our way back home from Hollywood we stopped back at the animal hospital to get his stitches out. Boy though can I tell you that was one feisty surgery. Now Bullydoggy is on my bed acting like nothing ever happened. But since we were there we got my French Brown Bear to see the doc and she had nothing wrong with her. That was our trip to the vet. Now we’re all at home just a sitting and relaxing hoping to not have anything that scary again.

My daughter has a flair for the dramatic, Bullydoggy is fine and dandy!

We all had so much fun playing vet! Operating on stuffed animals, making important papers to fill out, dressing as different clients, and building tools.

The staff at Dr. T’s treats all their patients like family.

Introducing Dr. Turtle, stuffed animal healer by day, ninja warrior by night.

We’ve all been here a time or two.  Luckily Bullydoggy was in good hands.

Dr. Turtle had a full house this particular afternoon!

The staff made sure to get all the vitals on everybody’s favorite stuffed pet!

Special thanks to my daughter and future stepdaughter for the writing and photography!  Dr. Turtle and the girls put their imagination to good use, and your child can too with Little Adventures quality line of products.  Mom and dad, Little Adventures wants you to get that first place trophy at your next Halloween party, and will cater to your needs also.  If any of this sounds good to you I’ve got even more good news!  Dress up little Bobby Buccaneer or your own Patty the Pixie Fairy, and enter the promo code SR15% and you will receive 15% off of your order.

If math isn’t your thing, let me break it down for you.  If you spend $500.00 USD, not only will Little Adventures put you on their permanent Christmas card list, but you will also save an additional $75.00 dollars to spend on scratch off lottery tickets in hopes of winning more money to go shopping at Little Adventures!

You can find Little Adventures hanging out at all popular coffee shops on the internet via FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Skipah’s Realm was compensated with his own merchandise to review, the thoughts and opinions are all 100% Skipah’s!  Or in this case his daughter and future stepkids.





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