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Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!  It’s a trap to peddle the finest Taiwanese products known to man!

Hey there, remember me, it’s your friendly little blogger from Hoosier land.  Since I’m racking up more Kentucky fuel tax dollars these days than the GDP of Tunisia, I haven’t had much screen time to write anything meaningful.  Seriously, I drive more miles in the “Commonwealth” than the whole fleet at Crusty Carl’s Coal Haulers.  Anymore my day starts out heading off to the office at 6:00 a.m. and I don’t get to rest my bum (that’s for my British friends) until at least 9:00 p.m.  Not to complain (maybe a little), but I would rather wrestle a pit viper than let Sloane down by not making it to her softball game.  Coming soon, a Valvoline Instant Oil Change store review; they could at least throw me a freebie for all my time there!


At least it’s stop raining, now I get to channel my inner Eddie Rabbit!

So what has Skipah been up to?  Softball of course, and once again the Anderson County, KY Little League Complex has missed out on a great source of revenue by not getting back to me on some sponsorship.  I vowed to put it towards the concession stand fund so they wouldn’t run out of anymore hot dogs, well now the inventory is void of soft pretzels!  I tried is all I can say.  Watching Sloane beat the hell out of the ball and run like she just stole the latest in Lego technology from some unsuspecting bystander will always warm my heart even if the grocery stand is subpar!


Even hit her first “Little League” homer in the past week, if you don’t know what that is feel free to ask.

Since I was sans Sloane this past weekend, Miss Madison and I made the best of it with her junior Madisonites and managed to turn the ordinary into extraordinary!  Saturday, in honor of Indiana State Parks celebrating their 100th birthday, they were charging 1916 fares ($0.10 also known as a dime) for all the patrons that wished to visit any park in the state.  Since we live less than five minutes from Clifty Falls State Park, the gang thought I should take in the scenery of the park and the legendary Clifty Falls.  Skipah’s take, pretty cool, but the place is more for the nutty “hiking” gang than your everyday walker.  Other than the obligatory standard playground, state park resort inn, campground area, and community cookout shelter, the park was nothing more than an allergy prone person’s worst nightmare.

Clifty Falls

I must have pissed off the ragweed ballet dancing class because they were letting me have it!

Off topic for a second, the allergy season has ramped up 1000 fold in Indiana recently.  Mr. Skipah has been driving with one eye open and the other swollen shut like he just took a punch from Muhammad Ali.  That would be a segway for another off-topic discussion.

If you don’t live in the Louisville media market, some of this might sound foreign to you, but since Ali’s passing, hearing all the stories on the local radio of this man and his family have been remarkable.  I’m actually going to say I’m happy for Kentucky for once that he is getting buried in Louisville.  Love him or hate him, he was a character, and since Mr. Skipah has always had a love for the “Sweet Science,” I know about as much of his boxing history as anybody my age that never saw him actually box.

Back to allergies!  Since we get more rain these days than the Amazon (not the online shopping mall), the mold count has to be higher than Bill Walton during a basketball telecast.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Mr. Skipah!  Sitting in church Sunday with Miss Madison holding my nose like a Warner Brothers cartoon and rubbing my eye like I just took a direct hit from a B.B., I decided I’m eventually relocating to the Pacific Northwest.  Coming soon, a fundraiser to “Ship Skipah to Seattle” or something cheesy like that!

Back on topic now, Sunday, before I rescued my own personal princess (Sloane), Miss Madison, the Turtle Man, and I headed off to the Kentucky Renaissance Fair (Miss Madison Jr. had tennis practice) to take in the finest (we thought) of Renaissance fun.  I was going to dress up like a commoner from the era, but Miss Madison didn’t think I looked that sexy as a 14th century blacksmith, so I went with the ever bitching dad attire of cargo shorts instead.  Skipah’s take of this crap-a-lazooza:  One giant costume party for the participants and a good reason to avoid Eminence, KY if you can.  I had no idea full body tattoo artists were so prevalent in that era.  Not to mention the folks that had bone through their noses and were double fisting pints like they were on fire.  We literally saw one of the “employees” so hammered her boobs were falling out, she wore it like a badge of honor!  Final score:  Costumes A, Food F, Entertainment value C, cheesiness……. A+++.  It did make for great photo opportunities though!


Not sure what exactly what was in his Ale-8, but I’m pretty sure he isn’t passing a pre-employment screening anywhere else anytime soon!


I will say the jousting exhibition was pretty cool!


About it for now, so far so good this week with the blonde bomber.  I keep getting good reviews from Miss Madison while I’m off at work, as Sloane and the gang are rewriting the rules of fun on a daily basis.  Plenty more to cover in the waning days, but it’s time to fire up the Volvo one more time for another week of softball travelling.  Plenty more to get to in the coming days, the launch of the “Sun Lights” (don’t ask), a power packed travel itinerary for this summer, and, hell, I may just start being friendly with Kentuckians for the hell of it.  Never a dull moment in the Skipahsphere; now if I could just find the damn time to tell everyone about it!

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  1. Umm I did write a post about allergies (just sayin lol) I know I have been suffering so much, I look like the elephant whatever. Wow what a drive that must be.

  2. Have you tried putting a thick coat of Vaseline up your nose so the pollen gets trapped in it ? It sounds mad but it really works for the runny nose thing.

  3. The allergy thing has me sneezing and wheezing all the way in LA too my friend. And I’m not even hanging out on the softball fields!

  4. “Boobs hanging out” lol Oh no! Overall, the day sounded like a new and interesting experience for the fam:p

  5. I’m exhausted just reading this, Skipah! But so very glad you are back!

  6. It’s good to read what’s been happening in your part of the world, Gary. I’m glad to hear that Sloane has been doing so well in her softball games. It sounds like she has a great future ahead of her in industrial espionage should she ever decide to go down that route.

    That park deal was pretty good. I wish my local supermarket was charging 1916 prices. I’m sorry that it led to a hard time with allergies, though. I never used to suffer from them much, but these days, my eyes water like Niagara Falls at the slightest opportunity.

  7. You really know how to rock that turtle suit Gary 🙂 Sorry about the allergies though 🙁

  8. Oof, sounds like a fair to avoid in the future, but at least you got some laughs out of it!

  9. The parks were beautiful. I’m sorry you’re having problems with your allergies though.

  10. You’re right, it did make for great pics even if it was a little on the wacky side! Lol!

    You and all that driving! Pretty wonderful that you see Sloane playing softball. 🙂

    • Even Miss Madison (a bonafide expert on this stuff) was cracking up. It was like a Catholic festival costume party. The participants were HAMMERED! I do anything to see her play softball, but I’m not going to shed a year this year when it’s over.

  11. You’ll have to fill me in on what a little league homer is.
    Despite what you say, Clifty Falls sounds pretty cool to me. Hope you can survive the allergy season and get out of your car soon!

    • Little League homer is basically decapitating any worm in a six foot radius on a 14 hopper to any infielder and then watch them throw the ball all over the place, in the mean time the runner just keeps on advancing until they score :). I was actually thinking that park would be right up your alley while we were there. I’ll get caught back up in blogger world today hopefully :).

  12. Like Terri said you are in a league of your own when it comes to devotion to your daughter. I know a dad that wouldn’t even get out of bed to watch his son play hockey because Sunday was his day to rest and do what he wanted to do–apparently being a father wasn’t on his short list. You’re daughter is so lucky to have you in her life.

  13. I hope you enjoyed my friend. God Bless you and keep that smile in your always. Amen Hallelujah

  14. Wow on the homer!
    Sorry about the allergies :/
    I kinda wish I’d known that about the parks…

  15. Beautiful photographs, enjoyed!

  16. Hey there, you are busy. I finally looked up the places in Indiana and Kentucky and figured out how much you have to drive. At least you’re not driving up mountain passes every day! But you are dedicated to go watch your daughter play. That put’s you in a league of your own (you probably will get that reference). Sorry about your allergies. I get mine in March–allergic to one tree (as I just sneezed, LOL!). You could probably get away with posting on your blog 1-2 days a week and we would still love you 🙂

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