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With weather that only an imprisoned man would be jealous of, not a lot going on in Skipah Land this weekend.  It snowed, it sleeted, and then it rained A BUNCH.  It did finally get above the magic number of 32 degrees this weekend, but it is going to be short lived because tonight we are back in the single digits.  Southern Indiana is going to be one large skating rink in the morning; I’ll have to check on renting a Zamboni to get into work in the tomorrow. On the bright side pitcher’s and catcher’s reported to spring training this weekend!  One of these days I hope to attend spring training with the Cincinnati Reds.  For one it’s in Arizona (i.e. warm) and also because anybody I’ve known that has attended a spring training game has told me the players are very accessible and it’s akin to attending a Little League game only with bigger parks and better players.  Will have to add that to the ever growing Sloane and dad’s bucket list.  To quote The Clash, Sloane and I are going to “Rock the Casbah” this summer!  What she and I weren’t able to do last summer on the bucket list you can bet your ass we will this summer (except get a pony….don’t have the space right now sweetie).

Since its Oscar night I thought I would have my own little award ceremony at the house this evening.

Winner of Best Parent:


Dad (me), Mom (ex), Ward Cleaver, Cliff Huxtable, Jeff Spicoli

Presenting the award is Mrs. Katy Perry , the voice of Smurfette, (opens envelope…drumroll)  The winner is dad (Gary Mathews) cue me giving Cliff Huxtable the finger, Spicoli and Brooke Shields looking dumbfounded, Ward Cleaver nodding off to sleep, and of course the other nominee couldn’t make it.

I’m sick and tired of my daughter missing events when she is not under my care, chalk up softball tryouts yesterday as another event she got to miss (this is after I gave her mother DIRECTIONS to the indoor facility Thursday).  Last time I checked your child comes before a birthday party, but I digress.  It doesn’t matter if it is school related or some other extra-curricular activity; I make it a point for her to not miss anything.  I’ve done nature walks with people I barely knew, hung out with moms at other Brownie functions (I find this fun now, last summer it was awkward), you know why I did it though.  Because I’m her dad!  I don’t see my daughter nearly as much as I would like to, but when I do have her she isn’t going to miss events that she actively wants to participate in.  I don’t get to take “parenting” for granted and neither should she but I don’t get to control that.  I’m only in control of our daughter roughly EIGHT days a month while school is in session.  So I will take this bullshit award I just gave myself and put it in the trophy case with all the other “great moments in parenting that her mother sucks at and I don’t” awards that I’ve won over the past year and hold my head up high.  My daughter is going to be proud of at least one parent in this transitional phase of her life when she is old enough to sit back take notes and figure things out.

Since it is the Oscars tonight, and four hours of people taking there self way too seriously, I thought Skipah’s Realm would share some of his favorite movies of all time.  I could care less about acting, sub titles, and plot.  If I’m still quoting or referring to scenes in a movie 10-20 years you’ve made the list:

Caddyshack-Rodney Dangerfield got screwed for an Oscar in this, screw the acting this movie was comedic genius.  “You must have been something before electricity”

The Godfather II-The original is a top 10 movie in itself, but the sequel WOW.  “I knew it was you Fredo!”  When it is on AMC every three weeks don’t think I’m not sucked into it!

Goodfellas-No I’m not in the mafia, but this movie was in a word AWESOME.  Good book also.

Pulp Fiction-“Bring out the Gimp”, a Skipah top five favorite and one kick ass sound track to boot!

Super Troopers-This has to be the funniest movie made so far in the 21st century.  If I ever get to Vermont I will be sure to visit Spurburry (oh never mind it doesn’t exist)

Bull Durham-Baseball, comedy, and Crash Davis what is not to love?  Lollygaggers anyone?

Any Daniel Craig James Bond movie-I love Bond movies, but Daniel Craig has taken James Bond to a new level!  The end of the Pierce Brosnan portrayal of Bond was a welcome relief it got way to gimmicky!

Fast Times at Ridgemont High-You had to grow up in my hometown to really appreciate this movie, but it is hilarious.  Mr. Hand (RIP), was that English teacher we all hated, and future Oscar winner Forrest Whitaker was the greatest high school linebacker ever.

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  1. It’s the only thing keeping me sane Martyn!

  2. I love how you use humour in your posts!! I agree that its shocking at the lengths of prioritising that is missed. Especially when you see it affecting your child.

    Love your film list too!! Perfection.

  3. Love your list of movies. Did you grow up in Orange County? Every time I see Fast Times I automatically think of California but I am biased, born and raised in LA so…

  4. Divorce is one of the often unavoidable evils of the world. Dads get the rough end of the deal more often than not. I grew up a child of divorce but at such an early age that it felt like the norm. Keep loving that girl and showing her how priorities should line up. Good movies too, my list would have some Mel Brooks sprinkled in there; Robinhood Men in Tights, Blazing Saddles, and the always awesome Young Frankenstein “What knockers!”

  5. I have the Oscars on the TV as background noise but I honestly think I am the only female on the planet that feels like watching/listening to them is pure torture. Something must obviously be wrong with me right?

    OMG! I love Super Troopers and can’t agree with you more about that movie. For a really long time after I first watched it I would tell my girls, “Right Meow!” Bwahahaha! Several times they even said, “Did you say Meow?” They were pretty young back then too!

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High is just a classic movie for our generation and one of my favs of all time! Goodfellas and both of the Godfather movies are in my top list as well. And Rodney Dangerfield… What a trip he was eh? Definitely always made me laugh my butt off as a kid that’s for sure.

    Spring Training in Arizona is AWESOME! Having lived here the majority of my life I have been to more Spring Training games than I can count, not rubbing it in at all I promise, and your analogy of them being like a Little League Game is pretty accurate. Something about being up close and personal with the players makes it a much better experience in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong I love going to the stadium during regular season but being outside in the Spring and watching the games is something that you just have to experience at least once in your lifetime! I sure hope you get to come out and do just that soon!

    I can relate to your ever growing frustration with “Mom of the Year” and your daughter missing out on activities and events that mean a lot to her. I just don’t understand parents who are like that. But, one day she’ll wake up and it will be too late for her when she realizes how much of Sloane’s life she has missed out on and will have to live with the decisions she has made. It’s all about Karma now my friend and if you and I are really, really lucky we’ll get to watch as it explodes in our ex’s faces and they finally get back tenfold what they did to us! It will happen, or so they keep telling me, and that is what helps to get me through on the dark and gloomy days!

    Stay warm and try not to slide underneath your car when you go to unlock it in the morning… It really is not as much fun as it sounds! 😉 (It was in a blog post of mine in case you hadn’t read it!) Wishing you a Happy Monday, well… as happy as a Monday can be that is!


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