ATV Tires That Will Keep You Gripped

When it comes to ATV tires, it’s all about the grip. All terrain vehicles are designed to cut through mud, muck and sand like it’s all butter, yet, if you go off road with measly factory tires, you might discover that you’re more of a fly in oil rather than a knife through margarine. Don’t let your off-road adventures come to an end before they’ve even had a chance to begin and invest in the right Honda four-wheeler parts and tires before your next weekend getaway.

Carlisle Knobby

If you’re more interested in desert driving and trailblazing than you are stair stepping a rocky incline, these monsters are just what you need. Designed specifically to move mud, dirt and other challenging terrain, these tires offer improved stability, more traction and better control at all speeds. As a bonus, they look attractive and can make any off-road vehicle look more rugged and muscular than it may actually be.

Wanda P350

Wanda is a fan favorite, as the manufacturer often offers its off-road selections in sets of four, thereby saving shoppers a ton of money. Moola aside, this particular model is abrasion and puncture resistant and provides for outstanding handling in desert, mud, dirt and rock. The tires feature extra shoulder lugs for rim protection and offer supreme traction, ultimate stability and easy handling around tight turns. It’s advertised as a snow tire, a testament to its traction.

ITP Mud Lite AT

The ITP Mud Lite AT is an all-weather tire designed to provide stability, traction and functionality in even the muddiest of situations. The tire is light, allowing you to achieve top speeds in all conditions, and its 6-ply rating delivers unsurpassed durability. This tire is possibly the most responsive on record, so if you’re someone who likes control even out in the wilderness, this is the tire for you.


Quality ATV tires don’t have to be expensive. If you’re in the market for cheap ATV tires that get the job done, shop today.


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