The latest data coming in from the Skipah’s Meteorological weather team, is telling area residents it’s still cold, and going to get colder.  This weekend we go back to single digits and then it’s going snow, sleet, and rain all through the weekend.  On the bright side we are going to warm up to the 40s and 50s.  That concludes tonight’s southern Indiana melancholy weather report.  Wash, rinse, repeat!  Tuesday was a rather enjoyable day, the much anticipated food fight never materialized (although the biscuits were weapons grade hockey pucks), however I managed to get through it without screwing anything up.  I need to volunteer one day when soup is on the menu, any kid gives me any gruff I can pull out my soup Nazi impersonation “No soup for you!”, “Come back in ONE year”, I have a feeling the lunch lady wouldn’t dig it, but she wasn’t exactly too thrilled when I brought up the idea of a massive food fight either.  Everybody has to change it up from time to time, why not spice up lunch.  I’ll have to run it by the PTO board and the school administration, but let’s organize a school wide food fight.  Hell, make a fundraiser out of it, print fliers and tickets, have a raffle, school wide draft.  Dads versus moms (oh I REALLY like that idea) boys versus girls, the opportunities are endless.  Send the kids in with a change of clothes and whomever is wearing the most ketchup and mustard can clean the place up afterwards because they obviously can’t dodge a fully dress hamburger!  If the format chosen is dads versus mom don’t think i won’t be that kid at a snowball fight that dipped his snowball in water before launching it.  I’ll be taking some of those biscuits and dipping them in a Habanero/Ghost Chili pepper solution!  Just kidding, just kidding…….(maybe).

After what felt like two months (a week), I finally had the blonde bomber under my watch tonight.  We did exciting things like stomp around on the frozen snow for 20 minutes, and look all over the house for the Nerf basketball that is still missing.  I told her Hammy must have taken the ball, so she proceeded to interrogate him like he was an extra in a spy movie.  The little critter didn’t crack though because we still have no idea where the ball is and the little KGB hamster only had about 15 minutes of torture before Sloane grew bored with him and moved on to other stuff.  She is still wanting to get him a brother/playmate/cellmate, at this rate I’m going to have enough hamster spies in my house to spin-off my own espionage book series.  I can be the Tom Clancy of hamster spy novels!  Big weekend for the daughter and I (weather permitting), we are working a Brownie cookie sale booth Saturday, finishing up her Brownie computer badge, and of course another crack at my master point shaving scheme.  I think I’ve got the girls in line now, after blowing out the first two opponents last weekend they kept it under double digits.  That’s how it works it’s OK to win, just don’t win by too much!

On a more serious note, I wrote about how proud I was to be in the dad blogging community here.  The founder of the largest dad blogger group is a man named Oren Miller, its a community of over 1000 dads now, but Oren started it himself many years ago.  I was probably member number 950 (who knows but it has since broken 1000 since I joined), but Oren answered any questions I had and personally messaged me when I asked to join just to get some basic info.  It’s his community, he just wanted to make sure I was qualified to join, what I didn’t know about Oren at the time was he was battling Stage IV cancer.  Reading posts from other members in my online community that have actually met him and interacted with him, he sounds like the kind of guy that would give the shirt off his back to help you if he could.  In the early days of his community he actively sought out dad bloggers to invite them to his new world to give dads a united voice.  By the time I found the site it was standing on it’s on two legs, but Oren always send out a weekly greeting to the club of the new members.  Facebook:  Dad Bloggers has one concrete rule “Don’t be a Dick”!  I’m proud to be a part of it.  You need an outlet to blow off steam you’re safe there, family problems we’ve all been there, children behavior issues you aren’t alone, fears/questions about anything you will feel at ease, the point is Oren created this!  It’s the largest man therapy site on the internet!  Yesterday he posted to all of us that he was no longer fighting the ugly demon that is cancer.  No more chemo, no more treatments, just going to enjoy his final days on earth.  What he built led to this, I wish I was in the community then I would have contributed whatever I could have.  Oren I never met you and more than likely never will, but what you built with your vision has given men a voice that ten years ago would have only been a dream.  Godspeed Oren.

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  2. That’s an excellent idea! Keeps the cost of lunches down also, and maybe the school will use the compost to start a garden this summer.

  3. I love the food fight fund raiser but taking it outside. Maybe with massed fruit and vegetables so they can be racked up after and composted. I am really into not wasting food.

  4. So glad I discovered your blog. I am all for a cafeteria food fight fund raiser too. Let’s let kids be kids. I love that more dads are taking up blogging. Diversity and different viewpoints are what makes the world infinitely more interesting. Keep up the good work!

  5. Yeah he’s a legend in the Dad Blogging community I never met him and really only know him by name by what he built was phenomenal

  6. What a lovely post! Sorry about your friend though : ( It really sucks…I recently lost my dad, and it was no walk in the park

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