Blogging, Welcome to the New Normal

Breaking news in southern Indiana, IT’S FRIGGING COLD two days of waking up in the negatives plain sucks!  Throw in whatever in the hell storm we are getting tonight and weather sucks.  We are anywhere from ten inches of snow to two inches of rain, ice, sleet, freezing rain, lions, tigers, and bears (oh my).  This “complex” weather system is being described by local meteorologist has one of the toughest they’ve ever had to forecast (oh really, like this is some rare life changing system moving through).  With this recent spat of wintry weather and the absolute frenzy it is driving the EBM crowd into, don’t be surprised in a few months when the scandal breaks about the local cardiologist union, meteorologist board, and every damn dairy & wheat farmer in the Kentuckiana area are all in cahoots.  In other items of importance, I got engaged today, just kidding seeing if you were paying attention.  Once Katy Perry gets over that John Mayer dude I’ll be right here to swoop her up!

No Sloane this weekend and due to the weather no work tomorrow.  Happy and single I should be hitting the club right?  Nope I’ve got laundry to do and “Da Club” is expensive, plus I cleaned out Wal-Mart today of bread, eggs and milk and I’m bootlegging them on Craigslist right now.  I’m selling each item at $4.00 a pop or you can get the combo pack for $10.00, a fair price for items that are non-existent in grocery stores around here right now.  If you believe that you can go take the bar exam at Indiana A&M tomorrow and probably be a highly successful family law lawyer.  No I’m spending my Friday night blogging, why because I want to that’s why!  Not that my social calendar is standing room only right now, but blogging as much as anything got me to where I am today.  Financial windfall, PLLEEEAASSSEEE!  A healthy hobby/addiction ABSOLUTELY.  I’ve got friends all over the world now through social media.  Divorced mom & dads, happily married mom & dads, and men with an unhealthy crush on Katy Perry blogger world really is a giant melting pot.  I wrote about some of my blogger friends here, since then I’ve branched out.  We all took to blogging for various reasons, but once we got into it we found out we loved it!  Writing is only half the fun, networking and promoting is even more fun.  You meet people who have their own stories to tell, and some of them make me feel like my divorce was “kosher” (for my Jewish fans), seeing  mom and(or) dad bloggers that are recently new parents is heart warming.  I know the joy and headaches they are going to experience in the coming years, rehashing crazy custody/divorce battles with others gets the blood flowing and makes me realize that it could have always been worse.  Blogging for some of us starts out as therapy, and it slowly turns into a passion over time.  Some people write like Hemingway, some write like me, some have amazing web designs, but we all look out for each other anyway we can.  Catch a glaring grammar typo send a friendly reminder, an HTML image isn’t posting correctly you are quick to let them know, live in Indiana and they live in Florida during the winter months you bust there balls!  One thing I never appreciated until it was too late was when Sloane was a young baby/toddler, I wish I had the creative mind to start a blog then just to relive that time of my life in words instead of memory and pictures.  This guy at code name “Going Dad” is doing just that, plus he can give you tips on eating healthy (and if he is ever single and in southern Indiana I’ve got a therapist that would like to take him on as a patient, just kidding), blogger world is a blast though!  There is no competition among bloggers (at least the people I’m involved with) we just want to help each other out.  I’m proud to be a dad blogger, I even got to defend it in court a couple of weeks ago, one of the proudest moments of my life!  People who aren’t in bloggo world don’t get SEO and hidden sub texts, and unless they want to educate themselves with it they never will!

About it for tonight, I’m going to shovel the driveway again (in the dark) to prepare for winter storm Zeus! I made that name up, but in this area it’s fitting.

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  1. The support between bloggers is phenomenal! There’s no competition just kind collaboration:)

  2. You are absolutely right, the blogging community is truly amazing! Non-bloggers are often shocked to hear that it is not competitive at all. Maybe we are lucky and have chosen our blogging community well but I have never had a competitive moment either. I have received nothing but love and support from the blogosphere!

    Winter Storm Zeus is hilar! Keep warm my friend and enjoy what is left of your night!


  3. Oh, and boy do I not envy your weather right now! Stay warm!

  4. I couldn’t agree more! Blogging rocks because the community is so kind and supportive thanks to folks like you!!

  5. Hey Gary, thank you for the mention, very much appreciated!!

    Couldn’t agree more about blogging; it’s like free therapy……when you don’t have a punching bag!
    We are supposed to have some crappy cold weather heading our way, but still not as bad as you have it. Hopefully it goes fast and we can bask in the Spring sun soon! Or just enjoy not freezing…

  6. Blogging is a passion and when it is going well, man it can be something so very special.

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