Brackets, Dan Dakich, Yale, Indian Cuisine..this ought to be interesting!

The soon to be centerpiece of my next landscaping project.  Just don’t tell Miss Madison!

Is your bracket busted?  In line to win a trip to Hawaii via  Is Wicked Wanda the receptionist kicking your ass in the office tourney pool?  Hopefully, your favorite university is one of the final 16 left to win the whole thing.  My favorite team recently fired their coach, so I’m treating this tournament as a scouting mission for the next coach of Indiana University.  That is unless Brad Stevens is reading this, and I would tell him to please come back to Indiana!  Hoosiers don’t belong in Boston for extended periods of time.  Yeah, I know the Boston Celtics are young, good, and only going to get better, but Mr. Stevens, if you are reading this I beg and plead of you to lead the big state school back to prominence!

Speaking of Hoosier legends, one of our own made me Twitter famous for a day.  ESPN commentator, Indianapolis radio show host, and the man who shut down Michael Jordan in the NCAA tournament way back when retweeted this post!  That would be none other than the great and hilarious Dan Dakich!  His retweet had me getting more traffic than a Tuesday night in Wheeling, West Virginia during a blizzard.  So, to quote Ice Cube’s, “Today was a Good Day” last Thursday.  Now if I can get him to retweet this post, maybe I’ll move up the internet traffic ladder to something akin to Rancho Cordova, California on a Friday afternoon.

Since I’m all about #HoosiersHelpingHoosiers, you can find Mr. Dakich’s radio show here, and if you need a good laugh from time to time on Twitter I would highly recommend following him.  I’m feeling so generous I’ll even save you the time to search for him, just click this link press the magic “follow” button and thank me later.  If you are a University of Kentucky fan, I would encourage you to tweet some pompous Big Blue Nation garbage at him, give me a heads up first though so I can have plenty of popcorn popped and tasty beverage to wash it down with as I am reading comedic gold.  Mr. Dakich, if you are ever in the Madison, Indiana area (and why wouldn’t you be), the Yuengling is on me for a round!

We now move on from the basketball portion of Skipah’s Realm, well wait a minute, I broke my own cardinal rule of thumb with my picks.  Never trust anything or anyone from Philadelphia, PA  is what they taught me when I was a young lad in school.  So, thirty years later, I put the farm on Villanova University in my own bracket.  Thanks guys, you all owe me a gift certificate from Geno’s, I’ll be in the area in a couple of months and a good old fashioned cheesesteak is the least you could do for me.

Other big news of the weekend, no I still don’t have custody of my daughter, but I would love to be a fly in the room in a few days when I drop the summer schedule on her.  Remember, Indiana non-custodial parents, you have until April 1st to set the summer schedule how you see fit to spend time with your little loved ones.  For Sloane and me, it’s just a ho hum trip with Miss Madison and the gang through the aforementioned Philadelphia, a visit to Diggerland for the Turtle Man, and then some Jersey fun on the shore.  That’s just a warm up before we spend a week in Door County so Miss Madison and I can say “I do” in front of everybody.  Sloane only gets eight weeks of summer, I must make my half count!

Not sure what we are going to do in July without the matriarch of our clan.  We should be happily married by then, but she is leaving me anyway for a few days to go see all things New Haven, CT.  No, it’s not some kinky swinger’s convention she is planning on attending, more like she was one of a few elite teachers selected for the Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History grant to attend a seminar Yale University.  My sixth-grade English teacher told me I would never amount to anything, I call bullshit on that one, I’ll be married to the cutest future Ivy Leaguer on the planet!  To say I’m proud of her would be an understatement.  Her application to them had more rewrites and edits than a script for a Godfather remake, but she pulled it off and will be learning in depth about how early Americans survived in this country with wild buffalos, Indians, and no wi-fi.

I might go with her just to join the rowing team, I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Speaking of Indians (not our Native American friends), this guy recently learned all about Indian cuisine.  Miss Madison thought I needed to diversify my culinary talent and signed us up for an Indian cooking course.  I was leery at first, but it’s well documented I’m clueless.  It was another road trip to Cincinnati to learn some unique and mysterious techniques from the good folks at Bolly Bears.  Holy crap is all I can say.  Did you know Turmeric is some kind of wonder spice?  After our instructor explained all the benefits of it, I fully expected to grow a few inches on my pecker before the evening was over.

Findlay Market, neat place the next time you have some time to kill in Cincinnati.

Where has authentic Indian curry been all my life?  Granted, you might need to take a small loan out for all the spices it involves, but you can pay loans off.  Memories are worth their weight in gold, and that is one night I will never forget.  Even better if your digestive system has been a tad clogged up, Indian food will flush that clog right out within 24 hours.  Not since General Tecumseh Sherman marched through Atlanta has something marched through my system so fast.  “Eat with the right hand, wipe with the left” is a cultural etiquette tradition in the land of India.  I don’t know if Mahatma Gandhi coined that phrase or what, but I will reiterate Indian cuisine is delicious!  This ends the portion of the blog also known as T.M.I.

Miss Madison and I passed the pop quiz, and won our very own spice packet.  Ass powder is short for Asafoetida, it’s also known as “The Devil’s Dung.”  

About it for tonight, I’m calling Brad Stevens’ wife and reminding her how hospitable we are in Indiana.  I know I have a better shot of finding my missing socks in the laundry, but all she can say is no, right?  Times are good in the Realm these days.  Sloane is absolutely thriving at her school right now, my fiancée just got a major potential career changing opportunity, and well I’m still here pecking away at a keyboard.  But I’m still smiling nonetheless, all the women in my life make me proud to be associated with them each and every day!

#SloaneSupportsStJudes update.  She sits at $365.00 and I’ve emailed the local Walmart about making up the difference so they can get some pro bono employment from yours truly.  As of this writing no answer from the Walton Gang, but you can make this a reality by donating as little as five dollars to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital

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  4. I have recently expanded my cooking repertoire with Indian food and I’m with you; it’s both delicious and (digestively) efficient!

    What do you normally like to cook?

  5. Have you tried asking Chick-Fil-A about helping Sloane? They sometimes help out when it comes to kids and charities, and they are franchise owned so you will get better feedback from them. 😉 Cici’s too gets real involved in community. As far as retailers the two companies that give back the most to more focused local things are Altar’d States and Alex & Ani.

  6. Notre Dame is my team, and they got bounced in the second round this year by West Virginia. I don’t do the brackets anymore since I never did well…

  7. Indian food is the best – glad you’re now on the right page food wise. Those californians were a bad influence on you – joining us Brits in devotion to curry is the place to be!

    Well done to Miss Madison on her Yale seminar – sounds like a great opportunity.

    Never trust anything from Philadelphia? Um, does that include the Declaration of Independence (are you finally admitting that was a mistake and you want to return to us??) and the constitution?!

  8. Congratulations to Sloane and Miss Maddison! You must be so proud of them. Like Linda, I love curry although I am no cook and sadly the closest Indian restaurant is 45 min drive away!

  9. I love the summer plans. Congratulations to Sloan and Miss Madison for their accomplishments! And you may have single handed lay given a boost to turmeric sales. Never before have so many men snuck it into the shopping cart. LOL.

  10. You really are a master Hoosier. And a master blogger. And a… oh hell, won’t go there. Great post and good for you!

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  12. Looks like you have a BUSY summer ahead and it’s never too early to plan! Thanks for linking, too!

  13. Curry is my speciality 😊 … plenty of turmeric, paprika, garlic, coriander, cumin, chilli,cardamom…. ! Not necessarily hot yet flavoursome & low in calories too .I use plenty of passata (sieved tomatoes), onions, spinach. For my masala, I use 0% fat free fromage frais in the sauce instead of cream. 😊

  14. I’ve used ass powder before. Too much tastes just like the name! Still good……sometimes

  15. I LOVE Indian food. And you have the wrong expectations for Tumeric…It reduces inflammation, it doesn’t increase it. I plan to meet Kate for drinks this summer, but in the meantime, UCONN women all the way!!

  16. Smart Philadelphians (like this guy) only had Villanova in their bracket until the Sweet Sixteen. Unfortunately, the unhinged passion in Philly found a boatload of local folks all in for them to repeat as Champs…but really, how many of us around here are that smart to begin with? Dan Dakich is a hoot. He was hysterical doing a “weather report” during the snowstorm in CT while at ESPN for their bracket marathon. Did a snow angel while on the air. Who knows who the angels will harken to IU to take the reins of their b-ball program. Alford? Stevens? Stay tuned!

  17. Is Indian food anything like Thai food? Thai food makes me projectile vomit! Is there any soy products in Indian food? Have never worked up the nerve to give it a try.

    Sounds like you selected an excellent teacher to help raise your daughter! Does your daughter get along with Miss Madison Jr.? Between the science wonders of Miss Madison Jr. and the math wizardry of your little girl, should we pray for the future or fear it?

    How many days left in your bachelorhood days?

  18. How crazy is this: I have never eaten INDIAN food before. An Indian restaurant here in LA reached out to me and offered to give me and a + one a free meal, so I definitely will get on that… I cannot wait to try my first INDIAN feast!

  19. How awesome Gary! When is the wedding? Are ya’ll going to swing by Maryland and have lunch with me and Mr. C in Baltimore?

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