Cancer Doesn’t Care

Sad times in the Skipahsphere!

I’m supposed to be telling you about the awesome time we had at Entertrainment Junction in Cincinnati, Ohio this past weekend.  Inserted would be a bunch of pictures of me donning my favorite engineering hat and going “Chug-A-Lugga Choo-Choo” like an extra in a Thomas the Train cartoon.  I’m supposed to be jumping up and down because Christmas is almost here and I can finally put that damn Elf up for another year.  I’m supposed to be glazing a couple of hams to perfection for visiting family this upcoming week.  I’m supposed to be happy as a wino in a bar because of everything awesome going on in my life.

One problem with all this is that cancer doesn’t care.  Cancer doesn’t care whose life it affects.  It doesn’t care about you, me, or the man on the moon.  Its only existence on this planet is to cause pain and suffering.  Cancer robbed me off what should have been an unforgettable weekend, and more than likely it’s going to keep on robbing me for a long time to come.

I don’t care if you play cards every night with The Marlboro Man and Joe Camel, or the only toxic substance you’ve ever put in your body were the fumes you inhaled the last time you painted your bedroom.  Cancer doesn’t care, it doesn’t discriminate, it will get you one way or another if your numbers come up in the cancer lottery.

If you are fortunate enough to beat it, it’s only a temporary win.  Cancer never goes away, it just lies dormant like an ancient species of bedbugs and rears its head when you least expect it.  For the rest of your life every time you get a weird pang in your stomach or an ache in your joints you immediately think of the worse.  Why?  Because cancer doesn’t care, it’s owns your psyche because it is more evil than Hitler.

No I don’t have cancer, but someone very near and dear to me does.  She whipped its ass once before and this time cancer came back loaded for bear determined to get her.  Mr. Cancer might just do it this time, he’s got her on the ropes and is ahead on all the judges’ scorecards heading into the final round.  The most positive person I’ve potentially ever known in my life currently sits in a hospital bed leaning on OxyContin and a glimmer of hope that she gets to come home for Christmas.  Why does this have to happen to someone on par with Mother Theresa, because cancer doesn’t care.

Our society has invented weaponry that can obliterate a tick on a camel’s ass from some zillion miles away.  When I hit publish on this post anyone in the world can read it within seconds if they so choose to.  Yet, we have no cure for this disease?  With all the money raised in the annals of history and some of the brightest minds on the planet looking into it we can’t find a way to combat it?  Where is Dr. Jonas Salk when you need him!  You think cancer really cares?

I write this with a heavy heart, people I love and hold near and dear to me are suffering.  Hell, I’m suffering, but I have big shoulders and they are only broadening right now to help carry the load so others don’t.  I’m about to lose a friend and mentor potentially.  I don’t care what the doctors are saying right now, one thing doctors can’t factor in any physiological test is stubbornness and my friend is as stubborn as they come!  Cancer is pissing me off just writing this, but we already have learned cancer doesn’t care.

Cancer doesn’t care if you are a mother, grandmother, friend, or a respected member of the community.  It doesn’t care how many good deeds you have done in your life.  It doesn’t care how many children you have touched in your professional career.  Cancer doesn’t care!

My Christmas list is nothing more than a big kick in the ass to cancer!  Do not take one of the good people away from us because you can.  Cancer you can go screw yourself!  If you take this woman out of my life because you have nothing better to do, you are about to meet Mr. Skipah the world’s biggest asshole!  Don’t make me get to that point.  Of course what would it matter, because cancer doesn’t care.

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  4. Been there, two years free now, my brother had it, lost a cousin to it, Dad had it but died of a stroke first. I understand. Prayers for you and your friend and family.

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  7. This sucks to hell and back, I lost my darling sister 3 years ago. You may be interested in “Love Your Sister” a ‘village’ of people in Australia raising funds to f*** cancer to death. We are sick of this disease taking our loved ones. I do wish your friend well.

  8. So sorry. I amvisiting my dad who is in his secondfight with cancer. It sucks! First colon cancer, now liver. I hate that it has taken my family members and pray cancer leaves this world forever.

  9. I’m so sorry to read this – and in the city in which I currently reside as well. Although cancer claimed the lives of my sister and brother-in-law, I am a many decades serious melanoma survivor – so don’t give up hope. Some of us DO survive.

    Here’s to a happier New Year in 2017.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

  10. Gary, last month was the two year “anniversary” of my mom’s passing from the Big C. I can’t fathom with all the money being thrown at it why we haven’t knocked this evil out of the park a long, long time ago but please know your family is in my prayers. Best, Bruce

  11. I’m sorry to learn this Gary. One of the biggest evils of the world that can’t be cured, still an enigma. Prayer for you and loved ones. 🙂

  12. Sending strength, hugs and prayers for all.

  13. Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear this. Especially so close to the holiday. 🙁

  14. I know this, sadly, cancer doesn’t care, it just barges in, slashing and burning and slicing through joy and hope and happiness. I’m so sorry to hear this, Gary, sending big hugs, but the one thing cancer can’t take from us, love – those who touch our hearts stay in them forever. 🙂

  15. I’m so sorry to hear this. It isn’t fair, it never is. It’s a terrible thing to go through and I don’t blame you for being angry.

  16. So sorry, Gary, to hear this news. We can all say we have lost friends and loved ones to cancer in some form.

  17. Yeah, Eff cancer man! So sorry to hear this, sending best wishes to you, your friend, and their friends/family.

    My mom had it 3 times and luckily beat it off with a stick. There’s always hope, just keep a positive mind and a kick ass attitude!

  18. I’m so sorry for your friend and those that love her. Sending healing/comforting thoughts your way <3

  19. Sorry to hear your sad news, Gary. I have a family member who is also facing cancer for the 2nd time & it has spread to other organs. We are just hoping for a miracle…. Sending healing vibes to your friend anyhow, and to all those suffering this indiscriminate disease.

  20. #IHATECANCER – sending up prayers

  21. so sorry to hear this Gary. Sending you positive thoughts and strength for healing.

  22. Our next door neighbors have two children who’ve both had and beaten cancer’s butt–one of them twice! We have a dear friend at church who kicked cancer as a child and is now in her late 60’s. Praying for victory for your friend over this evil foe!

  23. I’m so sorry, Gary. I’ll be holding you and your loved ones in my thoughts over the holidays. Stay strong and do your best to keep a positive outlook, both for you and all around you.

  24. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I watched my father waste away from lung cancer. The feelings of despair and helplessness can be overwhelming, but know that your friend appreciates your love and strength.

  25. I’m very sorry to read about your friend’s battle with cancer.

  26. Oh Gary, I’m so sorry that your friend is suffering. I am praying for her and for her family and friends as well. She can beat it again.

  27. So sorry to hear about your friend. Praying for miracles and many holidays at home!

  28. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, your friend, and your families.

  29. So sorry, lots of love and prayers xx

  30. Cancer sucks.
    Big Love to her, and you, and yours.

  31. My heart breaks for you and your loved one, Gary. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  32. What an awful Christmas present Gary – I truly hope she beats it again and knowing she has people like you in her corner will make all the difference, no matter what the outcome is. Do your best to make her Christmas merry and bright – possibly with a little inappropriate humour? xx

  33. My thoughts are with your friend. Cancer always wants to find a way to ruin people’s lives but you must be strong.

  34. I’m praying for you and your friend. What a shame this is happening at Christmas!

  35. I’ll keep you and your friend in my prayers brother.

  36. So sorry to hear this. Cancer just sucks. But your friend is lucky to have you in her corner. Wishing you both strength and peace as you deal with this foe.

  37. OH I am SO SORRY to hear this! Praying and pulling for your friend!
    I am going through a hard time as well as cancer has attacked a dear friend of mine. I feel your pain! Cancer doesn’t care.
    Didn’t feel right to click ” like” this post… BUT you did write out your pain and frustration beautifully!

  38. Sad to say, I know whereof you speak. Prayers to you and yours.

  39. Such sad news. Channelling all the good wishes in the world for the victim.

  40. Sorry to hear you are going through this. I have been where you are with my father, sister and mother. Cancer took my father and sister. Do your best to stay strong, make memories and allow yourself to deal with this as you need to. (((hugs)))

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