Chapter Two

I never saw it coming, I never wanted at first, but as of yesterday, I am now officially legally divorced.  Mediation was on November 18th and all the fighting was over but until the man in a black robe jots his signature on it nothing is “official”.  I finally got that signature filed with the court yesterday, it’s well documented the ups and downs I went through to get here but a relief came over me today when I saw it online this morning.  I have been wanting this day for two months now, it’s finally here I have no sorrow, I have no regrets, it turned out it was time to move on.  Took me awhile to figure that out, but I did thankfully and I’m definitely going to end up in a better place.  I already am physically and emotionally stronger than I was before this happened.  All the studies and talking heads will tell you statistics say a divorce is the third most stressful you can go through, the only things it trails is a loss of parent and loss of a child, that’s a true no shitter!

So blogging as a single man now I think I’m going to switch it up somewhat on here, it’s always going to be my daughter first and foremost and I will continue to write all the glowing moments about her that come up along the way.  Whether it be growing pains, “those moments” all parents just look at their kid and shake their head, proud achievements, you name it.  It’s the up and downs of parenting the single most rewarding and frustrating job you can have.  I think I’m going to inject a little more humor on here when I can, sense of humor and wittiness are some of my better qualities.  I have an opinion on about everything so feel free to ask me about it. Whether it be on the current news, pop culture, sporting events, or entertainment I am more than willing to start offering my two cents on here now.  Of course, anytime the ex does something to piss me off or something I find outrageously hilarious you can bet your ass I’m getting a barb in here or there when I see fit.  Any longtime reader of this would probably agree I earned that!  I would rename it Skipah’s Thoughts but that sounds like a crappy Saturday Night Live skit, so we will stick to Skipah’s Realm and get the marketing/public relations staff to start making up T-shirts, coffee mugs, and mouse pads.

With it being Wednesday I had my daughter tonight, I took her to the monthly school function held the first Wednesday of each month.  For those that don’t know my “daughter,” her name is Sloane.  Sloane was named after a character from the T.V. series “Entourage”, we spent a month figuring out names and I watched that particular show and threw it out and the ex liked it case closed.  Anyway we attended the school function and it was great I actually didn’t feel like a stranger at all, the kids know me, some of the parents know me, the staff knows me, I actually hold my head up high now at school functions.  I have nothing to be ashamed of I learned, and my daughter absolutely LOVES attending these school functions.  Plus the food isn’t bad most months, and the dessert menu is scrumptious.  If anything post divorce I hope to maintain right now is she stays at her school.  I think it has helped her more than either of her parents have through this whole journey, there frigging kids being kids and that is what she needed more than anything.  She had the love of both of her parents but she is light years ahead of what either one of us thought she was and she’s known pretty much from the start everything wasn’t “kosher”.  We grew inseparable in the process and I can’t speak of the relationship her mother and she have but I’m assuming it’s good enough because she hasn’t struggled at any facets of life that I’ve seen.  Although she still gets pretty fired up about the fact mommy “dumped” me.  It’s all good these days “muffin head” daddy is going to be fine and dandy!

About to wrap this up for the night I’m sucked into the “Dark Knight Rises” for the umpteenth time, has there ever been a better trilogy than the Dark Knight-Batman franchise?  I know this is a matter of opinion obviously but anytime I see one of them on I’m hooked.  Looked forward to Wisconsin-Duke basketball tonight all day and here I am watching a movie I’ve seen a minimum of twenty times.  That’s how I roll now and other than my daughter it’s all about me now going forward!



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