Come Monday

Good evening everybody, today was some of the most fun I’ve had since separation/divorce.  My daughter was on a roll today and we pretty much spent the whole day cracking each other up.  We will get to some of the highlights in a bit but I got to say what is the big deal about Black Friday these days?  There was no traffic anytime we were out today (although a movie we went and saw was sold out at the time we originally wanted to go).  We were near all the shopping meccas (this side of the river) and I’ve seen worse days on a typical Saturday in July.  Overall though today was a blast let’s recap it.

We finally got started and on our way out the door around 10:30, couple of fountain drinks and off we went.  First stop was an early lunch (my daughter has turned into anti breakfast anymore), I finally talked her out of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and anywhere else that sells a plain cheeseburger or chicken nuggets.  We settled on Panera Bread, I haven’t ate there in years but my culinary tastes have changed also so I gave it another shot.  I was well rewarded with my chicken Caesar salad and she quickly fell in love with the mac and cheese there.  Our whole lunch conversation centered around me writing a blog on the side now, she kept saying “my dad is a blogger”, I kept telling her to hold her horses it’s a pet project on the side that I’m just trying to expand.  She still thinks it cool though and keeps asking me to look up how many people are reading it no matter were we are at.  I’m sure come Monday, her mother will be sick of hearing about it.  Winner, winner chicken dinner on that.  Speaking of the ex, fairly certain she got to read it all today, if I could only have been a fly on the wall when she got to read each step by step of her evilness (ALL TRUE).  My daughter wants to read my blog and I keep coming up with creative ways to deflect the topic, but other than some salty language and I don’t want her hating her mom anymore than she already does, I told her when she gets older I will let her.  After lunch we ran to Lowes (very underrated Christmas selection) to see if they had any ornament/Christmas gear deals.  I got out of there spending only 3.00 bucks on a reindeer porcelain ornament.  Mission accomplished, after that it was window shopping (call it a fun recon Christmas mission) and between yesterday and today I’ve got a pretty good idea of stuff to get her.  She get’s the ex treatment now on gifts,  she’s my only main focus on gift giving this Christmas season, I’m always angling to gather info on gift ideas with her now, and since she is only seven doesn’t quite have any idea of what I’m doing.  (At least I hope not)  For all I know she could be playing me more than I’m playing her!!!!

After window shopping and lunch we came back home to recharge our batteries a little bit and decided to go see a movie, Big Heroes Six has been out for a month but for some reason the showing we wanted to see was sold out.  So I bought tickets for a later show and she and I headed to downtown so she could see all the neat little shops locally.  After more gift ideas, and taking our favorite hair stylist something to drink she made the comment to me that “I don’t think mommy would ever take me down here she is always talking to Mr. Wonderful.” Your with your dad this weekend and our motto hasn’t changed “Have Fun” is what I told her.  What you and your mother do is up to your mother, I’m sorry she’s not got all her focus on you right now, that’s why I get you to have you as much as I do now :), as tempting as it is to throw the ex under the bus and drive that thing back and forth I punted and just told her “Ask your mother to bring you downtown maybe she will.”  She won’t of course I’m sure, but I did my part.

After window shopping, lunch, walking the shops downtown, and going to the movies I pretty much decided I want my daughter more.  My divorce is settled, I have a house in a good neighborhood, I want her 50/50 minimum.  I don’t know if it is attainable or not, but I’ve got a few bullets in my holster than I can still fire.  The ex fired all her bullets during divorce and all of them missed.  It’s time for the ex to live in the real world and come Monday (FYI Jimmy Buffet’s first top 40 hit was named Come Monday, my daughter and I are official Parrotheads!) I plan on taking steps to make this happen.  She had her head up her ass for the past five months, time for her to open her eyes!  I have way to much fun with my daughter anymore and she truly is a mini version of Gary Mathews.  She’s my mini me and there is no reason I shouldn’t see her more, in my honest opinion I’m the better parent right now.  Maybe one day the ex will snap out of it, but I hope not anytime soon, the war is over and I won, time to reclaim some of the territory I had to give up though!  I’m in a position were I can and Come Monday it will be alright!  Game on, I got this!!!!!!!!!!!  Good night everybody.

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