CUJO Smart Firewall

We live in a digital society these days.  A digital society leads to more complex problems than we have ever had to experience in previous generations.  The quicker you take steps to protect your own little personal network, the better the chances that some hacker doesn’t infiltrate your network and steal valuable personal information that can leave yourself, your family, and more importantly your children at risk.

Why am I telling you this?  Because recently the hard working men and women at Best Buy asked for my two cents on the new pet they recently sent me.  It’s not the four legged furry kind either, more like my new internet guard dog that goes by the name of CUJO!  So what is CUJO you may be asking?  Try your own business level security for your home personal network.  CUJO thinks you are getting hacked, he chews that hacker up and sends them back to school to read another chapter of the hacker handbook.  If CUJO thinks your network is starting to come under the weather from a virus, no problem, CUJO has an immediate antidote and your network is back to normal without any doctor visits.  Some malicious website tries to infiltrate your internet surfing?  CUJO barks, and goes on the prowl to sniff it out, all while you are still you are reading the latest news on the internet.

Installation of CUJO is easier than first grade math.  Just hook up the three foot ethernet cable provided into your router and attach the power cord and you are in business.  Even better, this guard dog doesn’t need a leash!  Just download the CUJO app on your phone and in a few short minutes after setting up your account, everything connected to your wi-fi router is now on notice that they are safe.  We are talking cell phones, televisions, appliances, printers, computers, ANYTHING that receives a signal from your router is protected.  

Connecting an old school VCR was more complicated than setting up CUJO.

Like any good dog, CUJO is very easy to train from the mobile app.  It also doubles as the great parenting tool ever if need be.  Little Timmy might have been on a internet page he shouldn’t have, CUJO will immediately let you know via the app that you might need to go check on him.  Your teenage daughter won’t clean her room because she’s too busy streaming videos?  Just go into CUJO settings on your phone and go to that specific device and either shut the internet down completely or block the website.  It even listens when your significant other has an online shoe shopping addiction, literally you can control what is visited on your home network and what is not allowed.  Although, I would recommend your significant other also has access to CUJO to keep the house harmonious.  

Easy as the push of a button on your phone.

Never again will you have to tell your son six times to go mow the yard!

The parental control is by far my favorite feature, and since CUJO has come to our house, rooms have stayed cleaned, children suddenly lose the selective hearing, and your life as a parent goes much smoother.  CUJO never sleeps and will let you know at any time if something isn’t quite right and has no problem notifying you no matter where you are via the app.

Business level security isn’t cheap, but CUJO is a fraction of the cost.  You can go to any area Best Buy to purchase one or you can click here.  I highly recommend you do this sooner than later.  The internet never sleeps, people are always scheming, kids are always exploring, and nothing is worse than having your computer infected with viruses.  So the next time you are looking for a pet, get your own home network guard dog named CUJO.  The safety it offers you for your network will never have you worrying again.


Disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.   


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  3. Makes me think of the Stephen King novel. Pretty cool device though, and sadly something we all probably need.

  4. I am loving Cujo – it detects everything and now with this Equifax breach it’s another layer of protection. Great review.

  5. Don’t have kids. Don’t use questionable sites. Regularly back up all computers. So don’t think I will give Cujo a try. Use a very stable operating system that most people are unaware of.

  6. I am absolutely loving my Cujo! Internet security can seem daunting but this device has made it simple to be protected!! Best part, I noticed Best Buy has it on sale today!!

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