A Day That Can’t Be Topp’t!

January and seventy degrees!  No complaints here!

Some organizational announcements here at Skipah’s Realm.  I’m going to be away in a couple of weeks learning how to surf with my brand new O’Neill, La Jolla Group gear and enjoying fish tacos with America’s Online Dating Guru before attending the Dad 2.0 Summit in sunny San Diego.  For that week, I’m willing to let someone else steer the ship on here.  If you would like to guest blog and get millions upon millions of visitors to your site, feel free to contact me.  I can’t guarantee you millions of visitors, but I promise you my mom and Miss Madison will at least read it.

Secondly, the advertising department of my little digital love child has recently been approached by a business to pay for some space time here.  Love all my peeps that visit every day, but I’m also similar to Levon and like my money.  High level negotiations are still being hashed out (like waiting on an email reply, that is called the Blogging Hardball Tactics, young business majors), but soon there may be some strange funky content on here.  Feel free to patronize them and spent all those Amazon gift cards you have left over from Christmas (or hang on to them and buy me a nice wedding gift in the future).  Again, thanks for reading, and I would love for any of you that want to contribute to give me a shout out on any of those social media sites I spend way too much time on…. Miss Madison nods accordingly.

While Miss Madison and I were without any of our future heirs to the throne, it was just she and I this weekend.  First stop was to the Mid-America Science Park in Scottsburg, Indiana, yes that Scottsburg, to take in all things robots.  Even though Miss Madison wasn’t the P.I.C. (that’s parent in charge for you folks that haven’t earned a playing token in the custody war game), her pride and joy Miss Madison Jr. had a robotics team competition to see if she and her elementary school ninjas could qualify for the state tournament.

This growing phenomenon just recently hit our little sector of the state so Miss Madison Jr. and her teammates were going up against some chiseled adolescent future engineers from the big city.  If you have never been to a robotics competition, my advice for you is pack a lunch, a change of clothes, and a sleeping bag if you have the room.  It felt like it went on for a decade but my watch told me it was only seven hours!  While I might have exaggerated that a tad bit, it is a full day at the office.  You also have my permission to sing Mr. Roboto the rest of the day.  You are welcome if that is stuck in your head now.  By the way, has there ever been a worse song?  For the record the Starbots of Madison, Indiana finished fourth out of 30 and missed moving on by one spot.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo…domo
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo…domo

Next stop was down the road for the brand-new I-265 toll bridge that was also built with a pedestrian walkway.  The L & C Bridge (that’s the Lewis & Clark Bridge for you non-locals) is expensive, majestic, and is probably the reason I may or may not have a stress fracture in my right foot.  Unlike its sister walking bridge down river that you can park and walk right on, this one involves a good mile hike just to get to it.  Concrete isn’t kind on a person’s foot, and five and a half miles later we were back to our vehicle, and I was again wondering why I willingly walked to Kentucky.  Still made more memories, took in some scenic views, and can’t wait to go back after I get some “prepatory” walking in before trekking my own personal mini marathon.

After burning enough calories that would make the most ardent Weight Watchers fan jealous, we needed to replenish the tank so to speak.  Locals have been clamoring about this new pizza joint that had recently opened in my native land of New Albany, Indiana, so Mr. Skipah and his favorite gal had to see it for ourselves.  Topp’t Pizza is now Skipah’s favorite pizza joint in all the land.  For $7.99 you get your own personal 11.5-inch thin crust pizza with unlimited toppings.  Think of it as a Subway only pizza style.  Pizza dough made fresh daily, fire roasted in a brick oven, and tastiness that ranked a 25 out of ten on the Skipah Food Scale.  If you are ever in the New Albany, Indiana area or the neighborhood of their parent restaurant in Elizabethtown, Kentucky (yeah, the one that killed Orlando Bloom’s career), stop in and tell them Skipah sent you.  They will still charge you 7.99, but you get to sound like you know somebody who isn’t famous.  If you are lucky enough to visit some of this culinary nirvana, I recommend ordering “The Skipah.”  What is “The Skipah” you may be asking?  Topp’t special spicy pizza sauce, diced red onions, roasted red peppers, granulated garlic, pepperoni, and bacon.

Disclaimer:  The views of Topp’t pizza are 100% mine, I wasn’t paid or compensated in anyway.  I hadn’t ever even set foot in the place until January 20, 2017.  I was so inspired by the place I had to give them a shout out! 

“The Skipah” is on the left, the salad pizza was supposedly tasty also according to Miss Madison

For the nightcap, Miss Madison had heard enough of me griping about my sore foot (seriously I think I have a stress fracture) and conned me into a month of back rubs if I would take her to Shoe Carnival to update my own personal foot pillows .  I think she had a hidden agenda and now have added taking her to a shoe store to my list of things I’ll never do again.  I thought wrestling cocaine addicted alligators and skinny dipping in a piranha infested lake was a list not even she could make!  A big thanks to the manager who pointed out a quarter of the store in the “ladies” department was on super clearance and all pairs of shoes were five bucks!

I have never seen Miss Madison this jubilant.  When I said Will You Marry Me, she was somewhat excited, when we decided to live together she was mildly excited, you tell her or any woman that designer shoes are five bucks, you can look the hell out!  Thank God, I still had my sleeping bag from the robotics competition earlier in the day.  I woke up on Sunday afternoon (we got there Saturday evening) and she was still trying on shoes!  To quote the cool kids, her shoe shopping savvy is for realz!  I would insert an image of all her glory in getting six pairs of quality footwear for 30 dollars, but I haven’t learned to sleep with one eye open yet.  For the record, I found a new pair of shoes in ten minutes!

About it for now, I got an email from one of my perspective buyers about posting content on my site.  They are willing to pay me a decent bit of coin for one of their clients.  My turn to talk tough in Blogging Hardball Tactics playbook and tell them……YES!

BJ’s wholesale website - DHGate.com
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  1. The beauty of the words is that the same words can be used in a variety of ways to provide a different and unique meaning. You possess the nice and quite impressive style of writings that has touched my heart and soul. I shall come again to soothe my knowledge and skills thirst.

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  3. Oh sounds like a robotics competition goes on about as long as the final quarter of a basketball game! Honestly, I think that was the biggest cultural shock I got living in the States – it takes HOW long to play 12 minutes?? Why doesn’t it take 12 minutes to play 12 minutes?? Sounds like the kids did well in their contest, though.

  4. A robot competition sounds like a lot of fun (for anyone who has a spare week and a half to spend, anyway). As for the Lewis and Clark bridge, what can I say? I’m so impressed with what those early explorers were able to put together with just a few saplings and a length of rope.

  5. We have a pizza joint here in Huntsville called Pieology that just opened last year. I love it! Same price, same concept, awesome. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll find something similar someWHERE in Orlando.

  6. I love the end…I want $5 shoes. My husband sends his deepest sympathies to you on that one. LOL

  7. So much good stuff going on in this post, I don’t know what to say….but nice you guys had some good time together!

  8. Pizza, shoes and California sun? You’re a lucky guy!

  9. I find it interesting that your new favorite pizza joint has roots in Kentucky. Seems like these Kentucky roots are deep, Gary, really deep. At any rate I am super impressed with the buys on shoes and share Miss Madison’s excitement about footwear. We have a bridge like that in Maine. I haven’t walked across it but I did go up in the observation tower that gave us a beautiful view of Bucksport, Maine and the Atlantic Ocean. Congratulations on the advertising. I’m expecting you to buy all of us readers some Kentucky pizzas for our efforts to boost your numbers.

  10. Gary, Good for you with the advertisers. I’d love to hear how that goes. Sounds like you and Miss Madison had a fun time together, as always.

  11. Such awesome news on the advertising/sponsors!! But pizza and shoes, now THAT’S a whole new level of awesomeness!

  12. Tell Ms. Madison Jr. great job on placing 4th. Although being 4th must have been frustrating, being 4th out of a field of 30 is pretty impressive.

    • They literally just started this two months ago, and some of these schools you could obviously tell had been doing it for a while. So while they didn’t qualify to move on it was still pretty impressive.

  13. Gary, you’re just seriously funny! In the midst of merde, you are funny. Happy you have this opportunity and hope you will remember us when you hit the really really YUUUGE big time! Still wondering when my invite to the wedding will arrive…. ;0)

  14. Shoes for $5 … good find Miss Madison 😊 … there is a website in the UK called Everything £5.com which has fab boots & shoes as well as fashion pieces for both men & women for £5. Spoilt for choice! One can never have too many shoes….

    Bridge photography looking good, Gary! 😊

  15. I haven’t seen the new bridge yet! Sorry about yer owie.

    Scottsburg, Indiana is where I learned to fire a gun and drive a tractor! 😀 Good memories for me there!

  16. A fun post! I can’t believe you walked to, from, and over that bridge.

  17. Enjoy the trip, I’d offer to guest post, but, well, you know, I’m retired.

  18. Wait up here, back up the bus!! I know I’ve been away for ages (life stuff) but you’re getting married? is this for real cos if it is that’s like the best news all day. So happy for you and Miss Madison.
    (You realise if you were joking you’re going to have to break my heart so in order not to do that you’ll have to ask her anyway!!!)

  19. Well, behave yourself out there in Cali! Lots of unsavory sailors out that way! For some reason I can not see you doing any surfing… Sounds like a great weekend and I love that salad pizza! But seriously where were the $5 shoes???

  20. You’ve hit the big time! Congratulations! Have a good trip and the time away!

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