Don Draper is the Man!

Finally some good news yesterday!  Fox is canceling American Idol!  This thrills me to no end, yes I may be in the minority but I haven’t liked singing competitions since elementary school music class.  I know Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have made to enough money to buy half of Europe but I hate reality TV with a passion.  Sing-a-longs can all go away.  I’m putting you on standby “The Voice.”  I don’t care they cost less than a dollar to produce and get decent ratings.  It’s legalized dumbing down of our nation, I’ve lived here my whole life, and most of us are dumb enough as it is.  Whoever green lit Survivor many moons ago needs to be prosecuted, plus I can’t watch old cheesy Rock N Roll Jeopardy shows without dog cussing Jeff Probst now!

No blog last night, could have been I was in a state of emotional shock since Sloane’s softball game got rained out, but more than likely it was because after I got done with some school work I found the need to catch up on my Mad Men viewing.  Loyal reader, I have not seen Sunday’s episode yet so no spoiler alert, please.  Hammy has gotten into it also, he has a crush on Joan (Christina Hendricks), and thinks they drink and smoke on their more than a Russian Parliament meeting.  I said he hasn’t seen anything yet and plan on taking him to a local bingo all if his current good behavior keeps up.  Kind of our own little “rewards” system that many parents use with their children.  Felt good to get a little Don Draper back in my life for a couple of days, and what’s up with that mustache that Roger (John Slattery) is sporting.  It looks like it straight from the set of a 1970s police drama.

I’m devoting the month of May to get caught up on TV viewing also I’m realizing a lot of my favorite TV shows are going away.  Justified, Sons of Anarchy and now Mad Men, can we at least get The Wire to release some new episodes?  I mean Baltimore did just go batshit crazy that is a Wire season that just wrote itself.  Or can we loyal Deadwood fans get a proper final season?  (I know this was ten years ago, and yes I’m still bitter), still got Big Bang Theory, plenty of NCIS (I’m sure it still sucks), and Person of Interest to catch up on though.  I’ve got non-nerd friends telling me Game of Thrones is pretty hard core so maybe I’ll check it out.  The whole point of this paragraph is to remind everyone that I don’t get my daughter very much this month and I’ve got a shitload of free time.

Screenshot_2015-05-11-17-57-10    20150511_175605 

(We were doomed from the get go)

Tomorrow was supposed to be a big day in Skipah Land, the dreaded court date!  A funny thing happened, though, I donated enough hemoglobin at the blood bank and sold enough voodoo dolls to actually come up with enough money to hire an attorney.  My attorney got court pushed back to drumroll………..June 25th.  Score on for me!  The look on the faces at camp denim had to be priceless I’m sure.

Since I already took the day off in preparation for court I thought I would go serve lunch again at my daughter’s school and enjoy the second meal of the day with my favorite lunch companion.  This time, fortunately, there will be no cinnamon apples or cinnamon rolls on the menu but some cutting edge food!  BBQ riblets are on tap tomorrow.  Seriously were was this shit when I was a kid, it was soybean burger, chicken patty, or chuck wagon (mystery meat) for the main course.  When they really wanted to get fancy it was spaghetti or chili that was nothing more than tomato sauce with minimal seasonings.  Hell, they offer salad now and the kids eat the crap out of it.  When I was that age any kid eating a salad for school lunch was probably going to be a ward of the state because their parents were obviously flakes.  I’m just making a little humor out of school lunch, it’s actually frigging awesome the healthier choices they have for lunch then when I was a kid.  I will say this though you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a “chuck wagon” sandwich.  I’ll have to disappoint my 2nd-grade fan base tomorrow though because I’m working and not attending so the impromptu photo session they all enjoy isn’t going to happen.

Another advantage of being off tomorrow is I should have time to make Sloane a proper dinner before her softball game.  I can’t pick her up from school because of a prior commitment but I should be out of that well before softball.  She hasn’t had any of dad’s fried chicken strips in a while so there is some bird thawing right now as I type.  To say I’m mildly excited to make her dinner on a school night would be an understatement.  With softball and various other activities, I haven’t had much of a chance to cook for her lately and she is my biggest fan.  Weather is supposed to be nice, so getting the game in tomorrow shouldn’t be a problem, and she will be fully energized to play her best!

About it tonight, going to study another episode of Don Draper and figure out what I can do to be the chick magnet he is.  I ordered a John Hamm starter kit off the internet, and have been reading the yet unreleased book “Don Draper pick-up lines.”  Before any condescending person wants to pipe up he’s everything I’m not (man whore and adulterer), I just remind you its TV let’s suspend reality a little bit.  Now you may go back to watching your American Idol/Survivor marathon that you’ve had saved on your DVR for six years.  I lose Mr. Draper in a few weeks you lose Steven Tyler, I win again!


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  4. I loved Mad Men for a long time – Penny was my favorite character. Was that her name? I was so intrigued by her relationship with the little wannabe big timer (you know who I’m talking about lol). Anyway, I also detest singing competitions. So when I read your update about AI being cancelled, I did a celebration dance in my seat lol!

  5. This is funny but also makes me sad. I hope may flies by for you so you have more time with Sloane.

    I really enjoyed Dexter. You might like that to watch. Game of Thrones is awesome! And I have yet to see the Wire! I need to!

  6. Wait, American Idol IS STILL GOING? I thought it was over years ago!

  7. Hey there Mr. Gary,.
    I have never even heard of Mad Men before and at first thought it was an Internet group for divorced men. I’m serious too! Then again I don’t watch much in the way of TV anyway.

    Glad to hear that cinnamon rolls WIL NOT be served tomorrow and cinnamon apples? Really? How fun to be planning to cook dinner for the blonde bomber! Have fun serving lunch and what a great Dad you are for taking the time to make memories like those above with her!

    Wishing you two lovely meals with your lovely daughter today!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  8. Never got into Mad Men, but keep thinking we need to. That, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, and something else I forgot the name to are shows I’d like to watch. For now, it’s Walking Dead and Orange is the New Black.

    Way to go on the attorney! Did you really want to push the court date back? I figured you just wanted to lay everything out you have and be done with it.

    Enjoy the dinner with Sloane and hope the shows hope time pass for you until she gets to stay with you again!

  9. I love Mad Men! I watched most of the series over the past two weeks while I was sick. Unfortunately we only have it on Netflix so I have to wait forever for the last five episodes. No spoilers!! Lol

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