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Hey there New England snow blower baron, winter is around the corner and sales of your SnowNinja XL sales are solid, but far from strong.  Mr. Texas, your regional line of barbecue sauce is the talk of the state but don’t you want something a little more to show for all your hard work?  Like say, images of your fine concoction on magazines all over the country?  How about you hiding in the corner, Miss Maine?  Not since that time in 1960 when it was 42 degrees on January 5th has anything been as hot in Maine as your one of a kind moose repellent!  I’m betting your bottom line will go way up once we get you marketed in Alaska!

Is the Skipah off of his rocker again?  Nope!  When the hard-working men and women at the booming L.A. ad agency of Zambezi asked me for my two cents, I was ready to give them two nickels.  They must have heard I was a huge Mad Men fan.  So what is Zambezi?  It was recently awarded gold (that’s a good thing) as the best small advertising agency according to Advertising Age.


Zambezi—isn’t that a river in Africa?  You would be right, geography major, but Zambezi is more than that.  The Zambezi River is home to the versatile bull shark also known as the Zambezi shark, a very resourceful multi-tasking amphibian and the idea behind the name of the company.  That same kind of thinking is what your brand can expect when Zambezi is involved.  When your motto is, “We don’t do ordinary, and we won’t let you either,” you know you are on to something.

Initially started by co-founder/CEO Chris Raihm in 2006, Zambezi caught the eye of Kobe Bryant.  That is the same Kobe Bryant that in five years will be taking his place at the Basketball Hall of Fame.  He obviously has an eye for talent and made a sizeable investment in the early days of the company.    Zambezi stands on its own two feet now after paying Kobe back and then some a few years ago.

I hear the collective moans going around right now.  “Skipah quit blowing smoke where the sun doesn’t shine” is probably what you are saying.  So this ad agency is the next coming of Sterling Cooper or what?  If they are going to revolutionize the world in mom and pop companies that sell snow blowers, bbq sauce, and moose repellent?  Why in the hell would I choose these folks?

The Venetian Las Vegas thinks differently.  The last time you were lured to sin city and awed by an ingenious tagline to stay at The Venetian, that probably came from Phil in creative at Zambezi.  George in Seattle, I asked around, I can’t get your kid’s college tuition back for you.  Everybody knows you don’t split tens in blackjack when the dealer is showing a nine.  Better luck next time!

I think I know where I’m staying next time I go to Vegas!

Vitamin Water loves Zambezi.  Rumor on Wall Street is once they inked a deal with them stock prices shot up 20%.  I can’t confirm or deny this, but the last time you were mesmerized by a Smart Water ad you can more than likely thank a Zambezi employee!


Zambezi and Vitamin Water do not advocate calling in sick….most of the time.

Most of us can’t stand buying a new car and dealing with the hassles that go with it.  We use Kelley Blue Book  to figure out our trade in value, vehicle’s net worth, and the value of any used car we are potentially buying.  The auto hipsters at Kelley trust Zambezi with their advertising so they must be doing something right.  Although the last time I bought a car I was a tad appalled at the Kelley Blue Book value of my 2001 pick-up truck.  I was thinking it was worth 40 grand (sentimental value) and it was well less than that.  It didn’t help I ran it into a tree!

I heard a rumor some of you like to golf, do you by chance use TaylorMade whatever creative tag line sold you on a fine set of their irons came from Zambezi.  Even if it didn’t improve your golf game (mainly because you are a hack), Taylor Made thanks you for the purchase.


Is that the number one golfer in the world Jason Day?  You bet it is!

These are only a few of the clients of the hottest Los Angeles advertising agency to hit California since the last drought.  A startup company, big box brand company, or evil genius that needs to get the word out about your latest creation, try Zambezi.  You will not regret it!

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This post was sponsored by the Zambezi, the thoughts and opinions are 100% the views of Skipah’s Realm.

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  1. I’m not ordinary! Well, this was a rich post, no? Sharing all over the darn place!

  2. They sound like they know what they’re doing. Like Alan above, I just wish I had something to advertise.

  3. I need some of the juice they’re drinking. What do they have that’s stronger than Vitamin water?

  4. My sick day water is a strong cup o’ coffee! Iced this week since it’s still 99 degrees here 🙁 We visited the Venetian (got to stay free cuz I know people), and discovered their street address is exactly the same as mine. Hmmm.

  5. Is that an application for a job at Zambezi as a copywriter Skipah.
    I’ve nothing to advertise but I’m tempted to ring them after bit of copy 😁

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