Eggs, Milk, and Bread

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Stop the presses, as a matter of fact stop everything you are doing and get to the grocery store.  Southern Indiana is potentially getting an inch of snow tonight.  You are hereby forewarned to go get your bread, eggs, and milk.  It’s a dairy farmer’s wet dream and an insurance adjuster’s worse nightmare.  A forecast of snow in this area sends the masses into a full-blown panic.  It’s both annoying and comical to go to the store on an evening like tonight and you can bet your ass the afore-mentioned items will be wiped out then you get to sit in traffic because some dumb ass has no idea how to drive when the white rain is falling.  I’m smarter than the average bear, and got my grocery run out-of-the-way and home before the impending free for all hits.  Helps that I live two blocks from the grocery store also.  Big day in my world, this 38-year-old bachelor is headed back to school!  Got all my paperwork finalized, my student loan paper work filed, and start making my schedule out next week.  I was nervous last year before “shit happened”, now I’m pumped up for it.  Most of it will be online so I’m going to have to figure out where the “cool” kids and the cute co-eds are hanging out in the virtual world.

In another example of “I’ve come full circle” I joined my daughter’s school parish today.  I’ve been tossing the idea back and forth in my head for a while now, but her school has become a second family to me now and I owe many of them a debt of gratitude that I don’t know if I can ever repay.  When I told Sloane tonight she was super excited, I’ve become an honorary member of the Catholic Church.  I don’t talk about religion at all when blogging, and I don’t judge anybody’s religious beliefs, but the Catholic school my daughter attends has accepted me with open arms this past year with everything I went through.  I’ve made great friends through her school, and learned to not root against Notre Dame! (Most of the time)  When biddy ball games start in two weeks, another dad and I are figuring out how to set a point spread amongst each other to gamble on it.  I love to gamble as much as the next guy and the first team to score a basket sounds more fun than watching organized chaos in seven-year girls basketball games!

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This is the menu Tuesday when I am volunteering to for lunch duty at school.  I personally thing this is way too much cinnamon, if the school wants to have this much cinnamon on the menu they should check the health benefits of it and get back to me!  Cinnamon apples are more than likely sugar laden; a cinnamon roll is a good way to add unnecessary pounds to your figure.  If my daughters school is going all cinnamon, then I’m going to suggest in February when I’m working the cafeteria beat they go 100% cinnamon.  I want a menu of cinnamon ice cream for dessert, cinnamon apples for an appetizer, cinnamon flavored salad, cinnamon anything.  If you are going to use cinnamon in your meal plan go all out.  I have firsthand experience of the ups and downs of cinnamon.  It can be good at times but in the end it will taste bittersweet if you aren’t careful.  There is nothing worse than a shot of cinnamon that tastes like shit.  Never ever base your lunch menu on that much cinnamon you will let the kiddos down!

About to wrap it up for tonight, I’m going to ramp up my twitter campaign to get a date with Katy Perry.  I mean seriously I can’t sing like John Mayer or look like him, but I’ll bet my last dollar I can cook and bake better than him!  Super Bowl is nine days away; I’m not a bad-looking guy (I think) if Katy Perry ever gets ahold of me I will bronze the response!  If not I will be the biggest fan of hers on Super Bowl Sunday (after taking Sloane skiing!)

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  1. I hate snow. Full stop. It’s not my friend lol

    Good job on going back to school. It’ll be awesome for you and something else that you can focus on (that is also for you). So no wonder you’re pumped.

    To be honest mate I think you need to up the Katy campaign. This shawshank redemption ‘if one letter a week gets a box….If wonder what 2 letters will get” just go full on stalker. …what’s the worse that can happen. Lol

  2. Thanks Joel, I’m really looking forward to it this time!

  3. Good luck going back to school. And good on you for doing so. Time with pass with you in school or out so you might as well have a degree at the end of it! This comes from a fellow dad who is also in school.

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