Father’s Day Blog Giveaway!

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Guess what loyal readers?  Karl at Kore Essentials was so happy with my review of his super cool belt (that I wear religiously now), he is ready to give away not one but TWO Evolve stainless steel buckles with a full-grain leather belt to go with it.  You even get to pick the color of choice (black, brown, gray or white), the contest runs from today until June 7, 2015.  Only residents in the United States and Canada are eligible.  Sorry to my loyal reader in Sweden, this is a North America promotion.  Karl is even offering 15% off right now on any purchase of a belt, just use code SAVE15 at checkout!

The only rules are to follow Skipah’s Realm’s Facebook page, and send out the most creative tweet.  Readers that have already “liked” my page will automatically get credit now go get creative!  If you aren’t on Twitter I will take witty comments or emails as well.  Email is skipahsrealm@gmail.com.

This is a Father’s Day promotion but any man would love this belt.  The jury is stillout on whether or not it will help single men in the “ladies” department as I mentioned in my review, but every father loves a new belt.  Mom if you are sick of buying a nerdy tie that only scares off moths or a gift certificate to Lowe’s here is your chance to shine this year.

Not a father yet but are expecting? Guess what, you’re eligible too.  In the “Guide to Being a Woman” book that nobody has bothered to read or decipher there is a clause that states expecting moms get a gift for Mother’s Day.  I learned this the hard way seven years ago, so expecting dads play it up!  Nudge you pregnant other and let her know how good you would look in a new belt when the first “date” night rolls around after the child is born.

Not a father at all?  We don’t discriminate against non-parents either.  Go ahead and enter for your chance to win and who knows after receiving your belt and showing it off a few times you could be a parent sooner than you think!

So enter for your chance to win and put a huge smile on that special man in your life’s face on his big day this June!



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  1. I just entered as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Contests are so much fun! 🙂

  3. I just entered! I’d cross my fingers for good luck, but then my pants would fall down!

  4. Readers SAVE 15% on ALL TRAKLINE BELTS using promo code Save15 at checkout.

    Enjoy !

  5. Hi Gary,

    So… Does this mean lovely ladies such as myself are not eligible or able to enter the giveaway? Just curious because my hubby, Kenny, would never enter on his own but I’d like to enter for him. I think he would dig this belt. Plus… He REALLY, REALLY needs a new one! 😉

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

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