First Mate Kate’s Take: A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss!


The Turtle Man can find ways to have fun wherever we go! Saturday, June 4th began with softball practice for Miss Madison Jr.  We kept ourselves busy while she was practicing digging up dirt and trying our best to ruin the landscaping.


He had an elaborate system going. I’ve never seen a monster truck put to work quite like that!


Still won’t smile for a picture, but he is SO cute!


Somehow he talked me into running sprints with him over and over.  If only I had the same energy he has on a daily basis!


He was using that energy once we got home, and he fell on his face running down the hall.  He looked so pitiful, and we were convinced he had broken his nose (not to mention the goose egg developing on his forehead).  Ten minutes after this picture though, he was completely fine.


That Saturday was also dime admission day at Indiana state parks, so we took advantage by spending a couple hours at Clifty Falls State Park.  We checked out the nature center, lookout tower, Big Clifty Falls and Little Clifty Falls before calling it a day.


Sunday, my little knight, Gary, and, I headed to the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Fair. I tried to get a shot of The Turtle Man’s serious face, but my hair was blowing in the breeze. Let’s try that again.


That’s better. He takes his job as a knight very seriously!


The Turtle Man was serious at the puppet show.


He was also serious at the jousting tournament.  I think he enjoyed it all despite the serious faces.

Ahem……before this continues Mr. Skipah will remind everyone the Renaissance Fair doubled as a covert “Made in China” peddlers mall!


Sunday evening, after we procured Sloane, the kids were busy digging for worms.


Monday, they came to my school with me to finish cleaning up my classroom for the summer.  They had a lot of fun with my President cut-outs. Crazy kids!


That afternoon, the girls decided that Hammy did not have a proper send-off with his burial, so they planned a funeral service for him.  Everyone got a chance to stand up and say a few words about him.


The Turtle Man and his best friend Woofie were honored guests.


Leia was an honored guest as well, even though she may have tried to eat Hammy when he was still alive.


Tuesday morning I captured this precious scene as all three kiddos shared a chair to watch nursery rhyme songs on YouTube.


We also went to the splash park on Tuesday, although the weather did not cooperate.  It was a little chilly, and they were covered in goosebumps but didn’t care.


After the splash park, we headed to the petting zoo at the library. The Turtle Man was fascinated by the snake. He’s such a boy!


Sloane and Miss Madison Jr. loved the goats. Sloane begged me to let her get one, but I don’t think we can handle adding a goat to our menagerie.


The kids all loved the Chihuahua puppy as well!

Never a dull moment with all of the kids around, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!  Sorry for the delay on getting these pictures out, because I know everyone is eager to see what mischief we’ve been getting into.  Between softballhorse racing, and landscaping projects, we’ve been keeping Mr. Skipah very occupied!




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  5. Busy busy! That’s great and what summer is all about!

  6. That’s some fun, right there! 😛

  7. Little boys tend not to cooperate during picture taking! You are lucky the only face he made was a serious one.

    Glad you were able to rescue his little girl from the evils of her mother! She needs to be with you and her father more!

  8. You guys are nonstop! Very nice of Turtle Man to hold a service for Hammy. I’m sure the alcoholic hamster appreciated it.

    • Katie: The Turtle Man actually got in trouble for not following proper protocol. Sloane was upset that he kept coming up to the podium with more things to say about Hammy.

  9. What fun activities! Thanks for writing and including photos.

  10. Such great photos. Kids are the best!!!:-)

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