First Mate Kate’s Take: Those Zany Kids!

Before everyone thinks I’ve let Miss Madison completely hijack my digital love child, I’m happy to announce my personal softball gauntlet is finally over.  A bittersweet moment, to say the least, I’ll miss watching Sloane treat a softball like it just called her a boy, but I will not be crying any tears for the daily 120-mile round trip trek I had to take to see it.  Sorry Mr. Exxon, this guys schedule is about to get back to normal!  Without further ado, on to another entry of First Mate Kate’s Take.



On Wednesday, while his sister and Sloane were hanging out at the pool with Girl’s Inc., this cutie got a haircut to stay cool this summer.  He always tells me he wants no hair, but we compromised on a short cut.  Knowing his family history on both sides, he’ll probably deal with no hair in the future. He better enjoy it while he’s got it!


We started a point system for the kids this summer.  They earn one point for each chore that they accomplish and can then use the points for TV/computer game time or save them for money.  The girls worked hard to earn 20 points within the first few days (the house was looking great!), and they cashed those in for $10 each.  They didn’t even seem to miss the TV time!  Well, they hatched a plan and talked me into taking them to Walmart to secretly shop for their supply list.  Turns out the secret was a second wedding for Gary and me.  This time it was in the backyard and included an Eiffel Tower, a snack table, and gifts for each of us.  Think they’re trying to tell us something?!


The Turtle Man’s favorite part of the wedding was the snack table.  He finished them off mostly by himself!


We celebrated the wedding with a fire and s’mores.  The kids had a great time stuffing themselves with melted marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars.  We also crossed two items off of our bucket list–wearing PJ’s by the fire and having s’mores by the fire.


Sloane preferred her marshmallows barely warmed, about 5 seconds on the fire.


Thursday, after dropping off Sloane and Miss Madison Jr. for the drive through the ‘Tucky woods to Sloane’s softball game, the Turtle Man and I joined my mom for a trip to Costco.  I was overjoyed to find my favorite drinks for less than half the price I can find them anywhere else!


We worked up an appetite at Costco and headed to Noodles and Company afterward for dinner.  The Turtle Man loved the fountain but decided he didn’t want to eat much once it arrived.


Friday we met our friends at Spring Mill State Park for a day of picnicking and creek-splashing.


Nothing says summer like splashing around with friends!


What has the Turtle Man’s undivided attention, you ask?


Sidewalk paving, of course!


He offered to help, but they didn’t take him up on his offer!


Saturday, we had a laid back day of working in the yard and just hanging out. We ended the day with a delicious, candle-lit spaghetti dinner.


Someone really loved the garlic bread!


Sunday, we were lucky enough to be invited to a day at the races at Churchill Downs.  We donned our Sunday best and prepared for a great day at the track!


My little BFF loved watching every race and cheering for her favorites.


I had to try one of the specialty drinks–the Lily.  It was refreshing and delicious!  It was also money better spent than my bets, which had an uncanny knack for finishing last in every race.


Someone took her horses very seriously.  She was all business and taught me a thing or two about how to pick a winning horse.


Sunday evening was spent with just the two of us, as the kids were spending time with their other parents.


I took a walk and left Gary to work on his blog.  The evening was beautiful after the storms passed through nearby.


I had another great week of summer with many of my favorite people.  Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!


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  5. I love the light in those last pictures. Plus the wedding. I’d say priceless but obviously it had a price…or a cost…

  6. I love that the kids took their hard earned money and threw you and Gary a surprise 2nd wedding. I think that they have the right idea. Nice to see two lovely families come together. How adorable is that. And that picture of you, Gary and Sloane in the car is priceless.

  7. I love the summer point system for money or TV time. I operate a similar scheme with my 2 youngest sons – easy chores for spending money – my youngest (9) will do the odd weed clearing and saves his money! His 10 yr old brother does the bear minimum & spends his pocket money on sweets & chocolates!
    The secret wedding idea is so cute too – how fab! 😊

  8. I love the secret wedding! You and the Skipah, a match made in heaven. Jus sayin’.

  9. Lovely! You all seem to be having so much fun. You have a wonderful family.

  10. Such excellent, fun leisure stuff!! Something for everyone! Loved the pic of the perspective of the race track!

  11. Wonderful! I especially enjoy the kids in the creek. That’s such a fantastic memory to make. I spent so many long summer days splashing about in creeks 🙂

  12. Nice pics and fun times! Summer is so great… so many opportunities to do fun things with the kids.

  13. Summertime! I love your laidback living. Makes for a fun read, bringing back fond memories.

  14. Sounds like the kids are extremely luck to have your influence in their lives!

  15. Sorry to hear about your lack of success at the racetrack. It sounds like we sure a similar level of ability when it comes to picking horses. (I can distinguish one from a dairy cow.) If Sloane has any tips about how to actually win a bet rather than just wave goodbye to my money for ever, please be sure to pass them on. 🙂

  16. Loved the pics and the descriptions 🙂 And smores by the fire are the best!

  17. That Costco can really make you hungry with their big everything. At least Bai is better than diet dp! 😉

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