First Mate Kate’s Take: Week One of Summer Fun!

Here’s a recap of the first couple weeks of summer in pictures:


I started Memorial Day week with back-to-back trips to the pool.  Monday, Gary and Sloane were my swimming companions, but we had too much fun to remember to take pictures. (Or at least two of us did; someone doesn’t enjoy the pool but was a good sport!)  Tuesday, since I get to “babysit” my own kids during their father’s week while he is at work, I hit the pool again with Miss Madison Jr. and the Turtle Man. We had a blast, but this time remembered to snap some pictures during rest time by the pool.


This one has decided that he will never just smile in a picture for me.  Oh well, the faces he makes are still pretty cute!


See what I mean about the faces?!  Wednesday was the first day of June, and the Turtle Man and I had a lunch date at his favorite restaurant–Mc-a-donalds. Miss Madison Jr. wanted to spend the day at Girls Inc.., because Wednesday is pool day, and apparently she had not gotten enough swimming in the day before.


We spent the rest of the afternoon on Wednesday playing in the backyard at the Turtle Man’s water table. He decided he would be much more comfortable without pants, and he’s so cute that I had no choice but to let him.


Wednesday evening was girl’s night!  One of Miss Madison Jr.’s Christmas presents was Dixie Chicks tickets, and it was finally time to go rock out together at their concert. We got a pizza on our way to Cincinnati and enjoyed eating it in the car.  Evidently Gary was burning down the neighborhood  in our absence.


The concert was sold out, but we managed to find the family section. (It is an area partitioned off from the rest of the lawn where no alcohol is allowed, and was the least crowded area in the whole place!)  It was spitting rain at first but stopped pretty soon after the show started. Lexi was pumped for her second concert. (Almost exactly a year ago, we were rocking out at a Taylor Swift concert.)


Once the rain stopped at the concert, the sunset created some beautiful pink and blue hues–the perfect backdrop to some great tunes!


After two hours sitting in the parking lot, we finally were headed home, but not without a late night stop at Steak ‘n Shake.  Lexi was really into her Nutella milkshake and somehow stayed awake long enough to inhale it.


Why does food taste so much better after midnight?!


Thursday was the kick-off for the summer reading challenge at the library. We went to sign up and to pick up a loot bag for Sloane as well, since she couldn’t be there. (In the week since then, all of the kids have read enough to earn their first prize, and we have been back to the library for more books. Proud mom/teacher!)


After our trip to the library, we went to lunch at Bob Evans to plan which library programs we will be attending throughout the summer while we waited for our food. Miss Madison Jr. and I were engrossed in our planning, when we looked up and noticed our rolls were gone.  Then we looked over and saw that the Turtle Man was stuffing them all into his mouth as quickly as possible.  I guess the little stinker was hungry!


Thursday evening, Gary and I headed through the ‘Tucky woods toward Lawrenceburg for a night of softball. We made it to Shelbyville before we got the message that the game was cancelled due to rain. We were starving, so we looked up nearby restaurants and found Ken-Tex BBQ.  It was decent, the staff was super friendly, and it filled us up.


My adorable man caught by surprise as he was eating. Love that face!


Friday I was alone all day, and I spent the day running errands and treating myself to a manicure and pedicure. Friday evening, the kids came home, and we decided to go for a walk. When I suggested the idea, I meant walking with our two legs, but apparently they both had other ideas. 12 wheels and one helmet later, and we were ready to set off!

The first week of summer was action-packed, and it was a great way to kick things off!

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  1. Not a bad way to kick off the summer. That water table looks awesome, I’d love to get one for our kiddo. Great capture to a wonderful start!

    • Thanks! The kids have loved that water table through the years. It’s actually supposed to hold sand too, but they have more fun filling both sides with water and boats.

  2. Wow. All that in just one week. I hope you’ve got a week of rest planned before school starts again! And now I go in search of a Nutella milkshake, I hope they make them in these parts!

  3. I am enjoying reading your side of events. Happy summer to you and your adorable kids and of course Gary and Sloane!

  4. Hopefully, most of the remaining summer will not be rain-outs all season!

    Can’t stay awake until mid-night like I used to in college. Keeping those hours can leave you susceptible to things like mono! Not a good period of my life to remember. Kiss the wrong guy, he does not turn into a prince he turns into a stalker!

    On the positive side, was able to convince a nice gentleman to move into my apartment with me for protection! A few months later, I asked him to marry me! He flat out turned me down. I had to wait until he asked me, apparently! (Males and their fragile egos!) Unfortunately, he drug up the nerve to ask the day of a college final. Needless to say, I failed miserably. Had to retake thee class which I passed this time. The day after graduation we got married!

    Keeping kids entertained over summer with out them losing all they learned at school over the past year can be an enormous challenge! (Who to better supervise young minds than a teacher!) The children may not know it now, but they will thank you later.

  5. A great first week! Hope the summer is full of fun and sun! Happy Monday First Mate Kate! 🙂

  6. Looks like a fun week. I’ve never tasted Nutella! Maybe I need to. But as a milkshake?

  7. Looks like a great first week!

    And yum to Nutella milkshakes!

  8. Summer sounds like fun as long as I can sit in an air conditioned room to read about it. Love the guest post.

  9. It sounds like a fun weekend. You have to watch that eating after midnight, though. Hope none of your adorable mogwai turned into gremlins.

  10. I don’t think anything tastes as good as breakfast after midnight 🙂

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