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Way back in the day (precisely August of 1994 if memory serves me correct), a little wet behind the ears 17-year-old punk decided he was going to head off to college to gain a little knowledge.  He chose the big state school of Indiana University even though it had more students than his whole hometown of Clarksville, Indiana.  This young lad was confused; he didn’t know yet if he wanted a career in telecommunications or to try his hand at journalism.  Journalism was a thing once, I know millennials this is too much to comprehend, but trust me!

Unfortunately for that young lad, he washed out quicker than a river bank on the Mississippi river and was back in vacation destination Clarksville, Indiana within a year.  Many years later he would get married, sire a child, have a good stable job, and later ended up divorced.  It was during that divorce aftermath something clicked in his frantic mind processing at the time, and he started a little website.  He would rant and babble, bitch and moan, basically he turned his life into a real life Truman Show that unforgettable summer of 2014.

Along the way, he just kept writing, making corny jokes that garnered eye rolls all over the world, doing all he could to bring attention to the calamity known as family law.  Fighting and writing day after day in the hopes that he would rightfully get full custody of his only child and not let her be allowed to move away.  Of course, like a bad movie, this one didn’t have a happy ending either.  Legal scholars can debate it until they are blue in the face, but that poor dad unlawfully had his child relocated against his will and was basically told his First Amendment rights aren’t worth the paper they were printed on in when it comes to the ambiguity known as the Indiana Family Court System.  Why?  Because of the numerous contempt of court charges that were ruled against me, even though anonymity to certain parties has always been kept.  It’s time to flip the script on family law and I’m hoping I can at least make a dent in it!

Welcome to Skipah’s Realm, and welcome to my life in the trenches.  That same college flunky, custody war survivor, and divorce ninja just proved all his critics wrong.  He landed a freelance writing gig that pays in dead presidents.  Even better, he gets to publish on a different website, no more dragging this site into court when I want to bitch about unfair aspects of the divorce/family law gig that benefits nobody but shylock lawyers .  I was encouraged to “be myself” and frankly that’s what I intend to do.

In July of 2014 if you had told me this many people find me interesting, I would have laughed at you.  If you told me people would pay for my opinion on all things male perspective on divorce, I would have sent you a complimentary case of vodka, because you were obviously drunk.  I guess something eerie was going on in the cosmos while I was in San Diego with my dad buds earlier this month.  I was having more than one “this is bullshit” moment when it comes to the weeks at a time I go without seeing my daughter.  After talking with my male counterparts about this, they all agreed that I need to be a voice of sanity for other dads that have been in my situation.

Divorce Force is granting me this platform.  I’m going to be able to be unleashed.  Since Skipah’s Realm has turned into a profitable site (barely), my little pet project has gone from a hobby to a second job.  My goal is to raise awareness for men behind the eight ball in divorce.  I’ve been there and have the T-shirt to prove it.  Bitter ex that lied to you for years and then turned your child(ren) into pawns, they are going to be exposed!

I’m sick and tired of man hater moms that were getting screwed by everything not named Mr. Phillips.  Dear, you wanted a divorce, well you got it.  Quit using the court system against dads that want to be dads.  We get over you quickly once you tie us up in court and do all you can to make sure we can’t see our child(ren) without a court order.  As a dad, trust me, I would love for it to be a full-time job, but the one sided/jaded court system didn’t think I was worthy because I blog and didn’t have a big enough bank account to fund a lawyer’s next Alaskan Cruise.

This un-intelligent crazy S.O.B. is ready to put the shitty custody loser dad on notice.  I’m about to be your voice!  I’ve got a new platform and can’t wait to use it.  When I went through my divorce/custody battle I was pissing upstream from day one.  I didn’t know it at the time, but with a little revisionist history I have figured out where I went wrong.  My new mission in life is to make sure the next guy in my situation doesn’t take the same missteps when it comes to a custody battle.  The most heart-breaking thing you will ever hear post-divorce with children is, “I want to live with you,” and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it!

About it for tonight, I’m still figuring out how it is legal that a child’s step parent can eat dinner shirtless in front of her.  You get barred for that in any restaurant in America, but apparently, it is sanitary enough for my daughter to witness daily.  My daughter is nine years old, has the mental fortitude of a 30-year-old, and yet asks me every time we see each other how can I make her stepdad wear a shirt at dinner.  I have no idea how to explain to my daughter that seeing a 50+ year old man’s boobs is “normal” without losing my freaking mind.  Screw going to court over these kind of things, I just found a new platform!

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  1. That’s very cool about the freelance gig, Gary! I hope the dead presidents given in payment are of the paper kind. Anything else is likely to be unhygienic, probably illegal to handle, and difficult to fit into a standard-sized wallet.

  2. Good on you Gary! Rant away on any platform that will allow you. I wish I had an answer for you about the rude dude stepdad, but chin up my friend, Karma does show up at most inopportune times. 🙂

  3. So great to get gigs on other blogs! Happy for you! I’m playing catch up with blog posts. Long story…posted about the reason today.

  4. Now that’s awesome, Gary, congrats! What’s not so awesome, that step-dad. For him, all I can say is “karma”, and no, not your precious dog. 🙂

  5. Injustice is a freakin’ nightmare, Gary. I can only imagine how infuriated and stymied you feel over the bare-chested dinner dude, as well as all the other unfair treatment you’ve received. I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs! It seems the courts have gone to the other extreme due to issues of incest and spousal abuse. I’m rooting for you and all the other good dads out there.

  6. Congrats Gary! That’s great news.

  7. Gary, I am looking forward to your future and where you are going with the new venture. I know where you are coming from, as I had my similar experience much further back in the past. I appreciate what you are doing my friend.

  8. Way to go! Congratulations on your next venture – you’ll be appreciated by lots of deprived dads as you’ve been there, seen it, done it, got the t shirt. Perhaps you’ll also change the minds of those divorced dads who voluntarily don’t want to get involved in their child’s life – there’s plenty of those fathers about too, unfortunately!

  9. Yayyyy. Congrats. Amazing.

  10. We’ll finally someone is going to pay you to do what you do best–besides making bonfires. So glad that you’re getting this opportunity to be the voice for other dad’s in this type of situation.

  11. More power to you in the new job Skipah.

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