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I think this bird went by Jake

Minus the ocean, beach, and fresh seafood Indiana has officially become Florida. Rain, then sun and Amazonian like humidity, sweat through your clothes but have no fear it’s going to rain again. It’s July and we’ve got grass around here that is greener as Augusta National. By now it’s supposed to be fifty shades of brown. By far the wettest summer I can remember in my neck of the woods, thank goodness I didn’t grow a large garden this year or I would have been more disappointed than a Confederate flag vendor dealing with Walmart. Skipah’s gardening tip for the night, tomatoes thrive in the hot, humid utopia that is southern Indiana. Minimal rain needed, too much rain and no tomatoes. Hopefully Red Gold Inc. (Indiana based company) can keep up with the evil Heinz empire.


Daily anymore!


Hopefully the rain does hold off because we have breaking news in the world of Skipah. I wish it was to tell you some good news on my daughter, but back to reality. I’m moving again, I finally had to accept fate and go the apartment route for now. The Lion’s Den was just costing me too much with everything else going on, so we had to downsize. No fear loyal reader found an amazing deal on an place just a mere four blocks from where I am now, so still in a good part of town, and actually closer to Sloane’s school that she probably doesn’t get to go to next year. I’m only on the hook for electric, internet, and cable. The cheaper rent and utility relief will go a long way into getting me viable again financially. So would some generous reader spending like 2,000,000 dollars on the Amazon banner to the right (on laptop) or bottom (on mobile device) also please inform me of your purchase and I will be on the next plane out of Louisville to clean your house, cook dinner, and entertain the kids!

The downside, well it’s an apartment. No big yard to play in and Sloane isn’t going to like that, but I was getting to the point of the Greek government on insolvency since most of my money goes to my newly created foundation: The Bermuda Experience for Attorneys. Also nosy apartment neighbors, hopefully I luck out and get some 24 year old stripper mid 30s single mom with a child similar in age to Sloane’s. It’s a small complex though only sixteen units and I was told this was the first vacancy in two years so sounds stable enough. Still in the same vicinity of the old neighborhood so I will still have an ample local walking track and Sloane and I can still perform high level Tour De France training with our bicycles.
The amount of support and well wishes I have received today and yesterday is phenomenal. I’m am truly humbled, I’m at a loss for words actually. I think about 75% of the second grade parents reached out to me. You guys and gals have done so much for me and looking out for Sloane I can never repay you in full. There are things in progress to keep her there but it’s a longshot at best. As for my personal friends and family I send one Facebook post out and I’m on the phone for the next two hours. Blogger nation lit me up with emails and messages also. I’m not worthy of all this, but thank you to everyone! Maybe I can have my own Cinderella story by the end of this month, we shall see. I’m not going down without a fight though.
Let’s see what transpired today in the all new “Kitchen Sink” strategy. THREE people contacted me knowing my state representative Ed Clere, TWO people contacted me that personally know my state senator Ron Grooms. Also a worker from U.S. Congressman Todd Young’s office evidently reads my blog (yay me) and contacted me today to get details. Personally I don’t see this going anywhere because 38 year old white single dads aren’t exactly a political trophy, but who knows. Even better for me though there was a crack in the door with the local media. I can’t give the details on that, but guess what it could be huge.
Safety coordinator married to a job foreman doing contracts on state utility bids they loved it, single dad getting the shaft makes for great fluff human interest piece, a year worth of memories on this blog of my daughter and I makes a heart melt. I grieved yesterday today inspired by everybody I went to work. Get busy living or get busy dying, I chose living today. There is a ton of stuff that is getting ran up the flagpole, but initially it sounds promising. If nothing comes out of it, I tried, I went down with a fight. I have my dignity! I can be proud knowing I exhausted every resource at my disposal and then some to keep my daughter here!
About it for tonight I have to go squash a piss ant in Foley, Alabama and also since I have had to pay tax penalties in the past I didn’t think that Risa K. Woods should be off the hook so I turned her into the IRS today. You can call me bitter if you want, this is the same girl that got over 100,000 bucks written off from the local hospital because she used the ER like a doctor’s office. That same hospital chased my then wife and me down for an old bill that was a little over 2,000, it’s really easy to do and in fact the IRS will pay you for whistleblowing on a tax cheat. As this idiot in Foley, Alabama is about to learn if you want to out yourself on here, I suggest you at least “Don’t poke the bear!”

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  2. Hi I’ve nominated you for an award cos your blog is awesome

  3. this is a test, I tried it without putting in my website, you can delete it if it works.

  4. Jake the bird. You’re really making me want to watch that movie with your posts this week!

    Shawshank aside, glad you were able to find another place for less and still close-by. Does this mean no more mower woes? Your network of support is awesome, I just wish I could do more than say “hang in there man”, but, well, hang in there man! You’re a great dad no matter the outcome!

    • Might be a new weekly theme for me, couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate “I have no idea what those two Italian ladies were singing” this week but there still time. Mower woes are definitely over! As for the support I made you president of the Texas wing of Skipah’s army!

  5. Hang in there, sending you positive vibes. And I hope everything goes in your favor. Happy move.

  6. My employers really don’t like sharing headlines. Going to the press is not going to make them happy. I know you’re just trying to hold on to your kid – but some things are bigger than that. You know how public trust issues play out in the media.

  7. My motto has always been– “POKE THE FREAKING BEAR!” Gary, fight for what you believe in, hon. You are a Dad that cares, keep up the fight, the American family is behind you- the family that is fractured, but still together. In this time, families are divided, but that does not mean that the parents lose rights to their children, they still CARE VERY DEEPLY!!!!! They are not copping out on the familial responsibility they are just branching out. The days of one parent taking the children and holding the other parent hostage is OVER!!!!!!!! Sloane has the right TO BOTH PARENTS!!!!! I know that you were very hurt personally in what happened with you and your ex-wife. That is not my business. You DO have the right to vent, and to heal. For the record- I have no idea who she is, nor do I care!!! In this country- we have the freedom of speech. Thus the blog. For those that are listening– SKIPAH LOVES HIS CHILD! There are a lot of children in this country that would give anything to have a Dad that would fight for them like this.
    Funny thing, the pain that I hear in your voice against your past(ex-wife) has not made me search for her identity. I feel sorry for her, that she lost a passionate man who is determined to fight for his family. There are a lot of women that would love to have a man that would fight for their family this passionately. In this crazy time, HOW CAN A COURT TAKE A CHILD FROM A DAD THAT CARES THIS MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really???????
    You are human Gary, shame on you, she hurt you, and you reacted. You are condemned forever poor friend. I am sorry, this is a slander case, NOT A CASE THAT TAKES PARENTAL RIGHTS AWAY!!!! Whenever there is a case where a father cares this much, LET HIM BE A FATHER! This country needs more Fathers that care this much.
    Poke the bear, friend!!!

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