Good bye to the neighborhood

Another day off another 5:30 a.m. wake up, Ugh, hard to get much done at that time of day without waking up the little one.  After futile attempts to go back to sleep I came to the conclusion I’m just old and got up and did some dishes.  When my daughter woke up and I went over the morning breakfast menu with her, she opted for honey nut cheerios, go figure.  After breakfast is when things got quirky fast.

Since her tennis shoes got soaked last night at the party I realized I didn’t have any footwear for her at my house, the wife has done lost the good sandals I just bought her and after numerous attempts to get her to frigging answer me she finally dispatched her dad with some more shoes.  Shortly after that though my daughter wanted ear rings, she is a girl after all, and the only earrings I had of hers I gave back to her mom because they are handmade set and until we split up her stuff I didn’t really want to take the chance of losing them.  My mistake as it turns out, after a series of futile texts I just called and she said stop by her parents.  I immediately knew I was going into the lion’s den, I parked at the bottom of the driveway and walked up the drive, after I got my earrings I got to meet Mr. Wonderful, albeit brief, no pleasantry exchanged other than I said “yo, how goes it”, pleasantries were exchanged by her sister and I however, and after that down the driveway I went.  First glance all I can say is “he’s old!”, but not my problem anymore.  I actually laughed my ass off all the way back to the house.

Had to finish up some cookies she and I made and we were off to another party.  The two of us our becoming quite the socialites this weekend.  We had a very special event to attend though, our neighbor was have a 100th birthday party.  How cool is that?  How many people can actually say they know somebody who is a hundred, better yet how many people can say they know somebody that is a hundred and can still take care of his self?  A hundred frigging years old!!!!!!!  He’s got great grandchildren that aren’t much younger than me, there is a possibility he could have great-great grandchildren how cool it that?  The man was on Omaha beach in WWII, my daughter was stoked to go, she’s talked his ear off a million hours over the years, and he always listened.  It wasn’t quite what they had planned a year ago when they were talking about having a dual birthday party, but you know my daughter is going to be seven tomorrow, he’s going to be hundred.  Today’s party was his day, and it was a great party.  Big spread, lots of people, and I got to see all the key people in the neighborhood that I’m no longer a part of.  My daughter and I even got up and spoke about our fondest memory of him when they were roasting him.  Yeah I moved out two weeks ago, but I never really got to say good bye to them.  My neighbor down the street and his wife that I’ve really gotten to know the past couple of years, both avid dog lovers, and after we got our dog and I walked it daily and we all kind of got to know each other.  I can’t thank my neighbor across the street enough (he’s the one that turned hundred), always watching my house while we were gone.  Letting my daughter chew on his ear countless times, and always quick with a joke when the women folk weren’t around.  Yeah I’m going to miss him.

I’m really going to miss my immediate neighbor (she gets her own paragraph!), when we bought that house in 2003 we didn’t really talk to our neighbors much at first.  We weren’t arrogant or anything just not “outgoing” after 11 years though I would run over there in a moment’s notice if she needed me for anything.  It’s a shame she has to go through this, she has told me repeatedly that in all her years at her house I/we were the best neighbor(s) she ever had.  She was like another grandma to my daughter, hell she was like a grandma to me, since all this has unfolded her whole family has taken me in as one of their own.  Her son went through a similar episode years ago also and he has offered me advice and just someone to talk to, his wife was actually the first nurse to see to my wife when she entered the hospital to have labor induced.  Her daughter and son in law live out of state but visit often and are two of the nicest people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.  They always make my daughter feel welcome, and actually when my daughter was very young and ultra-shy I can still remember the day my neighbor’s daughter was in town and my daughter waddled out to hug her in the middle of the street.  The wife and I both looked at each other like “wow”, she must have been 3-4 years old at the time.  My daughter is going to be robbed and so is my neighbor of her just running over there and sitting on the porch or the swing with her for 30 minutes to an hour and just talking, I’m going to miss talking gardening tips with each other, exchanging flowers and plants, hell I’m going to miss shoveling her driveway when it snows (although I will do my best to still get over there and do it), taking her and my neighbor across the street leftover desserts (they dine together daily he is her step dad), she is the kindest, nicest person in the world.  Not seeing her every day in my life hurts now, since I have been separated she has helped me out in more ways than I can ever repay her.  Tonight when we were leaving the party I had to say goodbye to her, and yes I will still make sure my daughter and I visit, but it’s never going to be the same now.  We had a long hug and I was started to tear up, it was a goodbye that is one of the most painful I’ve had to deal with since all this began.  My daughter loves her to death and I do to, but now we will have to visit her not just walk next door.  I’m going to miss her.

It’s upsetting that someone’s own selfish decision affects so many people that had no control over it, I didn’t choose this path, and I had to follow it.  After last night and today at two separate parties, with two separate crowds, and two separate themes I’m carving out my own path now.  I can’t wait!

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