Good vibrations

Thought we go with some beach boys tonight, not there best song that would be Sloop John B, but after my officially shit morning the afternoon was more than I could have hoped for.  Doctor’s appt. got rescheduled until Friday at nine due to a hospital call, and I finally located my truck.  Since it was at a frigging horse farm, yes you read that right a horse farm, 250 dollars later my broken down truck was towed back to my house.  That had me rather livid to say the least.  Getting kicked in the teeth is becoming a regular past time of mine and frankly I’m getting sick of it.  I had a pretty tight budget to stick to and all this truck mumbo jumbo is really screwing it up.  It’s like the only person unluckier than me is Roger Goodell (you football people should get that, he’s a nimrod)

Woke up at 7:15 had a voice mail from the doctor’s office and decided I had so much fun walking to get my 44 ounces of diet dr. pepper what the hell why not do it again.  So got my walking in again this morning went a little over two miles today and then got ready and headed out to BFE Indiana to a damn horse farm/tow yard.  After that BOHICA moment I was running a little on tilt but I told myself how much worse can things get.  I hope not much worse that would involved loved ones and something happening to them I decided.  Just sucks, it rains it pours right now and has since that crazy ex wife of mine went nuts.  I’m going to get through it though, I’m determined, I’m focused, and frigging karma has to change eventually doesn’t it.  This black cloud needs to go find somebody else to rain on for a while, and I think it will eventually.  My new friend reminded me of this constantly today and I can’t thank her enough.

I’m no car expert but for anybody that is shopping for a new one if they try to sell you a chevy spark RUN, about the only good thing I can say about it is that is get awesome gas mileage.  That’s about it, it’s a cracker box on four wheels.  I think I could run faster than this thing, it coughs every time you go to accelerate.  I’m afraid to fart in it for fear of suffocation.  It’s needless to say “small”, but it gets me to point A to point B so that is all that matters short term.  Have to cut my staycation short tomorrow and work a half a day.  My coworker is having some medical issues of his own and everything everybody has done for me at my employer me working four and half hours  tomorrow afternoon is the least I can do for anybody there.

I know Angelie Jolie, Carrie Underwood, Reese Witherspoon, and Katy Perry are all probably going to have there heart broken but I actually met my new friend this evening.  We had a great time, and I think we will have more awesome times coming up in the future.  Don’t worry it’s a welcome distraction from everything else going on, but my muffin head is and will be my immediate goal.  Wanted to go to lunch with her today but truck locating kept me out there to long and have to work tomorrow now, so hoping to get there Wednesday.  Hell Wednesday i’m picking her up from school it’s my day and there isn’t a damn thing the SBE can do about it.  Hoping to hear from lawyer tomorrow and make her life even more difficult.  That’s all I really need from SBE anymore is her angry for her own stupid behavior. Really all about I got for tonight going to enjoy football on the big screen talk to my buddies and head to bead.  Did find out today though I might being going to a Colts game really soon and that should be a blast, haven’t been to a pro football game in over 20 years.  After tonight though the Beach Boys said it best “Good Vibrations”

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