Hamsters and Trolls

11117742_10152956074543110_1527647259_nI’m a dude and I like to fire up the grill and smoker as much as the next guy.  Omaha Steaks has run a competition in correlation with March Madness to find the perfect dad blogger.  Grand prize is all kinds of serious cool stuff from Omaha Steaks.  I didn’t enter because I had about as much a chance to win as my local Circle K clerk in the morning.  However this guy Scotty Schrier is in the final four and any votes you can throw his way would be much appreciated.  You can vote for him here, plus he was on top of this diaper changing tables in men’s bathrooms well before Ashton Kutcher!  Also a public service announcement, there will be no blog post tomorrow, if there is one go into hiding because the zombie apocalypse has started I have too much school work to finish tomorrow to think about blogging.  If something posts on this site tomorrow it’s not me!

Hammy is living it up in his new penthouse, Sloane thought he should keep the car so it’s now in his cage full of hamster food and turds but he has enough room in his new digs to treat it like it is his own racetrack.  The little guy is kind of growing on me after our last two weekends of basketball.  He’s taking the Notre Dame loss very hard and I’ve tried to explain to him it’s just a game, but he doesn’t like wildcats because they can eat him and he as an affinity for the Irish.  Between Blue Devils, Wildcats, Badgers, and Spartans I don’t know who he will be pulling for next weekend.  I’m guess the Spartans because they are human so they wouldn’t technically eat a hamster, and Hammy is a proclaimed atheist so I doubt he much cares for Blue Devils.  He did ask when Sloane is due back and I told him Wednesday, in a man to man talk he asked if I could give a 24 hour “heads up” so he could rest.  Sure little buddy, I even let him borrow the Ipad tonight while I walked (after setting up a boatload of firewalls) so he could check on the Chinese hamster he befriended on HotHamsters.com.  He also told me of a white Russian dwarf he met online, he may or may not have been confused by the copious amounts of white Russian drinks we consumed watching basketball.  Put it this way some dairy farmer in Nebraska is planning a huge vacation.

Disclaimer:  The earlier excerpt is from the unpublished hamster spy novella that has yet to be released.  No hamsters under my watch have been getting blasted on vodka.  I don’t need PETA breathing down my neck, I already have an ex-wife and her attorney for that!

What else is going on in the world today?  Had a nice two-mile stroll after work the whole time thinking about this upcoming court fiasco and my daughter.  What’s the worst thing that can happen?  Oh right I go to jail for up to 30 days, seems a little extreme sure but I’ve trained myself with my luck to expect the worse.  This blog though isn’t going to stop, I own it, and I’ve not libeled anybody in it.  Family law isn’t the same as criminal law, I’ve committed no crime, hell I don’t think I’ve violated any family law issues, but that will be for a judge to decide.  Last time I checked though our Congress passed a Bill of Rights and amendment number one is Freedom of Speech.  What they had no idea about way back then was social media.  There is no governing body on social media, and plenty of anonymity to hide behind a computer and nobody have any idea who you are.

Confucius say “Don’t poke a bear in the forest without first checking your surroundings”, that forest is Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and a zillion other sites.  You can literally destroy a person online if you feel like it.  A proper hashtag and the right motivation and no social media police force to protect the citizens isn’t fair but like I was told many months ago “Life isn’t fair.”  As a blogger I have to live with this reality every day.  It’s a vulnerability we all deal with when putting ourselves out to the masses for us to get our words, pictures, recipes and whatever else out to the blogger world.  Things I was pondering today as I was walking and reliving a heated email debate with a fellow blogger that I disagreed with.  Who may or may not have threatened me with some vile comments.  I’m thick skinned these days though I’ll treat them as a gnat on a goat’s ass.  My blog isn’t going any where, their’s can go take a shit somewhere in the woods and hope that bear doesn’t find them!


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