I’m Going to Miss Her for Awhile


Dear ex-wife I want to personally apologize before all of the loyal Skipah’s Realm readership (T-shirts and mouse pads coming soon) for any negativity and vile that has been typed out in this blog depicting you as an incompetent parent and a bitter woman.  I will stand behind any word I’ve typed on here as the truth but there are better ways to handle it than to vent my frustrations out towards you in a public forum.  For that I am deeply sorry and hopefully in the future we can put our differences aside and both work to co-parenting a little better.

To a new co-parenting way of life,

Gary A. Mathews


O.K. now that we got that little bit of housekeeping out of the way let’s carry on.  Another day for the kite flying national championship, wind was a little calmer today but it was still gusting pretty well.  Hammy is flying high and still vowing not to change after our beloved Reds kicked some tail last night to get their record back to 7-7 (sorry Brewer fans you guys suck), it was at the expense of my fantasy baseball team though.  We are taking a curb stomping this week.  Thankfully we’ve got our big guns pitching the next couple of day so hopefully we can catch up.

Hammy has turned his three floor mansion into a south Philly boxing gym and has started his training he said “For when that silly Syrian” moves into our house in a few weeks.  “I’m the alpha hamster in this house” ok little guy.  No more “Eye of the Tiger” please when working the speed bag over, it’s ruining my concentration.  The hamster summer should be umm…….interesting to say the least.  I know one thing; the Mid-Eastern rodent better get over his cricket and soccer addiction and love some baseball.  I’ve already converted an ice hockey lover, I’ll will have no problem converting this one.

It’s Wednesday that means only one thing that’s important to this conversation…….Sloane returned to her dad!  Albeit briefly (damn you ORB project), we made the most of our shortened time together though.  We took a nice bike ride to a quaint little mom and pop pizza joint that makes the most amazing calzones (actually I was dreaming no such thing exists in New Albany, Indiana), let’s go with Pizza Hut instead (barf, but it’s what she wanted), dinner with the blonde bomber was a blast as only us and two high schoolers trying to pick up the same girl were the only ones in there.  It was obvious enough even my naïve little ninja said “I think that boy wants to marry that girl”, let’s just say Rico Suave isn’t his alter ego.  She blew threw a buck in quarters trying to win at the always rigged “Crane game” but the near misses had her jumping up down like she just won the lottery.

20150422_175211   20150422_180204   20150422_182255

Her best Captain Jack Sparrow imitation, and ugh that damn denim jacket!

After dinner and the short ride home she wanted to go for a walk to her school to play on the playground, but not before she put on her “dew rag”, where she gets this crap I have no idea but damn she was cute as a button in doing so.  Thirty minutes at the playground and it was time to trek back home.  We wrapped her Mother’s Day present (I know it’s early but we were having such a good time I didn’t want to ruin it), and then I had to load her up and take her back to her mom’s.  Why you may ask?  Because I have to get up earlier than usual for work and since she is still in school I didn’t want to have to get her up that early.  Does it suck?  You bet it does, but I always have her best intentions first and foremost.

I wrote about only seven days last night, upon further reflection it sucks even worse than that.  Any holiday weekends does not interfere with the normal parenting custody schedule, so guess what in all of May she will be with me a total of FIVE days.  Let me spell this out for you reading in Kentucky.  First weekend of May she is scheduled to be with her mother, the next weekend is Mother’s Day, following that is her scheduled weekend with mom, then comes Memorial Day weekend and its mom’s year for that, then the first week of June is her scheduled weekend with, you guessed it, mom.  After this weekend I go five weekends without her.  I secretly think whoever came up with Mother’s Day got with the Memorial Day committee to make this happen but I have no concrete evidence.  I can’t even blame the ex for this one (well other than I only see her on Wednesday’s), this is just shitty timing.  So every two years from now until she is old enough to choose I’m screwed in May of odd numbered years.

About it for tonight, its first pitch time and Hammy and I are looking for a sweep tonight!

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  2. Whether you have 5 day, 5 weeks or 5 minutes doesn’t really matter… Just be the best dad you can be during whatever time you have with her. It isn’t about what you “don’t get”. It’s about what you do get. If you only get 5 days with her in May…so be it…MAKE. EVERY. DAY. COUNT!!!

  3. Man I enjoy your writing style, and humor.
    Your opening letter was well said.
    Sucks that you won’t get to see Sloane for so long but hopefully the time will pass quickly for you. Maybe you can focus more on getting a date with Katy Perry during this time. 🙂

    • I’ve tried everything to get a date with her! Desperate Super Bowl date drive and numerous blog mentions. I guess I need to be as dorky as Russell Brand to get her attention!

  4. She is adorable! Nice to put a face to the name.
    I love how you love your daughter, reminds me of my husband and keeps me reading 🙂

  5. Well isn’t that big of you! It takes a lot to do that, so high-five to you :).

  6. Poor Sloane. It’s not fair for her to only see you for 5 days.

    • Yep, every other year I’m going to fight this. I did forget to mention I will get her on my regular weekends at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday long enough to say “hi” and get her ready for bed. Not exactly quality time.

  7. She is cute as a button!

    You should use Texas standard visitation. Mom would only get the girl part of Mothers Day, not the whole weekend. It’s much more equitable.

    Now you have more time for dating. Good luck! Oh, more advice will he posted soon, just for you 😉

    Cheers! :

    • I have to follow the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, it’s the law here. Texas is a divorced father’s nightmare from what I’ve read, I’ve met people online that absolutely get fleeced on child support! Looking forward to more advice columns LOL.

  8. I sense a little twisting of the arm for what’s in italics, but either way, I guess it’s the best thing to do in the interest of Sloane. Or, kill them with kindness could be a new saying to go by. 🙂

    Glad you and your blonde bomber had a blast of a day no matter how short it was, that time will last forever in both of your memories! Hang tight man, there’s always Father’s Day to look forward to, right?

  9. How very big of you, the first paragraph. That’s half the battle, I suppose. Who knows…

  10. You aren’t dreaming! There are excellent calzones to be had just across the parking lot from Pizza Hut! Next time just give Sloane an education. Lol

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