I’m In a Giving Mood

More to come later, blonde bomber and I are living it up this weekend.  However with the recent passage of the Indiana Religious Freedom Act my poor state has been taking quite a bit of criticism this week so I thought I would a least help out the state’s open records website out and help them generate traffic.  If you know anyone in Indiana and want to see what they have been up to here is the website.

Mycase..in.gov/default (It’s a public website by the way)

Just enter the county(I’m in Floyd by the way) and the person’s name (my name is Gary Mathews) one T, my mother gets very upset over spelling it with two T’s.

Help my poor little state out today and at least put a smile on the tech wonk that runs the site who may or may not be a Notre Dame grad who is still numb from last night’s game.

BJ’s wholesale website - DHGate.com
Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. The website wanted a case number, so I couldn’t cyberstalk you. I tried. :-/

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