I’m the Better Parent, Unfortunately

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After a trying day at work (potential future post a day of the dumb phone calls I receive from people who watch way to much DIY and HGTV), things really escalated when I got home.  Evidently my washer has taken a crap.  Let’s just hope this isn’t another run of bad luck because I don’t need it.  I’m not on the hook for any repairs or a new one (the joy of renting), but I have a big day tomorrow and needed to get my “Meet George Jetson” t-shirt cleaned and my straight out of 1988 signature Def Leppard ripped jeans cleaned.  I am pretty sure it’s fried since I could smell the undeniable stench of “burnt motor”, luckily for me though I have plenty of Cincinnati Reds tee-shirts and matching pajamas!  Just kidding, since I won’t have time to hit the coin laundry (ugh) I will make do I have plenty of other “nice” clothes to make me look much better than I am?

Speaking of the Reds, it’s a new series with the hated, dreadful, go to hell, just frigging suck for one year St. Louis Cardinals.  We are their bitch in baseball land.  Hammy and I have devised a full scale plan now.  No more voodoo, we are going to be nice about it.  I looked up all the players cell phone numbers and Hammy is going to run it through is contacts and send naked selfie pics to all the players wife’s in hopes to cause a major strife in the clubhouse. (It worked in my marriage four years ago, I wasn’t the one using the camera either, should have known then to get the hell out)  I’m 100% behind this because I’m sick of losing to those bastards!  Their minor league affiliate used to be in Louisville now its Reds country and I guess the St. Louis organization is bitter.  We are 5-4 as of first pitch tonight, but started 4-0, time to start another streak!  I even got Hammy some Finlandia for tonight’s game so he is on cloud nine right now spewing obscenities and calling every player a wuss.

You know what else is great?  Friends, I make a post on Facebook and get trolled on it and my league of platonic friends (women) take care of the dirty work for defending me.  It’s beautiful to see in person and makes me feel like I am doing this right.  I had an afternoon long conversation with one of Sloane’s classmates mom’s, she has helped me out since day one (and back when school started and I was still in dizzy world she helped more than she would ever know), and I realized I have a whole community behind me in my fight to keep Sloane in this area.  This whole damn region of southern Indiana is fighting for me one way or another, I am humbled, honored, and frankly at a loss for words.  The connections are great though!

I never intended when I started this little project of mine for Sloane’s mother to be afraid to even so much as go to a school event, softball practice, the grocery store or wherever.  Her actions speak louder than words, and other parents notice this stuff.  I get to call out the lies on my blog though.  Throw in you are betting your future on a proven loser only makes her look sillier.  I’ve reached the conclusion that yes someone else will be my daughter’s “step parent” more than likely, however, that step parent will have to prove to me he is a capable father.  Much like when Katy Perry finally calls me that she will have to prove to be a capable mother.  Neither one of us is white trash (jury is starting to assemble for her though) baby on the hip smoking a Marlboro (full disclosure I’m an ex-smoker), sending bathroom selfies (oh wait) kind of people.  She is unfortunately going to have to find someone else that has a decent track record of being a father or give me custody.  Tough shit is all I can say, I never chose this for Sloane it is the last thing I wanted for her.  Bring it on pookie, I’ve got this, and you can either give me Sloane or ride off into the sunset in Kentucky

If I would hit the Mega Millions or Powerball tonight or tomorrow I would file 7,000,000 different claims against her and tie her up in court like she likes to do to me.  Living with your parents and having your boyfriend buy a house is an awesome luxury I don’t have.  However, I’m the better parent now, and I’m not going to lose that because of her mother’s lust.  Wish me luck tomorrow loyal reader, I’m going on another date!  Younger and cuter, this single stuff is starting to be pretty awesome!

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  4. Good luck on the date! What are you going to do?

  5. Have fun on your date, and ignore the trolls- 🙂 Friends always have your back!

  6. Have a great date tomorrow and best of luck with everything man! I’ll be waiting for you post yo give us all an update!

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