It was a good run Tiger!

Before we get into the daily musings of yours truly, I would be remiss not be mildly upset that a legend has fallen right before my eyes.  He and I are very similar in age and as a teenager I watched him kick ass, as a young adult I rooted him on like he was my brother.  As I got older and married he became weekend must see TV, once we got into our late thirties things started falling apart FAST.  Eldrick “Tiger” Woods you and I will always have the 1997 Masters.  I was a 20-year-old fresh-faced kid who had to work all day on a rainy Saturday at the YMCA.  The only TV in the place was located in another room and I kept leaving my front desk job to go watch you turn August into a local municipal golf course.  When you went from hype to THE MAN professionally.  That third round of the Masters was one of the single day ass kickings the golf world had ever seen.  In 2000 you out dueled Bob May right across the river from me in Louisville, KY at Valhalla.  If memory serves me correct you caught a bit of good luck during the playoff on 18 when your drive went errant and a patron may or may not have assisted you.  By the way I went to school with that guy he was from Indiana not Kentucky his name was Frank Rizzo, if for whatever reason life brings you to this area (I doubt it’s going to be appearing in Fuzzy Zoeller’s WOLF Challenge either) you should take him out to dinner.  Watching you dominate golfers all over the world was great.  Hell after high-definition TV’s became the norm even the wife (at the time) would watch you, she didn’t care about the golf but loved to comment on how green the grass was and whatever landscaping/floral displays were being shown (she’s my ex now by the way, I liked the golf!)   You had a run most of us could only dream about.  Every year when your new Electronic Arts golf game came out I was buying it! (Until the Nintendo Wii game along and I was looking at certain shoulder surgery if I played that game any longer)  You had your own personal piccadilloes and even those are problems most men (and some women, I don’t judge) would have a wet dream about.  Tiger it was a good run you got me to age 38, but I don’t see our relationship going any further.  It’s over and I’m going to handle this one a little better than my last break up, but damn I’m going to miss you kicking ass!

In other news today, I didn’t win the Powerball thankfully nobody else did either.  Saturday is going to be a free-for-all in the states that allow Powerball sales.  Talking to a good friend of mine today I told him I had reached 26 or 25,000 viewers last night (I can’t remember), he felt like he was privileged to know a “pro” blogger.  A professional “blogger” is a loose term.  Some do very well at this, some do okay, most of us make enough to earn a value meal at McDonald’s.  I mean seriously how many people click on an ad they see in an article unless it’s offering free back rubs and a reach around (guy joke, sorry ladies)?  No one does that’s who, but it is fun and it is a ton of work “behind the scenes” to actually get noticed.  Fashion, travel, food, parenting, unhealthy obsessions to Katy Perry, you can “blog” about anything.  Unless you are extremely lucky or write like John Steinbeck though you aren’t going to get rich or noticed.  You know what though, for me it’s a blast.  I’ve documented on here a zillion times how much it helped me get through my divorce, post divorce I’ve met people through social media that are a hoot.  Divorced moms and dads who were like me last June, SAHD’s that are some of the funniest things on earth since Richard Pryor, food bloggers offer up some tasty dishes, travel bloggers take AMAZING pictures, and even some mommy bloggers I’ve come across are pretty damn funny.  We all do this because we love it though, it’s a modern-day hobby.   Twenty years ago or so you kept a journal, picture album, index cards with recipes listed, it’s 2015 now.  The internet is pretty damn wonderful, you ass backwards folks that don’t realize it are quickly becoming outcasts and are soon going to fit in with the Anti-Vaxxers in Campton, KY.

About to wrap this up, but now I’m really frigging pissed about Anti-Vaxxers.  Saw a story on the news about five infants in Chicago (Illinois go figure, MORONS, Indiana has been accepting your citizens and businesses for years now)  There were  five infants who are too young to get vaccinated that now have to suffer because some dumb ass parent(s) would not get their child vaccinated.  I have no idea how the measles ended up at that day care, but FIVE INFANTS now have the measles and that is tragic.  Whatever child or adult spread this, his/her parents should be locked up.  That is five families that didn’t choose this for their child because of your Anti-Vaxx ASS.  I’m finding religion these days, but the ones that hide behind religious beliefs and crap research are committing acts that should labeled criminal.  You ma’am/sir are a moron!  Thus endeth the rant for now, feel terrible that a infant contracted the measles.  They didn’t have to!!!!!!


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