It’s a Bond Birthday and Don’t Ever Doubt My Daughter!


The locals would say “Living on river time”, me it’s a freaking barge!

Did I miss the shopping phenomenon known as The Dollar General Store?  Did the memo go to my old address or what?  It’s like Walmart lite, who in the hell willingly goes there to “grocery” shop?  I live right across the street from one so naturally if I just need something quick and easy like say batteries, douche or a sink drain I shop there.  I’m freaking appalled at the species of humans I see patronizing the place and who in the hell spends 100.00 dollars there on food and other crap?  Case in point, I was thirsty yesterday evening and didn’t feel like making the trip to my local Circle K for 44 ounces of liquid nectar, so a quick trip to the DG (Miss Madison coined that) was in order, a five minute trip ended up taking almost thirty! I witnessed two people in front of me (there are only two checkout lanes in the store, so of course only one was open) both spend over a hundred dollars on a gazillion items.  I don’t know if the DG is a Midwestern, national, or global franchise.  I would look it up online but since my Internet speed anymore seems tied to how fast Hammy can run on his wheel (and he’s drunk 100% of the time) I’m not wasting anymore of my precious data speed than I have to!  Dollar General and Walmart should start a cross promotion at least in southern Indiana!

Sloane and I closed out or mini reunion this weekend in grand style!  Friday we were off to the home of Ivy Tech Community College-Southeast to visit Miss Madison and her gang of merry marauders.  It was also her 34th birthday and Sloane was chomping at the bit to give Miss Madison her birthday spankings with her newly minted paddle she made in shop class this week.  Luckily she left it at home and spared Miss Madison any embarrassment of taking a beat down from an eight year old girl.  I might have made that last few sentences up, it sounded good in my head though.  Thanks to that stupid, dumb, insert adjective roundabout that area leaders thought was a fantastic idea we barely made it too Madison, Indiana in time for all of us to head out to our various date sites.  The Miss Madison matriarch took the kiddos to see the new Peanuts movie, Mr. Madison Sr. must have thought Mr. Skipah was up to nefarious tricks with his rock star daughter so he chaperoned us to see the new Bond movie Spectre.  In an unrelated note he is a big Bond fan also and he was invited along as well.


He didn’t go to Jared’s!  First time she ever got flowers delivered to her on her birthday #winning!


I’m getting giddy! Unbeknownst to me I will require back surgery soon!

The Skipah movie review panel gave Spectre 3.5 polar pops out of five.  If you are a Bond fan it was great, my only beef with it was it ran a tad too long, and a few to many “cheeky” things from the old Roger Moore days as Bond.  Out of Daniel Craig’s four Bond movies I would rank this one third behind Casino Royale and Skyfall, but those two are probably in the top five of all time for me.  It did tie in the previous three movies quite nicely and Christopher Wolz should play nothing but villains the rest of his life.  It wasn’t quite his role of “The Jew Hunter” from Inglourious Basterds (that’s a hall of fame performance), but needless to say he is creepy on the big screen.  Couple of the action scenes were a tad over the top, but nothing like the Pierce Brosnan’s Bond movies, and quite possibly the most torturous scene in Bond movie history.

Our travelling party all liked it, my only major complaint is with the movie theater itself.  I know Madison, IN isn’t exactly a sprawling concrete jungle, but it’s not some one stop light town either.  Can the freaking theater there get with the times?  I didn’t look but I’m willing to bet a chiropractor has set up shop next door.  The seats that weren’t broken were about as comfortable as sitting on a thumbtack.  I can’t imagine seeing a Peter Jackson film without a bottle of Lortab (no worries you wouldn’t catch me dead at a Peter Jackson film I don’t live in my mother’s basement) , by the time we left I was making a mental note to plan our next movie experience in New Albany, IN.  I’ve have grown accustomed to “stadium” style seating and recliner style chairs.  Don’t get me started on movie theater concessions but I already knew that going in so I’m not going to complain.  Although Miss Madison doesn’t like popcorn (she may be an alien I haven’t figured it out yet) so I did save $300.00 bucks on a small bag of popcorn!

Fast forward to Saturday and Sloane and I returned home so I could get her packed up and shipped off to her overnight Girl Scout event at the Louisville Science Center.  Would she have gotten to attend if she wasn’t with her dad……..the short answer is no!  She and her cookie pushing pals were pulling an all-nighter at the Louisville Science Center and it sounds like it was quite the blast.  No Sloane and no Miss Madison made for a boring evening for yours truly, so I taught Hammy how to play quarter bounce and watched some football.  Since Hammy was three sheets to the wind anyway I never had to take a shot, but just for shits and giggles I did pour him a Maple Leaf Surprise.  After talking with Miss Madison about other issues single parent’s face I was getting pretty fired up, but I decided to punt on this site and instead posted to SkipahSoundsOff.  Subscribers to that site the password is still the same, and expect a ton of postings there this week!


Sloane’s grandma (my mom) went all Betsy Ross fixing her patches.


Cinderella’s magic pumpkin ride in front of a Girl Scout event?  Well played!


Just think if Carrie Underwood had that Louisville Slugger!

Picked Sloane up this morning and she was no worse for wear and bouncing up and down like she just ate a half pound of sugar.  In the ultimate “bite your tongue” moment she was asking me if she gets to attend next weekend’s Girl Scout event and all I could muster is an “I hope so.”  Imprisoned against her will and already knowing today was our last day after spending most of the week together was a little troubling for me.  We hung out here at the penthouse apartment debating if Elsa or Belle was her favorite Disney character and she kept asking if and when she gets to come back for more than one day a week.  “I don’t know” was about all I could come up with, but win, lose, or draw I don’t care (actually I do) because I’ve won the war.  I may lose a few more battles, but I’ve won, that little rag a muffin doesn’t want to leave Indiana.  For more details the Skipah Legal Defense team is telling me to go to my other website unfortunately because I was just getting started!


Not nearly as sexy in the daylight!


My apartment is now an official Disney free area!  Screw you Walt, go overcharge someone else these days!

Miss Madison feeling the effects of 34 years and two days, and not having me around to bark orders to mow her grass and clean her furnace filters (I kid, I kid, I volunteered for that) had some birthday gift cards burning a hole in her purse and asked if Sloane and I wanted to accompany her, Miss Madison Jr. and the turtle man.  Sloane was ready before I asked her the question and we were off to the southern Indiana shopping meccas of Toys R Us (Miss Madison Jr. also had a gift card) and the greatest store ever for clothes, T.J. Maxx.  After that we all had a stroll on the Big Four Walking Bridge  (and made it out of Kentucky without being accosted or the bounty on my head was collected), before we willingly went back to Kentucky for some Trader Joe shopping fun.  I used to poke fun at the Trader Joe crowd, but not anymore, Miss Madison has introduced me to some of their products and to quote Adam Sandler “NOT TO SHABBY.”  All in all though it was fun day and entertaining day for Sloane and me and definitely lifted me out of my melancholy mood!


They sell this Breyer stuff at Toys R Us?  British Mum help me out!


Yes I have a nose that if I was a boxer would be broken every time I stepped into the squared circle!  Thankfully Miss Madison only kick boxes on the side.  Actively shopping for a jock strap and cup in case I ever piss her off!


I’m enjoying the wind across my face dad!  


Sunset on the new bridge and Kennedy Bridge.  

About it for tonight, Hammy is wanting to watch the Cowboys-Eagles game and I need to check in on how my college football point shaving scheme is going.  It’s a monster week (potentially) in Skipah’s world.  On the bright side though it’s only a two day work week so to quoteCarl Spackler “I’ve got that going for me!”[1]

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  2. Well, third place for Daniel Craig’s James Bond might still be pretty good. He’s set a high standard.

  3. All the best!!! 🙂
    I see, you had a great day together!

  4. I loved that big bat. Any time of day is fine with me.

  5. Nice review on the movie, helps me choose the next theater outing I’ll go on with Kelley. Glad you had a pretty good weekend!

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