It’s Time for a Maykke Over

Dad, does your bathtub inspire boredom?  Are you sick and tired of that busted door on your bathroom sink that you broke the first week you bought it because you went for cheap instead of quality?  Did you keep asking, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the most handsome dad of them all?” and it has shattered so many times it looks like mosaic art?  This dad has some sound advice for you, it’s time for you to re-Maykke your bathroom!

You didn’t win that recent Father’s Day promotion that was running on your favorite reality DIY show?  Don’t pout, don’t cry, you are a Marine in the parenting department….YOU IMPROVISE!  That dream bathroom can still be yours and Maykke is wanting to help you achieve your bathroom goals.

Let’s break this down piece by piece, dads, and soon enough your dream bathroom will be both a conversation piece and will feel like your own personal shrine anytime you enter it.  First you are going to need a new bathtub.  That old standard porcelain rectangle of a tub is so 1970s.  The Maykke website doesn’t even offer this overweight behemoth.  Instead get stylish and modern with acrylic and cast iron bathtubs.  Style and substance always beats out drab and boring even in your bathroom!

Next we have got to do something about that vanity!  Did you pick that up at an apartment foreclosure sale?  It’s hideous, cheaply made, and is not worthy to be part of a dad’s bathroom!  Instead, shop Maykke’s large selection of vanities.  One sink isn’t enough for you and your dream bathroom, have no fear Maykke sells a myriad of double sink vanities.  Just think of the possibilities!  You are rushing to get ready for date night when mommy comes home, but little junior wants to show off that new plastic boat he got at the fair that day?  Left sink suddenly becomes the ocean and the right sink can still be used for cleaning up.  Kid’s happy, mommy’s happy, and more importantly, dad, you look good!

Are you the dad that heads out the door every morning with a roll of toilet paper on your face to cover up all the shaving nicks you have encountered?  It would have nothing to do with that cheap mirror that fogs up at a moments notice and is about as reflective as a brick.  Maykke has the answer for that!  Round, rectangle, oval, it doesn’t matter what kind of geometry you want out of your mirror.  Maykke has the answer for you.  They even have an LED bathroom mirror!  Sleek designs, quality materials and, more importantly, stylish for your new dad palace bathroom.

Don’t take my word for it, go check out Maykke for yourself!  If online isn’t your thing, you can find their products at many hardware chains all over the land.  Don’t sit idle and dream about a new bathroom, do something about it and let Maykke walk you through it.  Don’t be “beer gut” dad, be GQ dad with your newly remade bathroom.  Maykke is so ready to help you get started on your new bathroom makeover they are offering 20% off their entire website through June 30th.  Just enter promo code FRIENDS20 at checkout to receive your discount.  You can keep up on everything Maykke is up to on:  LinkedInTwitterPinterestInstagram, & Facebook.

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  1. I am digging that LED mirror lighting – acting like a night light – it reminds of me of under cabinet lighting in the kitchen.

  2. I love these free standing bath tubes. My bathroom is only tiny, I would so love to have a huge bath salon 🙂 Oh, by the way … I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award, and so are you 🙂I know, you’re busy busy getting married and all now, but how could I have not nominated you ?? I had to !!

  3. How’d you know we needed to refinish the upstairs bathroom in the house we purchased a few years ago? Is it me bitching about the fact I cannot get myself into the tub (to take a shower) when I need to without my husband lifting me up on to my shower chair?

    We just need to replace the tub with a step in model. The rest of the room is livable!

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