July 15, 2014

We’ll I’ve been silent had to take laptop to computer repair shop and I hate typing long posts on iPad or phone.  Last two days with daughter were great!  We had guests over both days for dinner, and chicken wings on Sunday and burgers yesterday.

This post will be very short because I don’t have laptop, but will say it has been good day.  The soon to be ex-spouse blew up at me and I never argued back nor did I call her names or blow up myself.  I think it pissed her of more.  I will take small victories were I can get them!  She wanted not me, but I’ve accepted it and I am trying to move forward and think of myself and the transition for my daughter, it is going to be tough at first but I think we will all make it through.

Anyway, I hate not having a keyboard and editing on iPad sucks so cutting this short and going to bed.   I’m doing well though life is slowing down I see the big picture post divorce.

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