July 21st, 2014

Well I finally reached that point of “I hate the bitch”, everybody told me I would eventually well I’m there.  From her smug attitude, to her icy demeanor, to her whoring ways I hate the bitch.  I did inform her that 92% of all extra marital affairs don’t make it two years, my therapist told me that.  I still miss having a family under one roof and all that, but I’m quickly accepting it that “THANK GOD I’M NOT GOING TO BE MARRIED TO THE BITCH ANYMORE”, she has her head so far up her ass she already told our daughter she won’t be going to the same school next year.  What the hell, she got some crystal ball or something, just when I think she can’t get anymore selfish I’m amazed by her again.   She can be his problem wherever she is trying to run off to but taking my child out of the area is pure bullshit.  So after learning of that news today after picking up my daughter kind ruined what had been a great day.   Today’s lesson for me is “I hate the bitch”

On to other news, I signed a lease on a house today.  This was one of those “breaks” I was discussing yesterday.  For once in all this ordeal I got a little bit lucky.  Found the listing on craigs list, it had just posted the night before, called the owner and 72 hours later BINGO it’s mine.  It’s in the neighborhood I was wanting, and three blocks from my daughter’s school.  Brand new everything and I’ve got my own interior decorator now doing leg work for me.  Very excited about getting out of here, my current home just isn’t the same anymore since everybody has left.  I finally took down all the pictures in the living room and stacked all her shit in one corner, the disputed stuff in another corner, and my stuff in a tote.  I’m not taking much out of here but my clothes and cooking supplies few odds and ends but that’s about it, truth be known I’ll be moved out of here in three hours if I get everything packed up.  It’s not going to be some swanky bachelor pad, i’m not into all that I just want normal again.  At least I’m not going to be married to the clutter queen anymore so that is a positive I’m going to gain out of this.  There won’t be piles of magazines and crap just laying around everywhere, going to have to get on the daughter a little more about picking up she is falling into her mothers same habits.  I’m not saying I’m Mr. Clean by any stretch but anything I do takes less that 20 minutes to clean up.  My “man cave” here would get a little cluttered from time to time, but like I said 20 minutes it looked good as ever.  I don’t get to keep my dog though, kind of sad about that, but it was just to good of an opportunity to pass up and right now I have to think of me and my daughter first.  I know when we separated she told me she would take the dog if they had to, we will see if this another commitment she won’t live up to.  If not I’ll find somewhere for her to go, she’s a good dog just a little wound up from time to time and oh my the hair!  She’s done ruined  two vacuums and we only had her 2 1/2 years.

My daughter and I had yet another pleasant evening, we came home ate some dinner, and then I let her pick out new sheets for her bed.  Oh my soon to be ex’s mother would be so proud, but I don’t care how gaudy they look it’s what she wants and it’s only sheets so “who cares.”  The biking riding project is now over and done she can do it all now,  finally starting making turns on her own tonight so she is ready to set sail.  Guess I’m going to have to get me a bike now, actually looking forward to it though.  Exercise is never a bad thing, and I know when I started learning to ride a bike after awhile I liked to go a little further than probably my mom have liked me to.  Going to run into some problems down the road with her at the new house she has a lot of her classmates in the area so in a few years if you see a pack of girls (and boys, eek) driving up and down major roads in the area be sure to let me know!

Other than that, not a whole lot going on, finally getting into some kind of routine.   Just got a email from my lawyer I need to respond to, and oh my “I hate the bitch!”

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