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Interesting way to kick off a day, on the way to Sloane’s school this morning a frigging bird got in my house.  We aren’t talking a condor or anything, but a little wren decided he wanted some warmer weather for a change.  After opening every door in the house (four to be precise) he finally got back to his normal habitat.  For five minutes or so though he was flying from room to room, little bastard even took up refuge under the kitchen table for a bit and was daring me to come under there and get him.  For a brief second, I thought about letting Hammy out of his cage to see if his not so secret KGB skills would thwart this Audubon Society reject, but decided against it since he could run out the door also.  Wasn’t prepared to let Sloane know tomorrow that I let her pet hamster run away.  That’s a guilt I’m not ready to live with.


I added a new page here yesterday called Skipah’s Crewmate’s (now it has gone bye bye two years later) its friends of mine that have helped me out in the past year that try to make a living like the rest of us.  If you are reading this in Butte, Montana or on some remote island in the Philippines any love you send their way I’m sure they would appreciate it.  I’ll add more along the way, and since I picked up a reader in New Zealand today I’m up to at least 24 loyal readers!  Disclosure:  if you are a friend of mine and I forgot to add your website just let me know and don’t take offense.  I’ve had a ton of “crap” going on lately, and evidently, you haven’t been reading either or I would have heard from you!


Today was my long anticipated debut at Sloane’s school as “lunch volunteer”  from 10:45-12:45 today I was slinging tater tots, cinnamon apples (not very popular coincidentally) and cinnamon rolls.  My copilot (experienced veteran at this stuff) took the harder job of bun preparation, peanut butter sandwich handling (seriously how did anybody over the age of 25 make it through school on the peanut allergy thing!), and specialty menu requests.  I’m not going to sit here and make fun of any child with a peanut allergy, but good golly the peanut allergy is the elementary school version of the AIDS, the clap, and syphilis rolled into one.  

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is wrapped in a special package, goes through a 12 point inspection, processed like a tax return, and they can only be handled with tongs that have been sterilized in bleach.  I grew up on and still consider peanut butter a food group, I really feel terrible for any child that will never get to experience a Reese’s Cup, Planter’s peanut butter, or peanut butter pie.  All in all, though it was a fun time, and I look forward to next month when I’m working the lunch beat.

I was especially amazed at how polite the younger kids are (no dis to the older kids) but grades 1-5 , all of them would say “thank you sir” or some version of it, my daughter’s school has some AMAZING parents and an AMAZING faculty I got to witness it firsthand today with how the children behave.  Although two hours in a lunch room, forgot how damn loud that many kids can be!  Plus I got to eat lunch with Sloane, and I will never grow sick of that!

Big weekend coming up for me, get to go all Justin Timberlake this Friday and don my “suit and tie” for the daddy-daughter dance, Saturday we are potentially doing a product review (more on that to come), and Sunday is skiing UNLESS I get rerouted to Glendale, Arizona!  Katy Perry still has not contacted me :(; I’ve spilled my guts on here for weeks trying to get a date with her.  If Sloane and I don’t get an invite to the Super Bowl, I’m sure we will have a blast skiing Sunday, but it’s a hell of a lot warmer in Arizona this time of year!  I haven’t been this excited for a halftime show since I got my ticket drawn back in high school to make a half-court shot for a free bag of popcorn and a gift certificate to Foot Locker!  

I didn’t make it of course, but Katy your “Teenage Dream” album is top five in my book.  I can sing Roar word for word, I’ve kissed a girl and liked it also, I run Hot and Cold myself, I’ve had plenty of T.G.I.F. moments in my life (never barbecued a Barbie though), thanks to being newly divorced from someone who loves to suck my money dry I haven’t had a chance to purchase your new album yet, but when I’m walking my neighborhood I listen to you on Iheart radio to get your current tunes.  To quote Snoop Dogg “Katy my lady” I’m not from California, but my daughter and I love your music, and you are easy on the eyes also, so if I don’t get a response after this desperate plea for a date I completely understand.  The two of us will be your biggest fans on Sunday when you are rocking the Super Bowl!


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  2. I sure hope Katy Perry reads this to know how brave you were with that bird! 🙂

  3. Guess this bird didn’t have enough sense to flow south!

  4. Hey, birds like to stay warm too. 🙂

  5. Thanks Martyn, all I can say in my defense it “I walk a lot and thank god for smartphones!”

  6. Obviously the wren wanted to join in the fun. Feel sorry that you forced it out….poor rejected thing lol
    Cool new add to the blog. Definitely becoming a new little den for you.
    I have no words to comment on you knowing the words to Katy’s music. But if it helps her get in contact then it’s win win.

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