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Evolve stainless steel buckle, black leather


The good people at KORE Essentials evidently heard that I’m a brand new single man and wanted to offer their two cents on making me a chick magnet.  They asked me to try out their cutting edge new belts featuring Trakline technology.  What’s that you say?  No more belt loops that make your belt look like crap over time from the constant buckling and unbuckling.  Plus a cool stainless steel buckle that can double as a can opener in a pinch!  It’s the Swiss army knife of the belt world

Belt buckle, belt, and instructions (not pictured is the belt hanger because I’m an idiot and forgot to include it in the picture)


It looks like this, at first I thought it was leftover ninja gear, but you just hang it in your closet next to your favorite Iron Maiden tee shirt and hang your belts by the buckle on the tabs.



Also all this comes in this super cool bag that I will definitely find a use for if my daughter doesn’t find it first


Assembly was a bit of a challenge because I’m a guy and something with only two working parts doesn’t require me to look at the instructions.  Really it’s in the man code that women have tried to figure out for years.  Like any stubborn man I finally figured out the error of my ways by……ummmm glancing……at the instructions and it was cinch to loop around and get to the desire waist size.

20150331_154257  20150330_160250  20150330_155759  20150330_155829

The belts accommodate waists from 24 inches (skinny people sheesh) up to 44 inches (time to get to the gym pal), I settle in a nice 32 inches.  Score on for me!  I knew all that walking would pay off that was a 38 two years ago!  Once you figure out your waist get your trusty scissors out and leave an inch or two in case of one too many trips to your favorite ice cream joint.  Quality leather and as I said earlier the belt buckle is a multitasker.  Would even work nicely in a street fight, not that I’m promoting violence, but it could very useful when the zombie apocalypse hits.


The top of the buckle is the release latch to undo your belt.  The teeth component can be used as a bottle opener or eye gouger; however its main purpose is to lock your belt in once you determine your length.  Mental note hit the weights because it takes a little extra effort to get locked in.

My overall take is it is fantastic, I’ve been wearing mine for about a week and the snug fit is great.  No more “in between” moments when trying to buckle my belt.  I would recommend them to any man who is shopping for a new belt.  Single men I’ll get back to you on how it works as a chick magnet.  Moms & daughter’s your husband, father would be tickled pink to receive one of these.  Use code KORE10 at checkout and save an additional 10% on your order.

unnamed (1) KORE Essentials


Intrepid gunmetal buckle, black full-grain leather  Intrepid stainless steel & Endeavor Gunmetal buckles  INCNBLK__73204.1415645687.330.330



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  1. Hi
    I read your post .Belt is most import accessories of a man. I think always buckle belt ,watch and tie matching excellent. Everybody should try to follow this. so it is a great article. thanks for sharing this.
    davidmarko@resently posted on…brown leather belts

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  3. Did you leave a little slack? For the Mondays after the weekend eating festivals? Or just buy a few…It does seem like a good product.

  4. My husband has two of these and they are the best. Our son introduced him to them so they are also given the ‘cool’ stamp of approval.

  5. Have to show this to the hubby. Fathers Day present!

  6. Will suggest my husband give one a try! His belt looks like it was in one of the World Wars that occurred years ago, even though he replaces it with a new one fairly regularly.

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  12. Thanks for the awesome review !! And we do make a slim version too.
    Readers take 10% OFF ALL BELTS using the promo code Kore10 at checkout. See http://www.KoreEssentials.com


  13. I’m not a fan of belts, but Swiss Army belts are another story! Looks pretty cool to me, and it’s always good to have a bottle opener on you…..literally!

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  16. Yep, that is one good looking belt. Now they need to make a thinner version for me. Even though I don’t possess the desire to become a magnet of any sort other than sales…

  17. I can’t overstate how cool the bag and Swiss army knife component of the buckle is.

  18. I am actually very impressed, this is a sharp looking belt, and I like the different buckles….. This is a thought for a Father’s day gift. Cheers, mate!!!


  19. It is a really sharp looking belt! I think the concept is great! Do they really advertise the buckle as a bottle opener cuz that is AWESOME!


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