Let’s do this…….It’s go time

Well it has been one up and down day for me, work was slow due to more monsoons today.  Went to lunch with my buddy and had a good talk about everything.  Got to help and old friend out today on an obscure request for girl scout cookies that I still had, and it was good to talk to her anyway.  Back when I was younger she must have served me a million dollars worth of food and drinks.  She seems to be doing well now after going through some shit of her own, and I was more than happy to help her out.  I’ve always been a person to help a friend when I could today was no different although this particular incident was quite hilarious.

Moving on to the matters at hand, here are the facts:

1.  I was a good no great husband, I had plenty of flaws but I always put my family first

2  I was a good father, not the most interactive at times, but my daughter knew I loved her

3.  I treated my wife as a queen, was proud to call her my wife, and couldn’t wait

to get home everyday to see her, and missed her terribly when she was out of town

4.  I worked as much as I could to provide my wife and daughter the finest things we could afford even if it

might have been out of our price range.

5.  She blew it all up, and it took me two and half months to realize it and move on.  Well today you can officially

say I’ve moved on.  It’s over, and no there is no other “person” the evil she has spread that I have become

aware of now has drawn a line in the sand.

We are not going to be getting along anytime soon, I don’t know if I can get along with her any time soon.  She fired the first artillery shell today in the war and I’m regrouping my troops and we are  now heading to war.  Long story short, her little cheerleading stunt last week was ILLEGAL, and I had my lawyer call her lawyer out on it.  She come back with the big guns (and for legal reasons I’m not describing the legalities of it) but it’s a bullet I knew was coming and I say “Bring it bitch!”  I’ve been stockpiling my own armory of ammunition these past three months and It’s about to turn into Rommel vs. Patton in North Africa circa WWII, I think we know how that turned out since none of us speak native German.  Let’s do this, you have pinned your whole hopes on one incident, well in the mean time I’m the better person, better father, and I’m the one that doesn’t have my head up my ass and seeing nothing but brown.  My eye is on a little muffin headed blonde, yours isn’t you just assume you get her.  I didn’t handle these proceedings at first as well as I could have, but I was in denial, shock, grief.  I’ve gotten over those feelings.   We are now at war, and I fully intend to win this war or at worse we can call it a draw.

Saw my therapist today, and she is great!  It’s 45 minutes of cracking each other up now, since this has all began it’s one of the best things I ever did.  Anybody that has never dealt with therapist , don’t knock it until you try it.  She was quite proud of were I have come from since I first walked in her office in early June scared and confused, I was dreading it then and now I look forward to it.  I get to say all kinds of things to her that I don’t get to say on here, and it’s awesome.  If anybody every needs a recommendation let me know, she’s the best and will turn your life around the best she can just by listening.  I never thought I would say these things about therapy, but I’ve learned living life as a cynical prick doesn’t do anybody any good.  I walk out of her office feeling ten feet tall and bulletproof.

After my visit to my therapist and dropping off some cookies I learned of some not so good news.  My batshit crazy wife has started her own smear campaign against me with the school crowd.  Making up OUTLANDISH lies, innuendos, and just plain bullshit.  I will get to the bottom of it eventually if I feel like devoting the time, but really the truth will speak for itself.  I’m the one who has taken my daughter to everything related to school, whether it be girls club functions, social functions, etc…..  Hey SBE, she’s been my only focus, obviously not yours.  Your selfish, I’m not, my daughter will get to enjoy everything she can within in my power.  I love her more than ever now and your covert behavior is only proving to be counter productive to our daughter.  You are losing her to me, so when push comes to shove are you ready to break her heart also?  I would hope not but your behavior anymore tells me otherwise.  I’m going to be in her life forever, hope you feel the same way, she is MY daughter, and she will be the only child I ever have.  I may have taken some things for granted over time, but my love for her never has been.  I just get to show it to her on a more direct approach, I spent way to much time devoting my love to you instead of her, and I will forever regret that since you have showed your true intentions.  She has my mind and demeanor, you can’t deny that, and it will end up being a comedy of errors when you try to harness that as she gets older.  She’s mine!  You are just her mother, and you aren’t even acting like much of a mother to her anymore, I know you love her to death also but your head is elsewhere and in the process you have made her my best friend not just my daughter.  You want to take that from us, that’s on you, and you are going to regret it for the rest of your life.  You had a good thing, you got bored, well when you get bored again don’t call me.  We are OVER, You are nothing more than the mother of my daughter to me, your actions since all this started have more than proven that.  I’m just glad I’m finally to that point.

Sorry if this sounded like a direct letter to my SBE, but it was kind of sort of, things that transpired today have made me this way.  It’s going to be a war and she fired the first shell today, I’m done sitting still I’m fighting back!

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