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Do you know where your daughter’s feet have been?  I’m guessing chances are you think you do, but today’s youth can be slicker than a side street during a Buffalo ice storm.  Maybe they snuck off to New York City or caught an international flight to London or Paris.  I know you are saying “There is no way in the world my daughter is in any of these places”, again one can never be too sure is all I can say.

What makes me so confident that your little globe trotter could possibly be eating the finest in Parisian cheese, learning how to use the word “bloody” in every single phrase known to man, or better yet learning various snippets of slang in her native English language riding in the back of a New York City cab.

It’s because your future princess could be wearing a brand-new pair of socks from LittleMissMatched and their brand new Colorize Anklet Sets they have recently rolled out.  Skipah is no stranger to the quality of goods that LittleMissMatched has to offer.  Who could forget their Jar of Socks and their cure for smelly feet in the past?  This time the brain trust has come up with a rather novel concept.  Coloring your own socks, based on some of the most famous cities in the world.

I haven’t seen the business model for LittleMissMatched, but somewhere along the way they decided three socks per pair were better than two.  Even better, matching socks…. Please, that is so 1980s tube socks!  With LittleMissMatched, you get socks that only match in size.  Why be boring, when you can be trendsetting?  Now with their Colorize Collection your daughter gets to design her own color scheme and brag at school the next day about having the Eifel tower keep her feet warm.


My daughter and I chose the Paris set of socks to try out.  Here are the basics:  Three socks, one fabric marker, and a cardboard insert that you must place in the sock to prevent the ink bleeding through to the other side.  Not included:  Fabric markers in other colors, but a quick trip to your local craft store will remedy this problem.


Once your daughter has channeled her inner Monet, the next step is for the adults (unless you are letting your pre-teen daughter handle an iron).  If that is the case, she’s probably way too cool for coloring her own socks, but let’s assume for posterity sake that she hasn’t learned how to use an iron yet.  The next step is akin to rocket science, take a cloth and with your iron turned on, place a white cloth over the socks, and then press the iron over your socks for 60 seconds.  Voila, you know have your own set of “colorized” socks!


When it comes time to wash, be sure to use cold water.  Your hot water heater will thank you and you will get a much longer shelf life out of your “now” little diva’s finest in footwear.  LittleMissMatched isn’t responsible for any “sock” envy that might occur at your daughter’s school when she shows up with the latest and greatest in sock technology, but I’m sure they will be grinning ear to ear if they hear about it.

If socks aren’t your thing, LittleMissMatched has plenty more to offer for your little double X chromosome offspring.  While not an “official” ambassador, I’ve got connections with LittleMissMatched and with the holiday season approaching I know a guy that knows a guy that can lead you to some great Buy One/Get One Free deals!  Also, as part of their 12 days of Christmas promotion, today happens to be 50% off all sets of their Colorize Anklet Sets!  Coincidentally enough just use the promo code COLORIZE at checkout to receive your discount.

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Skipah’s Realm was compensated for this review with his own set of socks and is an affiliate of LittleMissMatch.  Thoughts and opinions are 100% original!

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  1. Love these socks Gar, thanks for the buying tips. My little niece will love them. Happy holidays to you and yours. 🙂

  2. So cute and I know socks that don’t match are the thing but one thing that would drive me insane. I am ocd on the matching. Sloane must love the free loot though

  3. That’s a fun idea–creative hands making happy feet!

  4. This is genius! Three socks per pair really works out, I always lose one sock, and why not just own the mismatched with your children?! I love it!

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