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Are you sick of running into the wall at night on your way to the restroom?  Stubbing your toe only to yell the most horrendous of phrases that wake up the whole house and has your significant other calling 911 before realizing it’s just you making klutzdom an Olympic sport?  Is young Tommy just getting used to mastering proper bathroom techniques but sometimes at night he likes to redecorate the walls instead of patronizing the local wastewater plant because doing your business in the dark can be challenging at any age?  Well then, let me introduce you to IllumiBowl!


IllumiBowl was started in 2014 by a genius upstart in Provo, Utah who launched a successful Kickstarter project to construct the world’s first ever motion-activated toilet night light.  Fast forward two years and IllumiBowl is still kicking out products and was recently featured on the hit T.V. show Shark Tank.  I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to review this for them, and for the past week I’ve had a disco party going on in my bathroom!


Installation is easier than scratching off a lottery ticket.  The main sensor and light both adhere to your porcelain throne via suction cups.  Since this isn’t exactly graduate level Calculus we are dealing with here, I’ll assume everyone knows how to attach a suction cup.  Place the motion sensor where it will detect you as soon as you walk into your restroom.  The next step may be the most important.  Affix the light on top of your toilet bowl so the seat sits on top of it.  Do not, I repeat do not put the light in your toilet bowl or bad things are going to happen as soon as you flush your commode.  I’m sure the good folks at IllumiBowl would be more than happy to sell you another one, but just take my advice because your life is about to be transformed with the multiple uses of your new gadget.


You don’t have to exactly be a member of Mensa to figure this part out.

Just got home from the factory after working second shift and so stressed out you are thinking of punching a hole in the wall?  Don’t inflict property damage on your home, it’s expensive and stupid.  Instead, grab your favorite new age music artist and turn the lights off and head to your newly minted bathroom.  The ambient light alone will chill you out as you are having your own personal Zen moment.  You can set your Illumibowl light to rotate various colors or just choose your own personal favorite.  Once you have calmed down, send a thank you email to Illumibowl and go rejoin society in a much better mood.


Better than screaming into a pillow when you need to let off some frustration!

Just got in from a long night of playing beer pong and re-learning how to make a quarter bounce?  Maybe you had just a tad too much fun and your stomach is telling you that it needs a front door exit.  Hurry to your bathroom and with the IllumiBowl light you can actual get very chummy with Mr. Porcelain God as you are re-connecting with an old friend that you swore you wouldn’t see ever again.  If Mr. Porcelain God talks back to you, he will probably say something along the lines of, “You said that last night also.”  In my experiences though, it’s always nice to put a face to the name no matter who it is.  With IllumiBowl, not only can you carry on a conversation with your personal porcelain god, you can also see him.  If you are caught having a conversation with your toilet though, neither I nor IllumiBowl are responsible for the padded room you are more than likely going to be calling home for a long time.


Local raves are rumored to be investing heavily in IllumiBowl.

Have you ever woken up at 2:00 in the morning and felt an earthquake rumbling in your belly?  Then you remembered that second burrito you ate at Bob’s Burrito Bar wasn’t the best culinary decision you’ve ever made.  Fear not, run to your restroom and with the Illumibowl serving as the perfect night light, read away with your favorite magazine of newspaper until the gastro four alarm fire has finally subsided.

Ladies, how many times have you tried to navigate the bathroom at night and sat down to do your business only to find out the hard way your teenage son left the toilet seat up again.  Nobody likes a wet posterior during the day, that hate factor goes up 200% percent at night.  Save yourself your own personal embarrassment and from secretly pricing military school for your son.  With IllumiBowl, these minor inconveniences can be avoided and harmony will be restored in your house.

Even better, it’s kid tested and parent approved!  Don’t you hate it when you are just sleeping away and dreaming about sipping cocktails on a private beach while watching the sunset only to be hit in the head by your unruly brat child who needs to go to the potty and is scared of the dark?  IllumiBowl solves this problem for you so you can go on sleeping and wake up the next day refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

These are just some of the many great reasons for you to order your own personal IllumiBowl ASAP.  Never mind the great conversation piece it will be the next time you host the local bridge game at your house.  You can purchase one here, and even better tell them Skipah sent you and they will even throw in some complimentary literature on better bloggers to follow.

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Skipah’s Realm was compensated with his own personal IllumiBowl night light for review.  All opinions expressed are 100% Skipah’s Realm.

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  1. Certainly a novel idea! 😊

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  3. oh my lord! Love the man who invented them. Now you can get down to business and get your boogie on at the same time!

  4. Tried to share and ‘like’ Gar, but danged WP won’t open either to press. 🙁

  5. This was both hilarious and brilliant! I want one! 🙂

  6. We actually have one! Haha! The battery went out super fast, but that was of course the factory battery so we shall see when we finally get around to changing the battery. But other than that I at first found it one of the stupid and frivolous purchases my husband made on a random late night Amazon binge but I. The end when the battery went dead I found myself saddened to once again be left in the dark.

  7. This looks really cool!
    Will help kids want to use it, especially if potty training.

    But, not sure why people don’t just use a nightlight or turn on the bathroom wall light though…I mean it seems easier to just look before you sit, lol) 🙂

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  9. This is great – but I must just say, the only thing worse than stumbling into the loo in the dark and landing heavily on cold porcelain because someone left the seat up is when you land on a CLOSED SEAT and start to pee! That is not nice. Have I done it? Yes. 🙁

  10. I have memorized my path to the potty and totally do it with my eyes closed. BUT! I can see that this would have been VERY helpful to little boys in the night. And it’s kinda pretty 🙂

  11. Omg, just when you thought you’d seen everything! And in color, no less. There are no limits to the imaginings of the human mind. Ingenious 🙂

  12. Hahaha. I’m trying to take this invention seriously. Hats off to their creativity. I’m sure parents with young kids at home would love this.

  13. LOL. Is it water resistant? You know…just in case all that light is not helping 😉

  14. Thats interesting and a little scary. Who knows what thoughts would go through my mind like the other side was coming for me.

  15. Yep, these things are pretty cool and work for more than just potties!

  16. Wish we had something like this in India 🙂

  17. I so need this for my husband! Not to mention myself. I will definitely be looking into getting this for him for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.


  18. This is a very interesting product. It would be helpful to have when the grandkids come to visit.

  19. Definitely hood if you have small children afraid to go to the bathroom at night.

    • All kidding aside it is very handy for little kids. Miss Madison’s son has taken advantage of it, although I think he likes to go to the bathroom more often now for the light show than do his business.

  20. Woah that is super cool! Pretty perfect, especially for folks with kiddos!

  21. Wow! That sounds like a real life saver! I loved reading this and I am convinced anyone in the US will definitely love to purchase it. You got a great play with words Skipah! Brilliant

  22. Wow, look at all the colors! Who’d a thunk? When we added our bathroom with the master addition, and thoughtfully added an electrical outlet next to the toilet in case want a bidet. For now I have a Bath and Body works lighted wall-flower 🙂

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