Momo-The Home Genius System

Remember when devices were introduced to society that allowed you to lay in bed, clap your hands twice, and the lights would go out?  If you were a child of the 80s, you thought this was the coolest thing since the latest gaming console had hit the market.  Before there were cell phones and voicemail, us older folks relied on the trusty answering machine to get our missed phone calls from little Susie who smiled at you in class that day.  Some evil genius even capitalized on that with pre-recorded messages that had you either never wanting to talk to that person again or setting yourself on fire.  My friends, we have come a long way since we all went nuts over the latest and greatest in cheesy products.

These days technology is everywhere–smartphones, smart electronics, smart appliances, the only constant has been smart alecky kids.  What if I told you there was a machine that weighed roughly four pounds, featured the latest in artificial intelligence software, and would secure your home better than a medieval moat by serving as your smart device control hub.  Too good to be true I’m sure you are saying to yourself.  Not so fast my friends, meet my buddies at Momo!

Who is Momo you are probably wondering?  Try a team of geniuses that came up with a revolutionary concept so you know what is going on in your home at all times.  They are currently in production with their state of the art Home Genius system and can’t wait to introduce it to the world in a couple of months.

Shaped like a stylish lamp, the Home Genius is sure to be the envy of everyone at your next dinner party.  Basically, anything in your home that runs on smart technology can be synced to the Home Genius, and it will take over from there.  Your husband left the burner on after whipping up his scrambled eggs and rushing to get his espresso before a huge board meeting in the morning?  The Home Genius will notice immediately that maybe your stove has been on a little too long and will alert you via your smartphone that your husband is forgetful.

Your wife likes to sleep with air conditioning in the Eskimo position after you leave the house, the Home Genius will quickly notice that a modern day Ice Age is taking place in your residence and will make sure you know that you need to upgrade your wardrobe to the Siberian line of clothing at your local retailer.  Added bonus of the Home Genius is monitoring when appliances and heating/cooling units are operating when they don’t need to be and costing you money with the local utility company.  Not only does it keep your home harmonious, it saves you money!

I hear you, Nancy Naysayer, most things that run on smart technology you can already sync to your phone.  Can your refrigerator tell you that a cat burglar has been casing your house for the past month and knows the exact time when nobody is home?  The neighbors think you are moving, but unbeknownst to you that moving van in front of your house is stealing all of your so called “smart” devices from right under you nose.

This doesn’t happen with the Home Genius.  With a built in security system that uses facial recognition technology, you will immediately be notified when someone not in your immediate family is near the house.  That neat little lamp that is a conversation starter when new company comes over is secretly sizing them up as a friendly or enemy in case someone decides to come over uninvited when nobody is home.  If it can’t see you, don’t worry it has motion and sound detector software that will still alert homeowners that somebody has bad intentions when visiting their property.

Still not convinced this is the thing for you, let me introduce you to artificial intelligence.  The Home Genius can read your mind if you allow it to.  You like the lights dimmed in the evening, just indicate to the device a few times this is your preference and it will pick right up on it.  You are an early riser, let your new mind reader delve into your mind a little bit and when you wake up in the morning searching for the newspaper and enjoying your morning coffee, the Home Genius will have the lighting just right for you.

Before the “Big Brother” advocates lose their collective minds, Momo isn’t sponsored by any foreign intelligence agencies or terrorists groups.  If you are already trusting your internet connection to whoever provides it, that is all Momo needs to make your life easier and more efficient.

Since Momo is still in the Kickstarter phase of production, any coin you could send their way would be most appreciated.  If you had an epic run at the blackjack tables or recently won a small fortune on the lottery, for a pledge of $279.00 (USD) you are locked in for 60% off the Home Genius when it hits the market later this year.  I’m currently scanning horse racing programs to ensure I have the funds to make this donation so I can obtain a Home Genius for a much cheaper price than retail.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Home Genius smart robot system was named the 2016 winner of the Silicio loT award, if my words don’t do the trick for you, how about you watch this instead!


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  1. Its a cascade though. Cause now I need new appliances, lightbulb, thermostats…

  2. I love technology (said the former VZW employee) with glee. Underneath all my hard hitting travel blogging is a geek.

  3. I’ve been trying to train my dogs to do these things!

  4. This thing is pretty cool, maybe one day I’ll get one to entertain Avery. Okay, and myself.

  5. I love this device. I think it would be great for seniors who live on their own. Or anyone for that matter can benefit from not burning the house down, or forgetting to set the burglar alarm before leaving on holidays.

  6. Do not want to subject an innocent device to trying to read my messed up mind! I can’t handle it, so why would I expect a device to be able to withstand the pressure?

    Wishful thinking on your part. There is no device in existence that can help you with your devilish plans!

  7. I think it will be a long, long time before I am ready to subject myself to more, new technology, especially the sort that tries to think.
    A few weeks ago, my map app tried to think and decided mid-trip, it was time for me to go to work.
    No, thank you. Bit of a Luddite. Cannot help.
    But perhaps over time, the things will get smarter and then I’ll succumb.

  8. Blimey that’s genius.

    I’m off to sell some of the kids toys for the stake. (Wonder how long before the teen misses his PS4)

    Always did prefer Xbox. 😆

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