Monday! Not a fun day!

“Monday, Monday” or “Manic Monday” depending on your generational divide, these were the only two Monday songs I could think of.  I’m a product of the 80’s so I’ll go with the latter personally.  Someone needs to write a song titled “Shitty Monday” because that’s how my morning went today.  Years from now when some hot shot Hollywood film producer is turning my script into a big budget summer blockbuster, this morning would be the epic “low” point of the film.  No day is fun when after you arise from dreaming of lavish dates with Katy Perry to making sure you put power steering fluid in your truck so you aren’t going all incredible hulk manhandling a steering wheel just to make a ten minute journey to a rock quarry.  I knew the day was going to be a colossal disaster when my Circle K was out of diet Dr. Pepper AGAIN!  Should have just faked an illness and went back home, upon arriving to work my phone lines acted like they were on a three day speed bender because my phone simply wouldn’t stop ringing.  Job security is always vital to a person’s wellbeing, and I get that, but from seven a.m. to nine a.m. I was seriously thinking of cutting the phone line that feeds our office.  After I got the initial morning rush contained I decided that I was thirsty (imagine that).  So off to the “crack house” Circle K by my work, except one thing prevented that.  My truck wouldn’t go into reverse to get out of the parking lot, it still goes forward but right now it doesn’t have the ability to go backwards.  I will shortly be in the market for a car.  There is no way I’m putting a transmission in that thing.  It’s got more miles on it than a used up porn star.  The divorce of the Ford F-150 and I will be short and sweet, I’m done throwing money at it!  Needless to say though I was “bummed”, my neighbors probably think I’ve lost my mind since I didn’t park in my drive way tonight.  If you know anybody that has had any shittier personal luck than me in the last few months please have them contact me so I can somewhat feel better about things!  I’m ready to grab Sloane and anybody else I’m close to and throw them in a bomb shelter to protect them from the inevitable “piano falling on my head”.  I’m healthy, my daughter is healthy, and I’m thankful for that but shit can I catch a break!

Since I had another matter to attend to today (and work at the same time, yeah I’m that good!) I ended up at my house at 11:15, asked my coworker if he could cover double duty for about 25 minutes (he could) and I went to see Sloane and have lunch with her at school.  We haven’t seen each other since Wednesday and the look on her face when she saw me made all the earlier troubles go away temporarily.  We had a blast at lunch and a couple of her “boy” friends were sitting with us also.  Needless to say super dad was having some fun with the camera on his phone threatening to post pictures on Facebook. (I took exactly two one of my daughter that didn’t turn out so well and one of another child that I know the mom and sent her a picture).  It was a good time though, and school chili has come a long way since I was in school.  Back then it was watered down tomato soup, today is was actually flavorful and tasted like chili.  Chunky, great consistency, a solid four stars out of five on my culinary scale.  Cheese Puffs, a cereal bar, cookies, and strawberries are what my daughters lunch consisted of today (she chose to bring her lunch today).  I was a tad miffed that is what she was packed with and sent the ex a text about it.  Her only reply was “She won’t eat a sandwich she asked for strawberries, I throw lunch meat and cheese away daily”  I asked Sloane about that and she informed me that it was because her grandpa forgets to put the ice pack in her lunch bag and the cheese and lunch meat are always “hot or warm”.  So in short my daughter’s only protein choice today was cheese puffs.

Speaking of the former Mrs. Mathews she decided she wanted to get a little snarky with me today, which I quickly extinguished.  I asked her if she was going to be at the school PTO meeting tonight (she is the VP) and I needed to give her something and was going to incorporate it with my daily walk.  She told me she didn’t know if she would be there (code for I’m not going, I don’t think anybody likes me at school anymore), I told her to just resign, she informed me that her attendance was none of my business.  We traded a few barbs after that but I would be lying if I didn’t say it put a smile on my face.











My luck has absolutely sucked, but after a texting exchange with the ex-tonight I was absolutely loving life.  I told her to go ahead and move to Kentucky so she would be out of everyone’s life for good, she informed me that she will always be in my life.  I was quick to point out that it goes both ways!  I’m broke (for now), but nothing is going to break my spirit!  Transmission aside today, I am just happy and learning day to day she isn’t happy.  After what she put me through emotionally and financially I really don’t give a shit!  Karma is going to come my way eventually I hope but if it doesn’t oh well.  I will always be Sloane’s daddy and through everything I’ve been through since June that is more than enough to keep me smiling!

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