Mr. Mathews (Attorney at Law)

Apologies to any attorney name Mr. Mathews (and 1-800-ASK-GARY I want my cut), but this is going to be short and sweet tonight.  I’ve spent all evening with my Lupus friend helping her set up her EPIC fundraiser for this area, and once she gets to spend some time without having to be loopy (or is it lupie) from the serious pain medication she is on, I promise you loyal reader “She’s got this!”  Lupus sucks!

Court tomorrow, WOO HOO, I’m walking in there to take my ass ripping from the judge like I own the place.  Unless I get accused of spreading measles (damn you antivaxxers) I’m just going to say “yes sir” and “no sir” and smile the whole frigging time.  Not in a sarcastic kind of smile either, but because I’ve won.  I have won because she’s dragging her daughter’s father through this shit, I can’t afford a lawyer right now and frankly as I’ve said many times, I’m frigging done spending money on lawyers.  She has no desire for her child’s father to be involved with her if she can, and I made it possible for her too because I try to look out for my daughter and reacted stupidly.   I am getting dragged into court because I said one to many “colorful” things to the ex when she would not answer “civil” questions I had.  I am ready to lay myself down to the court’s mercy (and what in the hell can they do, take the eight nights a month I get Sloane down to four?)  I don’t care if Sloane lives in Russia (actually I do), but in this state I get her every other weekend from Friday until Sunday and three hours on Wednesday if I have to get the minimum.  The funny thing is tomorrow isn’t a “custody” battle, it’s make dad look like a dick battle so she can use it to really go to war at the end of the summer.  I fell into the trap and the joke is on me.  All I can say is “bring it”, I would say being a good guy/dad will save me, but read WAY many horror stories to know otherwise.

Just know loyal reader, Sloane has never missed an event at school or with the Brownies when she was on my watch.  Her mother can’t say the same thing! She actually lied about it, but that is water under the bridge now.   Family law absolutely sucks if you have a penis and an ex-spouse that has a hidden agenda.  Yet I’m the bad guy because I used a word that rhymes with “itch” one to many times or flew off the handle when I couldn’t get an answer post-divorce.   I’m riding a serious wave of good karma right now and whatever happens tomorrow isn’t going to deter me!  When it is all said and done, I’m walking out of that court-house tomorrow with my head held high no matter the outcome.  Why?  Because I frigging earned it!


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  5. WOW! I can’t believe you only have your daughter eight nights a month! Out here the new way of thinking in family court is that EVERYONE gets joint custody and EQUAL parenting time! I’m not kidding either… In my case the more you call your ex the other word for a female dog the more parenting time you get. I have fallen into that “trap” myself because I just want what is BEST for my children nothing but the ABSOLUTE BEST as far as I’m concerned he DOES NOT EXIST but when buttons are pushed and your children are suffering because of their let’s say selfishness, cuz that’s really what it is, it is really hard not to lose your temper. Especially, like it sounds like your ex does as well, leaves the breadcrumb trail for you to follow that ends with an emotional explosion because the kids are not being put first in it all!

    Sometimes I think it is better to be your own attorney because at least what you want the judge to know or hear he/she will. My attorney often doesn’t give the information that I think is most important for the judge to hear. I have represented myself before and actually got him charged with contempt of court in the process… Trust me it was probably just a fluke but it felt GOOD!

    Sending hugs and prayers to your friend with LUPUS! I have a childhood friend very very sick with LUPUS as well as a few family members and know what a horrible disease it is! I hope that the event went off without a hitch and that it was a HUGE success!

    Much love,

    Lysa xx

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