Music City Mayhem: On the Road Again


Cue up the Willie Nelson!

If you are receiving notification that your favorite (or least favorite) blogger Skipah has a new post out, you aren’t receiving this in error.  I’ve been on a slight Blogcation of late, but the couple of weeks off have the mind recharged and ready to entertain or disappoint the masses again.  Since I haven’t seen my daughter in over two weeks, nothing to report on the fatherhood front; she’s alive and well is about all I can say on her behalf.  Family Law:  Screwing up common sense (co-parenting) since the day the first attorney got their law degree!  Just a sec, I’m sending that slogan to my marketing contacts to see if we can get some traction nationally on this.  O.K. I’m back, email was sent, and I’m sure they will get back to me quicker than my ex.  She hasn’t returned an email or text in weeks!


My makeshift memorial for the unfair imprisonment my daughter has to endure.

No reason for everybody to go all Eva Peron for me though, Skipah is happier than a National Enquirer employee covering the 2016 presidential race these days.  Since Indiana got a tad chilly the past couple of weeks (this week notwithstanding, Miss Madison and I thought we better head south for a few days to warm ourselves back up.  Skipah’s Travelling Road Show was headed off to none other than the Music City itself Nashville, Tennessee for some sweet tea, sightseeing, and more memories than the law should allow!

If you have never been to Nashville, you are missing out!  This was Miss Madison’s virgin voyage to the “Athens of the South”, so I had the extra added pressure of making sure the city lived up to the lofty expectations I had already bestowed on it when we were planning our secret little mini Budgecation.  Before Kathleen at Merriam-Webster’s calls, I know that’s not a word, deal with it and tell me a better way to type budget/vacation as one word?  Didn’t think so, now quit interrupting me!  It was just a little journey to enjoy all things Tennessee for a few days on a budget that wouldn’t get you dinner more than three times at a local O’Charley’s.  It can be done though and I’m here to prove it!

We successfully navigated the horror story known as Interstate 65, quick tangent I DON’T CARE WHAT STATE you traverse this unholiest of interstates in, but name me a state where this concrete/asphalt behemoth isn’t under some sort of major construction constantly and I’ll text you my secret WikiLeaks document on how to piss off your ex!  Unfortunately for us, it was the Indiana/Kentucky corridor of this forever broken Interstate with a heavy emphasis on Kentucky.  Again I was able to successfully avoid capture in the Bluegrass State as the bounty for my head in that state is up to approximately the GDP of Laos, I was also able to keep my “stupid Kentuckian driver” road rage under control…. barely.  I kid because I care, Kentuckians.

Now I know at this point you are thinking, “Did Skipah land some major review deal with a major hotel chain in Nashville?”  Believe me, I tried, but the good folks at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel told me to come back when I’ve grown up.  No worries though, I’m living with a frugal traveling ninja!  I don’t know if anybody has checked the room rates at any decent Nashville hotel, but if you are on a shoestring budget you are going to be disappointed or wake up eating breakfast with roaches.


We turned Nashville into our own personal Honky Tonk for a few days!

Enter Miss Madison and her vast knowledge of traveling all over the country.  If you are traveling and don’t require modern amenities such as spa treatments and Vegas style hookers hanging out in the lobby you might want to give the local K.O.A. Campgrounds a look.  We stayed at one and for what we paid I’m more than happy with what we got.  I know the Camping World light brigade is more than aware of K.O.A., but did you know some of their locations actually offer cabins?  It’s “primitive” to some extent but I had a fire pit to cook on, satellite T.V., and a bed.  Good enough for me when I’m traveling on a budget!  Granted my nose is going to forever be filled with the smell of seder (oops sorry Jewish friends) I meant to type cedar, but we didn’t have to worry about moths either while we were there.


Our cedar paradise home for a few days.

About it for now, it was definitely a Nashville Party for the few days we were there though.  Matter of fact, we were within stalking distance of Miley Cyrus’s estate!  More to come in the Music City Mayhem journey (#foreshadowing), believe me though it was epic!  Now off to use my voodoo powers to see if I can cause another Chicago Cubs loss in the playoffs!

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  3. That cabin looks amazing. I need a getaway!!!

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  6. Hilarious post Gary. I loved the travel monologue. And I’m dying to go to Nashville, and know very well how expensive hotels are as it’s become a hot vacation and tourist spot. P.S. My Weirdpress won’t allow me to ‘like’, but know I was here. 🙂

  7. I love this post, Gary ~ both your sense of humor and the subject matter! KOAs are a great way to travel. Have stayed in many and always enjoyed. Shared this across my pages 😊

  8. Why haven’t you been able to see Sloane?

    • My baby mamma is a bitter, miserable human being that uses every freaking loophole in the book or just outright denies me a chance to see her. In Indiana any “breaks/holidays” supersede custody arrangement so of course Fall Break fell on a week I should have had her.

  9. Nashville sounds so cool, glad you got to introduce Miss Madison to its charms! My blog is under construction as I move from self-hosting back to WordPress.

  10. Kyle and I want to go to Nashville so bad, I am so jelly! Looks like so much fun!

  11. We have friends and a cousin in the Nashville area, so we’ve been to some of the famous places. It’s a lovely city and was always kind to us.

  12. You did not just quote Miley Cyrus lol aka “Nashville Party”. Which much to everyones embarrassment is my jam! You are on my top ten for sure! (fave blogbeasts). I love camping, I know I don’t seem like that girl. Great post

  13. I can dig it. Glad you had a good time! Lovely time to go 🙂
    I have stayed in many KOA campgrounds, and many a cabin, but never a KOA cabin, funny, huh?

    We went around 65 Friday, apparently, no surprise, there’s some construction creating a back up. >.<

  14. Didn’t know that much about the area, but I’ve been to Nashville and enjoyed a few trail runs next to the Grand Ol Opry. I’m still on my blogcation (probably for a while), but nice to see you posting still!

  15. It’s on now….⚾⚾⚾

  16. Moat adults (over the age of 30, know about the campgrounds, because we had forced family trips there!) are familiar with the sites. I never got the luxury of staying in a cabin, We roughed it when I was little in a tent! Could not afford any luxuries back then.

    Sounds like you are educating Miss Madison the proper way! She has to learn her roots first in country music’s main centers. Too bad “Hee Haw” is no longer in production, or you could have taken her to see an episode in real life!

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