My daughter’s day

Today is pretty much going to be about my daughter, the wife and I don’t get along and call each other names that we don’t mean (well maybe I do right now) so nothing new on that front.  Nor did she do anything incredibly stupid for me to pick on so it’s the status quo with her right now.  She crazy.

Seven years ago today though my daughter was born, it was on a Saturday evening around six I believe.  It was our first and turns out to be our only child.  The hell we went through to have a child sucked for anybody that knows what we had to go through before we had our daughter.  She is special to me, and always will be special to me, the teenage years we might revisit this question but right now she has to burden more of a load than I ever intended for her to, and she is doing a phenomenal job of it.  Her schooling hasn’t suffered any, her demeanor seems the same, and anymore when she is with me she helps me out all she can.  It’s like she is trying to fill the void of her mom not being around.  It’s super sweet of her, all she wants to do is clean (hell her mom didn’t do that worth a shit) and she tries, and I usually have to go back over it after she is done but you get the point.  Since this has all went down I have had zero behavior/discipline issues with her that couldn’t be solved with a stern look.  My daughter is awesome, and I’m never going to be able to say that enough!

So today was her birthday and this state is actually pretty good about non custodial parents seeing there child on there birthday, so since there was a monsoon yesterday work was pretty slow, so I took off early grabbed my daughter and off we went.  Brought her back to our house, she opened her gifts and was super excited about that, and then what does she want to do?  Wants to put together the new TV stand I bought this weekend.  So we dragged all of that out and started putting it together, she was busy sorting nuts and bolts while I was doing all the heavy lifting but who cares.  I think she secretly wants this place to come together as fast as possible also, the fact she wanted to do that instead of riding her bike, playing with her dolls, or just anything a seven year old would want to do.  No she wanted to help dad put together a TV stand, and balked when I suggested something else.  We are growing tighter and tighter by the day, and at the end of the day on this divorce crap the only one that is going to suffer is her mother, and she chose this to begin with.

Since I didn’t have time to make her anything for a massive birthday feast, I told her I would take her out to dinner.  She first chose McDonald’s but then she decided she wanted to go watch the train deliver drinks at the local pizza parlor.  So we had pizza and counted the times the train came around our booth.  The kid ate half a pizza some nights I’m lucky she eats two pieces.  So it was a good day, any day I get to see her is a good day though, today was just even more special.  She even asked if she could spend the night, and said it wasn’t fair that she didn’t get to spend more time over here.  That was kind of crushing but I explained to her that it was in her best interests (and biting my tongue in half in the process) right now while school is going.  She took it in stride, her quote was “well that means now when we are together we get to have more fun!”  Your damn skippy we will have fun.  That’s been our motto since the separation and nothing is going to change it.

Shortly after that crappy conversation though she made my day, my week, my month, my life since all this shit went down.  I asked her about lunch today and she said “mommy tried to make your oreo cake, but it looked different and didn’t have as many oreo’s on it, I didn’t even want to try it, it was only one layer and your’s is three layers so I just gave it back to her and said I like daddy’s better”  She grew up on the good stuff, and she will continue to get the good stuff.  Later on when she called me for bedtime she told me she didn’t like the icing on the cake her mother got her, you know why?  She’s never had to eat the store bought stuff, she grew up on the homemade stuff!  Her mother evidently didn’t appreciate it, but damn it my daughter sure in the hell does.  It made me cry and laugh on the inside.  I guess the one thing I can take out of marriage other than my little muffin head is , I learned to cook and bake very well and I’ve got one loyal follower for the rest of my life!

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