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(Originally was to post last night, but mice at my internet feed line, seems as good as any reason to give because Time Warner Cable sucks!)

T.G.I.F., is all I can say one long week at work and even Mother Nature tried her best to give me a break and that didn’t work. Two days of fun in the sun err rain for the weekend as it sounds like our “Kisses for Karsyn” walk tomorrow is going to be renamed pack a Pancho & Lefty for Sloane and I. As long as it’s not raining sideways we will give it the college try, but I have a feeling Sloane won’t be up to the task if it’s raining too hard. Me I could care less, I’m the same guy that willingly stood on a beach during a Tropical Storm and loved every minute of it screaming “This is awesome!” as sand was pelting me like it was shot out of a slingshot and rain was coming down so hard I think I suffered a bruised cranium that evening.

To quote Lionel Richie “I had a dream, I had an awesome dream” last night. No I didn’t get married to Katy Perry, but I moved to Wichita, Kansas and became a comedic counter to the local beat writer for the Kansas City Royals. Where this came from I have no idea since I’m a Reds fan to the bone. Sloane was doing great at Stanford as a junior in her quest to be a veterinarian, and the ex was on her fourth husband. I had full custody of her since March of 2016 and somehow she and I made it to where we are today (this is in dreamland), I was attending a game at the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska watching a close friend of mine son play for Notre Dame and freelance reporting it for my hometown newspaper since it had a local interest. Like most dreams I don’t remember how it ended because that stupid alarm clock alerted me that this isn’t Kansas anymore dumbass.

In adventures of co-parenting chapter 527 the following happened today. Sloane has a book club meeting on July 1 with most of her classmates. The book of choice is Bunnicula, I specifically asked her mother on June 10th if Sloane was still reading books on the Kindle she informed not very rarely she was reading the real thing.  Good enough I informed her about Bunnicula and she said she would let her read her old copy of it.  Then it gets stupid!

So today when I texted her to send Bunnicula with Sloane so I could post a picture of her reading it with the book club Facebook thread that all the other parents are participating in today I got no response, and when I asked Sloane about it she said “She thought she had it, but it was a different book” WTF! Just like the fleas from a couple of nights ago I learn of this shit from Sloane. I was more than willing to purchase the book via Kindle on June 10th so she could start reading it and get familiar with it as the mom that has put all this together has many awesome activities planned for July 1st when the book club seminar goes down.

As a side note and this is personally directed at my ex (my number one blog stalker), bring this post to court Thursday! Hampering our child’s education about not informing me of a book? Did you just look for it today and figure out you didn’t have it? No response to me about a book and our daughter? Grow up already, being bitter only drags you down. Who gets to suffer? Our daughter! Enjoy spittoons and the cheater’s mantra the rest of your life. Quit screwing over my daughter!

O.K. thus endeth the rant, amazing how things change in a year. One year ago today I was told “I’m 95% sure I want a divorce”, can I call bullshit on that now looking back? I got myself used against me and it is something I will never forget. Big heart that drank too much back then, now I have to walk on pins and needles go beyond poor just to keep my daughter in my life. I was told to be a better father a year ago, I’m Ward Cleaver compared to what Sloane is going to potentially be exposed to if court goes sideways Thursday. Yes I’m scared to death about Thursday, June 25th. My blog has got me in legal hot water, I still owe money from the February judgement that I haven’t been able to pay. Why because between trying to save my marriage last year, relocating, and unbelievable luck I’ve burned up two 401k loans (the ex-willingly let me burn one of them and then popped divorce on me three days later good-bye six grand) and now with child support I’m light 400 a month from where I was a year ago due to paying back my 401k loans and child support. I’m potentially facing jail time because I have to pay for legal fees for the ex from back in February over this blog that got me dragged back into court in the first place. Rent, utilities, and enjoying my time with Sloane outrank making sure a $250.00 an hour lawyer gets paid on time.  Hard to get financially viable when I’m underwriting a lawyer’s vacation and incredible rotten luck.
About it for tonight, Sloane and I are going to shoot off fireworks and I’m going to enjoy her to death because I have no idea how Thursday is going to go and I’m in no position to stop it.

20150619_213223   20150619_213108   20150619_213223

(This is how Sloane and I roll!)



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  1. I fell down the rabbit hole of old posts and I can’t help but think how far you’ve come since this post, Gary. You’ve leveled up in the wife world, will soon find an incredible job and just seem so much more happy!

    • Thanks Mandi, it’s been a troubling, humbling, and exciting past three years, but I hang my head proud :). Loved this post when Sloane wrote it, and depending on how far in that rabbit hole you went….trust me things are a ton better these days even unemployed :).

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  3. Damn you, alarms!! But right on with the pyrotechnics! Counting down the days with you, bud, hang tight and know you’re an awesome dad no matter what!

  4. I hate it when the alarm ruins a perfectly good dream, especially when you know the ending would’ve been great!
    I continue to wish for resolution for you and for your daughter. You will be in my thoughts this week.

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