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20150228_130302The sun came out today, the sun came out today!  It got up to 35 degrees today!  Guess what the frigging wind blew all day, meaning IT’S STILL EFFING COLD OUTSIDE!  The blonde bomber and I had a rather jam-packed day so needless to say Hammy didn’t get much attention today so the epic “spy vs spy” hamster war that is in the future didn’t come to fruition today.  I did put some literature in his cage about Syrian hamsters today, when we got home Hammy took it as a personal affront and dropped hamster turds all over it.  This summer when I actually let her get a second hamster it could get very interesting around here.

How awesome is my daughter?  Awesome enough she woke up at 7:30 saw that I was still sleeping and laid in bed and read a book.  When I woke up a little after 8:00 and noticed she was up and at it I asked her why didn’t she wake me up.  “You don’t get to sleep on Saturdays very much so I thought you needed it”, that’s my rock star daughter!  After an uneventful morning it was off to The Arctic Challenge I mentioned yesterday, it was cold but the girls were uber excited and the traffic was non stop.  Sloane and I actually had to run back to the store this evening where the booth was at (long after we completed our shift) and it turned out that today was a record day for her troop in cookie sales.  I am proud to say that my daughter and I were a part of the record day for her troop.

Phase two of our day was her successfully completing the skills to be a computer ninja for her Brownie badge.  Mission accomplished thanks to dad and a vast knowledge of the internet.  She had to print out a directions and maps for two locations.  Disclaimer:  I swear she doesn’t read this blog!  What did she pick for the destination points to map?  Israel and Egypt!  I pressed her where she came up with these two locations and it stemmed back to learning religion in school (WHEW).  We started her path to being Brownie computer ninja a couple of weeks ago, and the highlight of my day was when I asked her what search engine she was going to use.

Sloane:  “I’m still using Google even though you said it is evil”

Me:  “Yes, best search engine bar none”, “If you search for directions from Israel to Egypt I bet you get directed to            Google Maps”

Sloane:  “Daddy you were right, how do you know so much about Google even though you say it is evil?”

Me:  “Ask your mother”

Needless to say my little girl is going to be ahead of the game on being internet savvy.  She completed her tasks and even sent an Ecard to my Lupus suffering friend who is still in the hospital (One of the requirements was sending an Ecard).  Did it all on her own, could have sent a happy birthday, congratulations, or any other type of card.  No she chose to send a “Get Well Soon Ecard” to my Lupus buddy.  That’s Sloane in a nutshell, never thinking of herself (usually) but others.  After finally getting her to bed tonight, she reminded me that kids are awesome!  She is always looking out for her dad, its beautiful and upsetting at the same time.  Her mother and I have moved on to different places, Sloane wants to “control” this as much as she can.  If I could I would tell Sloane the whole story but I can’t and it sucks.  She has no idea what is going on behind the scenes, I just want to be her father.  I want to be the best dad in the world and I’ve done all I could to do that.  Other factors are hampering me and I’m not in the best position to fight them right now, it frigging sucks.

Wrapping it up for tonight, Katy Perry may or may not contact me and I’ve got to prepare my house for hamster wars!







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  1. I never lost my sense of humor or is it humour? When my best selling book series on the life of a hamster spy comes out I will be sure to send you an autographed copy! Thanks for reading as always!

  2. Again you get it across in such a funny way. Hamster wars…. Good luck on that front mate. Again you are rocking the dad badge!!! Troop leader I see in your future!!! Bravo!

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