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Welcome to the blogging world Miss Madison Jr.!

Happy Labor Day from the Skipah and his merry gang of marauders!  It was an action packed weekend with Sloane,  Miss Madison , and I.  I’ll get to that later this week, but for right now I’ve got my own debt to pay to Miss Madison Jr.  Mr. Skipah is a man of true integrity (just ask my ex-wife and will uphold any deal he has made with his junior disciples.

It’s time to launch a new blogger into the blogosphere:  Sloane caught the writing bug from me, Miss Madison informed me Anything you can do, I can do better and I let her have her own column .  Truth be told Miss Madison had a pretty kick ass travel/documentary blog herself before she decided to help me navigate the treacherous waters known as life.  Now Miss Madison Jr. wants to end all stereotypes about zombies.  Part of the deal during our Swiss adventure was her next writing prompt at school I would post on my website.  Since she has 100% of Miss Madison’s brain power (trust me on this one) and is in the “smart” kids classes, I was waiting with great anticipation for her entry to the seas of Skipah’s Realm.  She didn’t disappoint, and I’ve got to say I’m mighty proud of her on this one!

Not sure if she will win the blue ribbon writing award at her school for this (she should), but here are a few words from Miss Madison Jr. (Age 9):

The zombie wasn’t a monster but a messenger with a warning for us

The zombie, whom was not a zombie but a messenger sent with a warning to protect us.  He was shivering walking through the woods not knowing where we were, not knowing how to find us to give us a message.  He knew it would be challenging to find us to inform us with a very important message that would save us.  He grew hungry, cold, and tired.  He did not want to be like the others, he did not want to harm us.  He wanted to protect us.  He didn’t even think of harming us.  Not one bit.  For when he got to us and told us we were in danger from the evil zombies, he protected us.

Grammar Nazi’s this is unedited, so if you want to get into a fight with a nine-year-old help yourself.  I think I’m going to get her and Sloane (when I have her) to start participating in the daily WordPress writing prompts to keep promoting the creative energy.  Both have had life kick them in the butt unexpectedly, but both are persevering through it!

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  17. So awesome Iove Zombies! Though I’m not sure how effective she would be in the apocalypse. It’s coming I just know it! We all get the writing bug thats so awesome tell her I got published when I was 13 (a poem but I still felt like a star)

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  20. Forget grammar that girl has a VOICE! Tell her I will read more…

  21. I think I see a Stephen Kingesque quality to Miss Madison Jr’s writing. You go, girl!

  22. You go young lady! Pretty soon you’ll be leading write workshops and teach us all a thing or two! Watch out DAD!

  23. Lucky girl to have you as her mentor, Gary. Better watch her in a few years! You may have some competition.

  24. I wasn’t aware the living dead (zombies) got hungry! Tells you how much I do not know about the horror stories rules. \

    Keep writing young lady! Do not let the adults in your life discourage your writings, like I did in grade school! Keep copies of all your works someewhere you can retrieve them. Have copies of reports and essays available for your use when you leave home and travel off to college! Relyed on my reports to use for public speaking competitions with 4-H, where I won first place!

    The computer is a useful tool to get your messages out to the whole world. I started typing in 4th grade so I could turn in typed assignents. They kept knocking my grades down because of my penmanship! Thankfully my mom had an old manual typewriter for me to use. Miss the sonds of the keyboard clicking and the bell when you hit the bar on the right side of the machine to make it advance down a line!

    You might look into seeing if your mom has one you can learn on for old time’s sake! If she went through school in the 70’s or early 80’s she may know what I am referring to. (I’m showing my age.)

    Being in the gifted programs seperates you from the other kids in your classes. Do NOT let them harrass you because you are smarter than they are. Help the other kids learn how to preform your classes assignments. You may be a better teacher than their instuctors are. You just need to expain things in terms they can understand. Taught my classmates how to deal with fractuons by using examples from cooking or pizzas.

  25. Only 9 years old? How precocious. A fun read.

  26. Yeah, yeah, I know this is a ploy to get fresh content for your site. You’re slackin’, guy, and using these smart and sassy women in your life to fill the gap. Clever guy!

  27. Great idea to promote the love of writing! Way to go dad!!

  28. Look at you inspiring so many to pursue their passion for writing. And good writing at that, hat’s off to Miss Madison Jr., looking forward to more from everyone!

  29. Hey, great story! I like friendly zombies. I’m slightly worried about this one finding us, though, because the story says he’s hungry. Still, I guess since he’s a nice zombie, instead of trying to eat us he’ll probably prefer zombie snacks (e.g. stale doughnuts, potato chips long past their expiration date, etc.).

  30. Miss Madison Jr., excellent! Like father like daughter! Happy Wednesday! 🙂

  31. Welcome Miss Madison Jnr to the world of blogging and a pretty good debut to boot. Being a citizen of the UK I applaud the use of the word “whom” in your story. Gary, I recommend Sloane & Miss Madison Jnr listen to a podcast called The Grammar Girl – easy listening – US based and she talks about words/grammar and differences between UK/USA and the history of language. It’s really interesting listening. I definitely agree with you about the use of blogging/story prompts too. This talent should definitely be nurtured 😊

  32. Wonderful! Thanks for the warning. I don’t like Zombies!

  33. Well done 😀
    I can’t even find my red pen. 😉

  34. I’ll take the Zombie warning and I’m happy to see you sharing the blogging bug

  35. Miss Madison Jr. — Amen siSTAR! You sure know how to rock the writing boat. Way to go!

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