N’Sync: Big Band Style!

This photo was taken on 1/23/16, no I didn’t slip on any Tears of a Clown in case you were wondering.

Recently I was having one of the 4,000 online conversations I carry on during a days’ time.  This virtual friend of mine had yet again posted some of the finest attractions in New York City, and had this winter bound Midwesterner green with envy.  I let her know in the nicest way possible that I was super jealous of all the cool things that her geographic sector of the planet had to offer.  This time of year, Indiana and the Midwest in general are about as cool as playing solo solitaire on your computer.

Yes millennials, this what “killing time” consisted of before you could stream internet service from your big toe.  Back in the day, internet consisted of a phone cord plugged into your computer, blood curdling sounds as it connected to your modem, and speeds that would make a snail laugh.  Our Windows package always came with the game of Solitaire that we would play until the 20 minutes elapsed trying to do something as simple as connecting to MySpace.  An app is what we filled out to seek employment, not dowloading the latest version of Pokemon GO.  Excuse me, I’m getting off topic, quick smack in the head from Miss Madison…. Ok, I’m good now.

My Big Apple friend politely reminded me that I’m an idiot, and I make the Midwest interesting to her big city appetite myself.  So, I guess I’m doing something right.  The point of all this is another impromptu Skipah’s Traveling Road Show appointment was in the works this week, Miss Madison and I weekday rendezvous back to one my favorite places, Cincinnati, Ohio!

I was hoping to have enough time to visit the Cincinnati Reds corporate offices and buy their general manager a case of cold Falls City Beer for the fleecing of the Miami Marlins in a recent trade we made with them.  However, I was up against the clock to make it to the Taft Theatre to take in all things retro for the night.  It wasn’t quite 80s night this evening, more like the Prohibition Era and some talented performers remaking all the pop hits from the last 20 years in a big band/burlesque/blues style!  No, Skipah isn’t off his meds this time, Miss Madison and I attended the Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox Tourt.

Former President Taft would approve of the decor I’m sure.

Miss Madison has had this date circled on her calendar for weeks.  I was more like, “Cincinnati on a Monday? I do have to work tomorrow!”  We wouldn’t get home until 2:00 a.m. if we were lucky.  For the record, I was wrong.  We got home before midnight, but I will still need cosmetic surgery for the toothpick punctures my eyelids suffered to make it through work the next day!

Since I really can’t describe what I witnessed in words, here is a YouTube clip of what we got to witness first hand:

If you can turn an N’Sync hit into something soothing to the ears, you know you are doing something right.  Millenials (I’m not trying to pick on your generation, but you are the gift that keeps on giving) you think of Justin Timberlake as this super-duper mega star, and rightfully so, he started with N’Sync if case you didn’t know.  These performers were so good Miss Madison and I (no strangers to pop music) couldn’t figure out 75% of the songs until they sang the chorus.

Before I forget, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell everyone that seating in the Taft Theater sucks!  It’s not the performers fault, they book a gig and hope people show up.  The seating in this place is so tight that Imps and Leprechauns would probably get into a shouting match over leg room.  Seriously, I’ve seen more leg room in a Chevy Spark.   It really sucks when you are nursing a foot injury and are envious of packaged sardines because of the seating!

I wish I could have lived up to the Ansel Adams quality photography readers are accustomed to, but unless I wanted to tick off a whole section of patrons by using the flash on my phone, picture quality sucked on just about every picture I took.

What the pictures don’t really depict is the vintage clothing all the performers were wearing.  I don’t know if area thrift stores got a bump in sales this week or Amazon made Cincinnati their temporary home for a few days.  Everyone looked like they had just walked out of the Atlantic City Ritz Carlton gift shop circa 1928, and for the women there was literally a costume change for every performance!

Since the only expertise I have in the music industry is the certified platinum album “Skipah:  The Shower Sessions,” I can only imagine how hard it is to rewrite sheet music to hits you have heard time and time again on the radio and keep the lyrics intact.  Extra credit goes to the performers that can sing in a style reminiscent of days past, even if they have heard “All about that Bass” approximately 43 billion times on the radio.  Miss Madison insists it was a jaw dropping performance, at that time I was “All about that bathroom” so didn’t get to see it firsthand.  The rendition of Stacy’s Mom in a blues tone was probably my favorite of the night.  Although the encore of “Creep” and “MMMBop” was pretty darn cool.

Before anybody thinks this is an “official” review from the Skipah, it wasn’t.  Not to say I didn’t try, but evidently the PR department of Postmodern Jukebox doesn’t respond to emails.  I can take no for an answer, I get roughly 23 a day, but damn why no reply?  I will say if this group of performers is rolling into your town and you have some leftover gambling winnings from a good day at Del Mar, treat you and your significant other to a night out.  You won’t be disappointed!

About it for now, I’ve got to get with William Shatner and see if he can use his pull at Priceline to get me a cheaper car rental for when I’m in San Diego in a couple weeks.  Don’t forget the Daddy’s Losing It Challenge is about to start soon!  Lose six percent of your body weight in 90 days and you receive, straight cash homey!





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  3. Had not heard of Postmodern before and now I have to check them out. I had heard of dial-up Internet before. In fact, I can STILL hear the modem screeching in my head all these years later.

  4. Umm..never heard of Postmodern Jukebox. I’m definitely going to check it out.

  5. OMG, Can’t stand Stacy’s Mom. My friends used to love to sing it and change the words to “Jess’s Mom”. 😛 Creep would have been AMAZING though!!!! Seriously!

    Hahaha, you are saying millennials but you are talking to the Generation Z (the individuals born 1996 and on), or the incredibly late arriving Millennials. Millennials made NSYNC famous, it was us that were the fans, after all millennials were born in 1982, and some say as far back as 1977 sir. 😉 that’s why we love JT. And we used phone hook ups (that is if we weren’t having to plug it in the rotary dials if we wanted to meet up at the skating rink on Friday night), 100 free hours of AOL discs in the mail were fun to toss off of overpasses, mIRC & ICQ were the things far long before Myspace, just saying for future reference.

    I may want to think myself a baby, but I was aged by those whizzing dial up speeds just as much as the rest of us. They called us gen X, my teachers always telling us how we as gen xers were dooming societies…that is until the twin towers…then we were nameless for a bit.

    • No way someone is born in 1977 is a millennial! I myself have been classified as a Gen X’er and I’ve tried with all my might to doom society but haven’t had any success yet.

  6. Never heard of Postmodern Jukebox, but now I’m interested in learning more. Or you’re just that good at making things fun.

  7. Sorry to say I missed N-Sync somehow. I cling to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin like a musical life-raft, not to mention The Stones and a whole host of other old men whose music stands the test of time. Just kidding – I do listen to newer stuff too but somehow N-Sync really did pass me by (was it 80s, I missed them bringing babies up) and I don’t know who they are. Sounds like you had a blast listening to old songs being sung by people who kept changing their clothes. Clearly DT hasn’t passed any laws yet about auditorium seating space for men dragged to concerts on weekday nights – but I expect he will. Sorry, I’m rambling. Just waiting for respectable time to get up on this fine Saturday morning as husband enjoys sleeping late and won’t appreciate me banging around. Ok ok, I’m going! I’m off to ramble on other blogs😀.

  8. I lobe the pictures and it looks like you had so much fun.

  9. I love me some Postmodern Jukebox. They can take the worst songs ever and make something great out of it.

  10. I have always been impressed with their performances, too.
    Glad you got to enjoy one- even if it meant traveling to Cinty…

  11. OMG! I have loved Postmodern Jukebox for years. They were playing free shows in NYC for a while and then the YouTube channel got so huge the started touring. I’ve been neglecting the channel though but my favorites from them are when they do cartoons theme songs! And thanks for the mention!

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