Overcoming hurdles, and doing it nicely I think

What an action packed day!  First off my dumbass didn’t turn my alarm off so that meant a 5:20 wake up call, UGH.  I tried to go back to sleep but it was about an hour of 10 minute naps.  Note to self, remember to set your alarms correctly on your phone.  So after having my daughter all night and finally moved in here what does she want for breakfast???  Pancakes, biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs, nope just a simple bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios without milk.  I was kind of disappointed, but I’m sure tomorrow she will want at least bacon.  Who doesn’t like bacon anyway?

With the big cheer leading debut for this year starting today I though she should have her hair done, so I took her to our favorite stylist, and she worked her magic on her as she always does.  There was a ton of unknowns heading to cheer leading today, thought I might or might not confirm just how frigging crazy my wife had become.  Well she is certainly padded room crazy anymore, but at least today I won’t say she doesn’t need a straight jacket.  She didn’t bring Mr. Wonderful along today, I guess he was busy packing up stuff.  If that is the case hell he is well on his way to being a frigging sap himself.  I was dreading cheer leading today just for the fact HE might be there, after I learned he wasn’t there I had a blast.  I didn’t have to worry about answering 100 questions from my daughter, and I just had fun.  I’m official clock watcher now with the cheer coaches, and I get front row seats now.  Due to how the bleachers sat, and the safety chain link fence height it was just easier to sit in the front row so I could talk to my daughter if I needed to.  Beats sitting up top, watching football at that age isn’t exactly the NFL and if my daughter wasn’t cheering good chance I wouldn’t be there anyway so if I can help out by pointing out whose on offense/defense and how much time is left, I’m going to do it.  During today’s cheer leading event, I figured out once again my wife is a stone cold bitch, I already knew this, but she keeps confirming it.  Although when we were leaving and the wife and I were walking back to our vehicles we actually “talked” cordially,  First thing my daughter says once we are on our way is “I’m glad to see you and mommy were talking”  yeah that’s how cold she has been when in the three of us are together.  She was still a smug, but at least cordial, and my perceptive daughter never misses a thing.  She’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E, awesome awesome totally.  Some of you will get that, the others that don’t well trust me she is awesome.

We had a minor setback today though in her bike riding, she like her father at that age (sorry mom) figured out she can get away a hell of lot quicker on wheels than I can on my feet and once we were off the sidewalk today she took off, I’m to damn old to be running after her and we had  discussion about it.  I couldn’t be to mad at her though hell I did the same thing at her age.  She’s ready to run the neighborhood alone on her bike, she just doesn’t realize the dangers yet.  If we had more time today I would have let her ride at school until her little legs let her down, but I don’t think it would have mattered I’m quickly learning as a single parent she has a non stop motor.

So tonight I took her to a back to school party with all her friends and she had a blast.  You know what else I had a blast!   First time I’ve been in a private mass social setting and really felt o.k., watching my daughter have a blast with her friends (got my eye on a couple boys!) was priceless.  She had so much fun, I thought she would fall asleep on the way home, hell she wouldn’t shut up on the way home.  More importantly though I felt normal in a social setting, I don’t know a ton of her classmates parents but the ones I do know made me feel right at home.  First time I’ve been around people and not feel like I’m some tainted bastard because I don’t have a ring on my left hand anymore.  I was dreading the party for all the obvious reasons, but I can honestly say it was the most fun I’ve had since all this shit has went down.  The biggest reason is I was comfortable, comfortable with my situation, comfortable that my daughter was having a blast and didn’t have to feel ostracized (not that she has, but it worries me), comfortable that I’m going to be alright.  My daughter is going to be alright, together we will be alright, she still has more questions than answers, but she is going to get her answers eventually.   When that day comes I’m pulling up a chair and eating a bowl of popcorn and laugh my frigging ass off!  The community of people that she goes to school with look out for her (and to some extent me now), and there is no way to express my gratefulness!  After tonight I’m thinking of doing something life changing all for my daughter, I haven’t made my mind up yet, but the fact it’s even entering  my mind is progress.  I’m not disclosing it on here, but it’s something my daughter wants and I’m seriously weighting the pros and cons, really there are no cons it’s for my daughter!!!!!

I’m about to fall asleep, but wanted to blog for all my loyal followers so I don’t get a ton of email tomorrow, haha.

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