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A Bloody Good Weekend Mates!

Would recommend to anyone! What a great weekend, I hope yours went as well as mine! Miss Madison and her troopers headed to vacation destination New Albany, Indiana for a weekend of fun in the sun sprinkled in with a little rain.  To say I was antsy with the extra kiddos…

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I Got a Flue Shot, Now My Chimney Works Perfectly

Food blogger digest suggested I lead with this tonight. Credit Steve Martin for the title quote.  In case you may have missed it, and really I hope you did, it is National Chimney Safety Week.  Because ANYBODY that uses a chimney in their domicile really needs to be reminded one week…

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It’s easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top

Henry Ward Beecher gets full credit for the title! I survived is about all I can say.  When I got home last night from my “training” regimen with Miss Madison Hammy looked at me and wondered if the KGB had just roughed me up.  Rosy shrieked in horror saying she hasn’t seen…

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